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Pure 7 Studios is delighted to announce that Bombora Sun & Surf and The Rosemary Beach Cottage Rental Department has chosen us for a lifestyle photography shoot of one of the most exclusive communities along 30A: Rosemary Beach. At just over 100 acres, Rosemary Beach is truly a unique setting. Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Walton County, this microcosm of Paradise is home to those seeking a vacation from the common predicaments of modern day life. From biking along the narrow, tree-lined streets to dining in any number of award winning local eateries; from window shopping at one-of-a-kind boutiques to finding that perfect piece of art for your home back in the real world, every moment spent here is a reminder of why you came. You’ll encounter everyone from casually clad families in town for a week to well-dressed celebrities taking a welcome break from Hollywood and Broadway. The one thing that everyone seems to have in common, regardless of their background, is their mutual acknowledgement that Rosemary Beach is an escape into contentment.


SWFW | South Walton Fashion Week 2016

Alan has had the pleasure of filming South Walton Fashion Week – SWFW the past two years. In anticipation of this year’s events which we’re looking forward to attending as guests next week (Oct. 5-8), we thought we’d share a few of the fun fashion videos from last year’s runway shows. In case you aren’t familiar with this fabulous event, here’s more from the SWFW website:

South Walton Fashion Week (SWFW) was created in 2013 by the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County (CAA) as a way to showcase South Walton’s growing fashion scene and increase cultural tourism while raising funds for the CAA’s Art For All Program, which provides much-needed arts education dollars to teachers, students, artists and arts organizations.


Pure7 Summer | Hangout Music Festival Shot on Film

As we wrap up the last full week of summer break and summer beach portraits, we thought we’d take a look back at a session that was definitely not your average beach shoot.

Pure7 Studios Film Hangout Summer Music Festival 2016

One rainy Friday morning in May, our own Ryan Manthey joined the throngs of the faithful making the annual pilgrimage to the mecca of music festivals. Held along the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama, Hangout Music Festival cannot be explained; it has to be experienced. And experience it, he did.


Pure7 Commercial Video | Nodaway Live in Nashville

Wedding Season is our favorite, for sure. Well, Portrait Season is, also, because we meet the most amazing families, and how great is it to spend sunset on these gorgeous beaches for a living? And then there are the engagement shoots in NYC and commercial filming in Nashville, which makes us feel like we really do have the best of both worlds.

Our latest commercial video was a live recording session at Nashville’s Starstruck Studios for the band Nodaway, using a synchronous multi-cam setup. Our own Alan LeBlanc was all over it, of course (assisted by second shooter Erik Maynard), so we chatted with him about this project. If you’re interested in a little behind-the-scenes detail, read on after the video.


Fun Rosemary Beach Highlights Film| Mary Grace & Chad

When we click “send” and that wedding highlights film we’ve fallen in love with leaves the coziness of our creative space and lands in our client’s inbox, we hold our breath until we hear from the bride. Does she adore it as much as we do? Will her best friend gasp with delight, her squeal of “Oh. My. Gosh!” causing her friends to drop what they’re doing and gather ’round her phone, watching it over and over? When the feedback comes in the form of a comment like this one posted on social media with a link to their film, we are ecstatic!

“So thankful for Pure7 Studios and this amazing wedding highlight film! Alan was seriously a (very talented) fly on the wall throughout the best weekend of our lives. Can’t wait to see more! I’m shocked by all the footage because I rarely knew he was around! Reliving these memories will never get old.”

Mary Grace and Chad Pinkard’s wedding was one of our favorites, and we were so excited to hear that they loved their film as much as we did. Of course, it really helped that we worked with fantastic vendors and wonderful clients in an absolutely breathtaking setting, and those are the combinations we live for. That pretty much guarantees a lot of attention to the key details that set the tone for this type of gorgeous events. It’s those details you’ll see in this film that can take a wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. We think this one definitely qualifies as extraordinary.


Sanders Beach Rentals Commercial Video | Watercolor

We’ve been sitting on this for a little while and are so happy to finally be able to share this fantastic commercial video project! It’s a wonderful teaser for the gorgeous weather that’s just around the corner here on the Emerald Coast.

If you’ve ever had to plan a family or group vacation then you know it takes time, energy and patience to find the perfect place. You may have even gone somewhere that ended up not being worth the work when all was said and done. We have a solution for you.READ MORE

Resort Quest Commercial Video | The Crescent

We are so pleased to present our latest project, a commercial video for The Crescent, a ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals property located in Destin, Florida. This allows potential clients to get a comprehensive picture of how warm and wonderful their vacation will feel.

There are so many places folks can stay when coming to the Emerald Coast or 30A. We have beautiful hotels, luxurious condos and private beach houses with breathtaking views, which gives a plethora of choices for families of all sizes. Endless options means the competition is fierce, and a commercial video such as this can give owners and property managers a solid advantage. This market is growing, as we’ve been commissioned to film several similar projects over the past few years to help companies better showcase their products.

As with all Pure7 films, Alan shoots every detail intentionally, so as to specifically create a thorough, realistic experience of the property and highlight its best qualities. Having a video allows clients to visualize their own getaway without having to read a laundry list of amenities or search through listings for specific features. They are able to make a quicker decision to book because they are able to see their destination come alive.

If you own a rental property, are selling properties in the Destin or 30A area, or have a product you’d like to highlight with a commercial film, we can help! Just contact us and we’ll put together a customized quote that fits your specific needs. In the meantime, here are more of our commercial videos.

Emerald Coast Magazine Editorial Shoot | GUSU Paddlesports

Every once in a while we get asked to step outside our weddings and portraits routine to be part of a really cool collaboration. Lucky for us it happened again not too long ago and we had the pleasure of doing an editorial shoot for Emerald Coast Magazine. The shoot was for their upcoming feature on GUSU Paddle & Surf.

We might be biased, but working with GUSU was a blast.  If you won’t take our word for it then look through the photos we captured below. They’ll speak far better than we ever could and might even help you find your sense of adventure to sign up and take a class.  They hold their ongoing class at Calhoun Park on Thursday mornings at 9:15. You can pre-sign-up by calling/texting 850-974-2005 or through their website.

Classes cost $25 if you need to rent a board and go down to $10 a class if you bring your own. You can also get a discount when you prepay for classes and for no extra cost they will schedule a special class as long as you have four or more people.  Of course some may want a private lesson and they are more than happy to schedule one for an additional cost.

If you just can’t get enough of GUSU and want to see everything they have to offer then head on over to their website and keep a look out for their feature in Emerald Coast Magazine.

Emerald Coast Magazine Editorial Shoot | GUSU Paddlesports Emerald Coast Magazine Editorial Shoot | GUSU Paddlesports Emerald Coast Magazine Editorial Shoot | GUSU PaddlesportsEmerald Coast Magazine Editorial Shoot | GUSU Paddlesports Emerald Coast Magazine Editorial Shoot | GUSU Paddlesports

Our schedule is filling up fast, so contact us now to make sure we’re available for your next special moment or family trip.

Digital Graffiti 2014 | Pure7 Studios Proud Sponsor

There is an entire culture of people who consider graffiti an art. After seeing some of the pieces by Banksy or Shepard Fairey and the messages they spread, we can’t disagree. Their pieces require artistic talent and much like musicians, painters, photographers and all artists; graffiti artists are inspired by the world around them.

We only bring this up because in just three weeks, the white walls of Alys Beach will become a gallery of graffiti art. The only catch? It’s all digital graffiti.  The city hosts a digital graffiti festival in conjunction with Visit South Walton, celebrating the talents of digital artists everywhere. Around this time each year artists come from all over the world to showcase their ability to design using the newest technology. Of course like all great festivals, Digital Graffiti attracts musicians, filmmakers, photographers, digital artists, and even celebrities.

If you’re not familiar with digital graffiti as an art form or event, you soon will be. Scroll through our photos and watch the Pure7  highlight video of Digital Graffiti 2014. Our work will show you everything you need to know. Plus, as digital artists in our own right, Pure7 Studios remains a proud sponsor of Digital Graffiti for the third year in a row.

Consider this your personal invitation to come join us at the festivities and see the latest digital graffiti up close and personal. The entire #Pure7Fam will be there doing what we do best – documenting all the happenings of the festival and celebrate the talented artists working outside our medium.

Buy your tickets for the Digital Graffiti festival (June 4-6th) on

Keep up with Digital Graffiti 2015 on Facebook, Twitter (@DGAlysBeach), and Instagram (@DJAlysBeach).

Can’t wait to see you there!

Digital Graffiti 2014 | Pure7 Studios, Proud Sponsor


Digital Graffiti 2014 | Pure7 Studios, Proud Sponsor

Digital Graffiti 2014 | Pure7 Studios, Proud Sponsor

Digital Graffiti 2014 | Pure7 Studios, Proud Sponsor


Digital Graffiti 2014 | Pure7 Studios, Proud Sponsor












Digital Graffiti | Alys Beach Commercial Videographers

This past June, we had the opportunity to photograph the spectacular Digital Graffiti event, which takes place every year in Alys Beach.  It’s an event that draws thousands to its incredible digital projection artwork, displayed on the stark white backdrop of ultra-chic Alys Beach architecture.

We were obviously stoked to be the photographers for this amazing event — even cooler is that Alan, of our Pure7 Films side of the house, was able to capture an incredible video of the two-night event.  We’re always excited to show off Alan’s mind-blowing commercial films!