Pure7 Studios Unveils New, Redesigned Website

    I would like to extend an invitation to explore the new, streamlined Pure7 Studios website! Since our studio’s launch 10 years ago, this is only the 3rd time we’ve made a complete website re-haul. Although I loved our previous two custom-designed sites and was fortunate to work with some of the country’s best graphic designers, technology changes so fast that I’ve found the design and user interface of any site tends to become outdated quickly. My vision behind this new site was to go “back to the basics” of my very 1st website (launched under ‘Ryan Manthey Photography’ in 2007). My original website focused solely on showcasing my work and a had a clean, simple user interface – whereas our subsequent two sites became more about the quirky site design and user interaction (animation, visuals, etc.).  Although those things were great and served their purpose at the time, I found myself feeling like the actual images were getting lost in the mix. I’m excited to finally present visitors with a more comprehensive display of the culmination of my work.

    The progression and growth of Pure7 has been an unpredictable journey of self-discovery and realization. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how the unexpected changes that came about were like pieces of an out-of-focus puzzle, all coming together to form the cohesive brand that we are today.

    When I started Pure7 in 2007,  I had a general idea of where I wanted it to go. Back then, I wanted to grow the studio to have a team of shooters and staff and have my own stand-alone retail and shooting space. I envisioned growing things really big.

    As it turns out, God had a different plan…

    It’s been three years since our previous website was published and in those years, a lot has changed. We’ve had administrative staff and seasonal interns come and go, including our talented videographer and dear friend, Alan. He’s recently branched out on his own with our full support to pursue his love for travel and adventure films, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him! We were blessed to have had him on our team for over 3 years, and know that his insanely talented wedding videos will be missed by many. Many of you have asked about our #pure7fam’s Lindsey, who joined our team 7.5 years ago and has been there for much of our growth. She went on maternity leave in September for the birth of her first child. While she’s still a part of our team (and a huge part of our hearts), she’s on extended maternal leave to be with her child and we couldn’t possibly be happier for her. As skilled as Lindsey is in photography and sales, motherhood has been her best job yet and she’s amazing at it!

    I would’ve never imagined that in the three short years since our last website debuted, I’d be the only one working in the studio on a daily basis.  However, this dramatic shift has helped me grow and opened up new possibilities. It’s made me realize that, up until now, I was depending on others to do the things that I could have been doing. Things that I’d been telling myself I was incapable of.

    In finding myself back where I started, back at independence, I’ve found a renewed faith in God’s plan for me and my business. With each persons’ coming and going throughout the years of Pure7’s existence, and in spite of every obstacle that’s come our way, His plan is what has always remained constant. It’s what has led me here, which is exactly where I need to be.

    My wife Erica, who’s been beside me every step of the way, expanded on how Ryan’s epiphany led to the creation of the new website. “The last two sites were my projects,” she explains. “This time, I’m stepping back. For the 10-year anniversary of our business, Ryan has decided to go back to the basics of his very first site, where it’s clean and simple and more about the photos than about having the quirkiest and coolest site design. I’m so excited to see him using 100% of his God-given talent and following his own vision. To see Ryan single-handedly reimagining the new site that will lead our company into its next 10 years is awe-inspiring. I’m so proud of him, and I think the new site better reflects the direction he’s taken as an artist.”

    To help emphasize this new direction, I’ve added sections showcasing the distinctive portraiture that’s become my niche, in addition to Pure 7’s unique art prints. Furthermore, I’ve included a section that will highlight my venture into commercial photography, under Pure7 Creative.

    I encourage everyone to check out the new site at www.pure7studios.com and feedback is always appreciated! 



“The only way that we can live is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.”

-C. JoyBell C.

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The Knot Florida


Pure7 Studios is excited to have once again been featured in The Knot Magazine. TheKnot.com has become the #1 trusted authority on all things wedding, pioneering the online wedding marketplace and spawning off multiple platforms that have been utilized by millions of couples in planning their big day. The Wall Street Journal has called The Knot “the best-known wedding site on the Web” and they’ve more than earned that distinction. From convenient apps that assist with organizing every detail of their wedding to a line of best-selling books, The Knot is an essential tool for anyone looking to expertly plan an unforgettable wedding. We are happy to be included in their network of over 250,000 local wedding professionals around the country and it is always an honor when one of our shoots is highlighted in the pages of its flagship publication.


Rosemary Beach Lifestyle

Pure 7 Studios Rosemary Beach Lifestyle Photography 30A Community Walton County

Pure 7 Studios is delighted to announce that Bombora Sun & Surf and The Rosemary Beach Cottage Rental Department has chosen us for a lifestyle photography shoot of one of the most exclusive communities along 30A: Rosemary Beach. At just over 100 acres, Rosemary Beach is truly a unique setting. Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Walton County, this microcosm of Paradise is home to those seeking a vacation from the common predicaments of modern day life. From biking along the narrow, tree-lined streets to dining in any number of award winning local eateries; from window shopping at one-of-a-kind boutiques to finding that perfect piece of art for your home back in the real world, every moment spent here is a reminder of why you came. You’ll encounter everyone from casually clad families in town for a week to well-dressed celebrities taking a welcome break from Hollywood and Broadway. The one thing that everyone seems to have in common, regardless of their background, is their mutual acknowledgement that Rosemary Beach is an escape into contentment.


Pure7 Goals | Community Over Competition – Part 1

In our business, as with most any field, competition is fierce. We live in a premiere destination wedding location and there is no shortage of vendors from which clients can choose when planning their big day. It would seem, then, that business growth conferences and networking groups would get first dibs on our calendar. What caught our attention a year ago, however, was a national organization called The Rising Tide Society that fosters a completely different mindset. Their monthly TuesdaysTogether gatherings are based on the philosophy of community over competition, which fit perfectly with who we are – so much so that Pure7’s co-owner, Erica, decided to start a local chapter. Almost immediately, it was clear that this concept resonated with more than just the #pure7fam. Erica just returned from the first national conference in Charleston (fab photos below!). With over 50 local creative entrepreneurs coming to next week’s meet-up, we thought we’d chat with her to find out why this is such a big deal.



Andy Saczynski + Ryan Manthey |30A Painted Photography – Part 2

Greetings from a stunningly beautiful 68° day along the Emerald Coast! Go ahead – you’re allowed to be jealous for a minute. Wedding Season has started, and that means only one thing: Portrait Season is coming. Our little black book is filling up, so please don’t wait to contact us to book your session. We’ve already had some fun family shoots that we’ll be blogging soon, which means we’re all warmed up (literally, thanks to this fabulous spring weather) and ready to shoot.

So what have we been doing in the off-season? Oh, just a little exclusive collaboration with a nationally-known artist. You know, nbd.

Actually, it’s a REALLY big deal. We were beyond excited last month to debut a brand new painted photography project with mixed media artist and high school buddy Andy Saczynski, who is fast becoming a household name in the art community. The short version is that Ryan, our lead photographer and studio co-owner, takes a photo and prints it on heirloom-quality canvas. He then hands it off to Andy, who contemplates it for a few days and then paints on the photo whatever inspires him. The results have been nothing short of fantastic and the first one sold in one day. For real. That’s why the next step seemed like a no-brainer.


Pure7 Goals | Rules of the Game

I just got back from a trip to Tahoe where I spent a week with a group of guys snowboarding, eating, and talking shop about all our various business and creative projects. We were there to be inspired, challenged, and join a brotherhood of like-minded, creative entrepreneurs. Sounds like a fun adventure, right? Unless you’re an introvert.

Even then, these kind of scenarios could work out alright if, by the end of the trip, you’ve gotten comfortable enough to break your mysterious silence and share your personal story – the tale of whatever rocky road you’ve traveled to beat the odds and reach this place that allowed you to be snowboarding in Tahoe in February. Unless you don’t have a story.

See this group of guys in this photo? Every single one of them (except for the fourth guy from the right) have overcome something incredible. And this is only half the group! We’d have evening meal conversations and mid-day workshops where I heard story after story of varying degrees of hardship and heartache. I started to wonder if I had missed a qualifier for this trip, or maybe if I just looked more interesting than I really am. I was already tapping the depth of my social reserves to hang out with 20 people for an entire week. I wasn’t about to disappoint anyone with, “Hi, I’m Ryan and, despite my sleeve of tattoos that might suggest otherwise, I have not experienced any terrible tragedies and I’m fairly happy with my life.” Wah-waah. #lame.


To make things worse, most of these guys were starting to have breakthrough moments. There wasn’t as much crying and hugging as there would be if all our wives were here hanging out, but everybody seemed to be having A Moment. Except for me.


While They’re Still Little | Heirloom Portrait Photography

The FedEx truck pulled up to the studio the other day, as it does most days of the week, delivering yet another stack of packages. One of those boxes, however, was not just another box. It was a precious collection of moments in a season of life that is flying by so fast it makes your head spin. Wedding photos, perhaps? Nope, not this time.

We eagerly opened the albums, as we always do, our freshly-washed hands brushing invisible specks of lint from the smooth leather covers, our fingers gently turning every page. We poured over each one, checking to make absolutely sure that every detail was perfect and the finished product reflected the investment everyone had made – the photographer in his art, the publisher in their hand-crafted work, and the client in their decision to purchase the product. Satisfied, we turned the last page on the final album and caught our breath as the poignancy of that photograph sank in.



Andy Saczynski + Ryan Manthey | A 30A Painted Photography Collaboration

We have a creative piece hanging in our studio that blows our minds on a daily basis. We’ve had it up for about two weeks now, and we are still mesmerized every time we come into the room. It’s not just our opinion, either; everyone who walks in the door stops mid-sentence and stares because it’s just. that. cool. And, in our humble opinion, so are the guys who made it.

This one-of-a-kind exclusive collaboration between Pure7 Studio’s 30A photographer Ryan Manthey and nationally-known 30A mixed media artist Andy Saczynski is literally a dream come true for both creative professionals. They rolled the dice on something neither had done before, and no one could believe how it turned out.


Pure7 Studios & Operation Smile | Show the Love

We’re in what’s known locally as “off-season.” Typically, that means things slow down a bit before the swirl of wedding season begins, before the arrival of all the fun families who visit our beautiful 30a beach community each year. We thought about taking a break before our packed spring calendar takes over, and then we got it – The Email.

That email brought an incredible opportunity to be part of something huge so we wasted no time in jumping on it. The great part is that it includes everything we love – cameras, travel, kids, adventure, and smiling (because smiling is our favorite!). But the best part? It’s something near and dear to our hearts that we can share with YOU, and we love finding ways to include you in our #pure7fam, whether you’re a local or a seasonal friend. Ready?

A few years ago, we hosted fundraising portrait sessions to help pay for cleft lip and cleft palet surgeries for kids whose families can’t afford them. You may not know that these deformities, ones that are fixed almost without thought in the United States, are literally life-threatening in other countries simply for lack of resources. This year, we are thrilled to get to physically visit a clinic and document these life-changing surgeries in person.


In about two weeks, our associate photographer Lindsey Bray will be packing her gear and heading to Cavite, Philippines! She’ll spend 10 days shadowing a medical mission team and shooting the incredible work done by Operation Smile. She’ll be blogging her trip, which we’ll share in a special series of posts, and her work will be published as part of a compilation celebrating both Operation Smile’s 35th anniversary and PPA Charities‘ 20th anniversary. READ MORE

Pure7 Goals | Have More Fun!

 When we’re better people, we’re better artists who help our clients tell better stories.

Happy January! While we kicked off our 2016 blogging season with some gorgeous wedding features, we’re excited to incorporate more personal content this year. Everyone is setting goals and making resolutions, so we jumped on the bandwagon this week, but with a bit of a twist. During our recent Pure7 team meeting, we went beyond the typical topics of reviewing upcoming shoots, scouting fresh locations, and brainstorming new marketing ideas. Instead, we talked about what we like and how we’re going to have more fun this year.

We like to laugh. There may or may not be video footage of a spontaneous one-minute dance party from a couple weeks ago that we might post later probably won’t ever see the light of day. But trust us: we’ve got moves, y’all.READ MORE