Gilchrist Family Photos in Seaside, Florida

family photo Seaside house

We just loved the time we spent with the Gilchrist family in Seaside for their family photos. What a beautiful, happy family! You could tell how close they were to one another from the way they interacted during the photos. Family photo shoots go so smoothly when a family is comfortable around each other and excited to spend time together.

Seaside, Florida: Perfect Spot for Vacation and Photos

The Gilchrist family has been vacationing in Seaside, Florida since their youngest, who is now a high school senior, was just 3 months old. Though they clearly love to travel, they chose this area to frequent as a family for so many years because they loved the “small town atmosphere.” As the years have gone by, the town has grown, but they still love to visit as part of their family tradition.

Seaside is an expanding neighborhood on 30a just between Panama City Beach and Destin. The colorful design of the neighborhood makes it fun to plan family photos with vibrant backdrops and the entire area offers a bright, beachy atmosphere. The family wore blue and white that went along perfectly with the coastal tones and made for beautiful family photos.

Family Photos Throughout the Year

While most families prioritize photos when their children are young, it can seem more difficult to plan family photos as the kids grow up and it’s easy to get caught up in all the big milestones in the later years. Watching your family grow in the family photos is a beautiful reminder of your lives that have developed throughout the years. I recommend every family continuing to have their photos taken from the very beginning of your new family, possibly at your wedding, through the years where it might be a little trickier to get everyone to sit still, when your teens may need a little convincing, as your family starts to grow with new marriages, and as everyone continues to grow up and become even closer as adults.

Planning your family photo shoots every year will pay off when you can watch your family grow through photos. With many beautiful locations along 30a for photos like Seaside, we would love to photograph your family and give you amazing family photos to look back on.

family photo Seaside blue wall

Baby Elliot


We are overjoyed to announce the latest addition to the Pure7 family! On September 28, our longtime photographer, sales manager and friend, Lindsey, and her fiancé Josiah welcomed their first child into the world. Having known Lindsey for 7 years, and having considered her a part of our family for equally as long, we here at Pure7 would like to extend to her our most heartfelt congratulations on the birth of her baby boy,Elliot.


What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot

Pure 7 Studios What to wear for an engagement shoot photography beach

The What to Wear Conundrum 

From finding the perfect dress to picking out wedding china, planning your big day can feel like a dizzying whirlwind. One big decision on a bride’s mind around the eight to six month mark is “What in the world do I wear for our Engagement photos?!”

Whether you’re keeping it casual or playing dress up, here are some basic guidelines to help you capture that “enchanted love” feel as opposed to the highly feared “cheesy Christmas card” look.


Making Waves in the Fight Against Cancer

A Local Charity is Making Waves in the Fight Against Cancer

“As I was walking along the beach with my Lord… I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, One belonging to me and one to my Lord.”

Cancer leading cause of death waves of grace pure 7 studios photography charity fight

From the pristine waters of Miramar Beach, Florida to the pure white sands of Orange Beach, Alabama, something very special is transpiring. Small groups of charitable donors have joined hands to offer families dealing with a cancer diagnosis a much needed escape from their usual everyday routine. Waves of Grace, a non-profit organization, is providing patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, along with their families, an all-expenses-paid getaway to the tranquil beaches of the Gulf of Mexico in hopes that some sun and sand might help unburden them and offer some much needed healing.READ MORE



It is with excitement beyond belief that we present the maternity portraits of our very own Lindsey of the #pure7fam!  We’ve also included some of her handsome fiance, Josiah.  (Gotta give the daddies love, too!)  But back to the wonderful “Miss Lins”…

As lead associate photographer and portrait sales manager, Lindsey has been an integral part of the Pure7 team for the past 7 years, literally becoming part of our family.  Heck, she’s even helped raise our family and has even been the nanny to our kids while we were away!  Coming to work everyday, she’s been a staple in our business and family since our kids were babies.  Our daughter idolizes her like a cool, hip, older sister and our sons treat her like a big sister, too.  The kind that gives you loving discipline when needed and that you secretly love and adore (but would never admit to it)!


Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Bailey Jenrich

When we were in the planning stages of this senior session, Bailey was considering doing something else with her hair.Pure7 Studios Senior Session Rosemary Beach Bailey Jenrich As soon as we saw these images, we were so glad she went au naturel! If curly hair was a perfect fit for anyone, it was most definitely this free-spirited dancer. We thought Rosemary Beach would be the perfect setting in which to capture this lovely girl’s senior session.

Summer Beach Photo Session | Plaisance Family Portraits

There’s always one. At nearly every beach photo session we shoot, there’s one family member who would rather be doing anything other than getting their picture taken. It doesn’t matter how great everyone else’s hair turned out or how perfectly the outfits coordinated. When the meltdown starts, you know it’s time to call it a day and work with what you’ve captured so far.Pure7 Studios Beach Photo Session Plaisance FamilyWhen they’re as cute as little Miss Gabriella, though, even the grumpy shots end up as absolute keepers. So how do you make sure these once-in-a-lifetime images don’t end up in digital obscurity once the vacation high has worn off? Well, that’s where we come in.


Senior Session in Santa Rosa Beach | Kaylee Battiste

This sweet subject of a recent senior session is headed from the beautiful Emerald Coast to UF this fall to start a whole new life chapter. Before the summer and all the college prep kicked into high gear, Kaylee met us and our cameras in Santa Rosa Beach one warm spring afternoon. We explored old buildings and dusty dirt roads and shot until the light faded. The photos that resulted from that shoot are as lovely as the subject.
Pure7 Senior Session Santa Rosa Beach Battiste
We loved that Kaylee’s sister, Danielle, tagged along, so we snapped a few of them together. We can just imagine the fun inspiration those heirloom portraits will be for their little girls some day, as they drag out clothes to play dress-up while their moms catch up over coffee.


Waves of Grace| Ferris Owen Family Pictures

Most folks spend the day after Christmas relaxing with friends and family, grazing on leftovers and debating whether or not to start taking down the tree. The Owen family spent theirs elsewhere – not on the gorgeous beach you see in the adorable family pictures below, but in the emergency room in a state of shock.
Pure7 Studios Ferris Owen Family Pictures
To go from that setting to one of sugar sands and emerald waters in a span of six months is a gift that can only be fully appreciated by a family who survived the sudden storm of a cancer diagnosis. Thankfully, Waves of Grace was there to scoop them up and send them away for a week to catch their breath, to remember what it’s like to just be.


Family Portrait Session | McGuinness Clan

We had so much fun with this lively bunch at a recent family portrait beach session! When they met us at the studio a few days later to go through the photos, we seriously felt like our friends had come to hang out. The icing on the cake was the email we received later that afternoon:

“Thanks again for everything! We had so much fun shooting with Ryan and again today going through all the photos with you guys. Didn’t think I would cry but that’s how you know they’re good pics, right?”

Pure 7 Beach Family Portrait

We totally agreed! As we got to know them a little better, we understood why everyone was all smiles the entire week. A really big, wonderful thing was about to happen.