Coalesce Session on Alys Beach |The Lam Family

Last summer Ryan and Alan went out to shoot a Coalesce Session with the Lam family during their vacation in Alys Beach.  This lively family of four was the sweetest treat to work with while our boys shot photos and video footage to create treasured heirlooms the Lam’s could cherish. If you’re not familiar with our Coalesce Session, that’s okay. It’s one of our favorite sessions, so we’re happy to talk about it pretty much anytime.

The biggest difference between our Coalesce Session and Portrait Session is the addition of our videographer.  With the Coalesce Session, the Lam’s received their pure7 family photos to “ooo and ahh” over for years to come. But they also received personal video footage edited into a 5-7 minute Cinematic Family Film.

Let us explain just how that works. In the Lam’s case, Ryan worked with them to get a family photo collection with both posed and candid shots. Throughout the session the family’s personalities came out which helps guide and inspire the photography session. Alongside Ryan,  Alan shot video getting all of the motion and sound of the day, which compliments the still photographs. He even interviewed the family members. Through those interviews you get an idea of everyone’s individuality and why they make such a great family. Since no two families are alike, no two family videos are alike either.

Please click play on the below video to enjoy their Family Film. When you’re finished, scroll down to view their Alys Beach family portraits.

Hopefully, you’ll see how well our family portrait photography and video compliment one another (and understand why we love shooting Coalesce Sessions so much).

Thanks again to the Lam family for a great time. Please don’t forget to pack us when you go to Paris!

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Alys Beach Family Portraits | Fay Family

Can we just talk for a minute about how much we love taking photos of pretty people?  Make that doing pretty family portraits on a really pretty beach and, well, you basically render us speechless.  ‘Tis the season for all this prettiness to come to life in the form of awesome photos – so what better way to show off the fruits of our efforts with one of our latest beach portrait sessions!

The Fay family are no strangers to Alys Beach – since they own a little slice of what is just like heaven on earth here on the Emerald Coast, we figured it’d make the perfect spot for their family photos.  The best part of an Alys Beach family photo session?  It’s quuuuuiiiiiet.   Like, peaceful and private and non-crazy.  We’re fans of all of the above.  We’re also big fans of these guys.  So go ahead: take a peek at these and just try not to grin ear-t0-ear whilst admiring the happiness radiating from these happy souls.  We dare you.

Alys Beach Family Portraits

Family PortraitsFamily Portrait Photographers in Alys Beach

Ok yeah, come on.  I mean, if you’re not smiling BIG here, then we should have a chat.  Just look at this!  Perfection.

Can you say UH-dorable??  Sigh.  So sweet.

And that, my friends, is how it’s done.  We’re actually planning on obsessing over these photos for at least another 1.7 hours, so you should too. And tell your friends to do the same.