Alys Beach

Alys Beach is easily recognizable with its palette of white exterior walls and roofs, visible upon passing through the butteries that create an entrance into the palm-lined section of 30A.  What we love about Alys is that you may think its clean, crisp architecture and lack of color was done for aesthetic purposes only.  While it is a stunning by-product, it was all designed to reflect the hot Florida sun and ultimately keep homes cooler resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.  This area is still filled to the brim of architectural beauty and thoughtful design attributes – including its courtyard, compound and villa style homes.  The courtyard design, being a personal fave, boasts unique fountains, terraces, pools and gardens creating an outdoor oasis.


As a wedding venue, Alys Beach has beautiful options including Caliza Pool, Central Park, the Kelly Green, Arboleda Park (for smaller guest lists), the Gulf Green (overlooking the Gulf of Mexico) and Fonville Park.  Each venue offers unique views of the quaint town of Alys, the pristine Emerald Coast and Highway 30A.  Choosing to have your wedding or family vacation in Alys Beach means plenty of activities to keep busy without ever getting behind the wheel (unless your method of transportation includes a golf cart).  Picnics in the amphitheater in the afternoon and strolls along the cobblestone roads by bike, delicious dining options and the highly revered Caliza Pool will make your time here unforgettable.


For families staying in Alys, this makes the perfect backdrop for updated family portraits and a memorable documentation of your days spent at the beach.  Including enough time to capture the gorgeous doorways, walking paths and courtyards, while finishing on the beach at sunset, these will surely be your favorite family photos to date.


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