Croswell Family | Rosemary Beach Family Beach Photos

Talk about a case of the Mondays! Today was the perfect lazy rainy day in Destin to kick back, stay in and cozy up in a blanket with a good book or movie. Being a work day for us here at Pure7, we stayed in and cozied up to computers editing our latest wedding videography, wedding videos, and even some family beach photos. Things are coming along beautifully, and I can’t wait to share them with you in the coming months. For now, we’ve got a great set of family beach portraits of the completely cool Croswell family.

From Destin and 30A down to Panama City Beach we expect this rainy weather to last all week. Naturally, it’s bittersweet because that’s a lot of rain! The sweet side of that bitter is we’ll get a once over. Like after any good rain, things just have a refreshed beauty about them seeming a little cleaner and greener. We can’t say for certain that the Croswell’s  family portraits came after a good rain, but we can say they look absolutely heavenly. The green trees behind them remind me of how one might picture the Garden of Eden, and their family beach photos have this subtle majestic quality to them.

I definitely don’t think if heaven looks like Rosemary Beach there will be any complaints. If that’s not enough, the Croswell’s found the perfect color scheme to coordinate. All the girls wore pieces of jewelry the same bright color with their own take on wearing white. They truly look like they could be straight off of someone’s Pinterest Board (and here shortly, they’ll be on ours)!

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Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach Photos Pure7 Croswell Family Beach PhotosREAD MORE

Urban Family Portraits| Fort Walton Beach

When Mrs. Bedsole reached out to us about a non-traditional family portrait session stating that she did not want the standard family beach portraits, Ryan suggested the eclectic downtown Fort Walton Beach area. He had photographed there several years prior, and really enjoyed it. When the Bedsoles agreed, we were ecstatic! Why? The Emerald Coast is a mecca for destination weddings and beach family portraits, so we spend most of our time photographing along the coast of Destin, 30A, Watercolor, Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach and Seaside. While all of these places are extremely beautiful and we truly never tire of it; there’s always something fun about stepping outside the routine to change things up a bit – and the Bedsole’s allowed us to do just that.

Being locals, they knew they liked the more urban look and feel of downtown Fort Walton Beach. On a mission, our photographer, Ryan, went on an adventure to scope out the scene and find the perfect location for their family portraits. Since the pictures don’t lie, you can see Ryan did a great job picking the perfect backdrops for the Bedsole’s portraits. Their clothing coordinates impeccably with the scenery in every shot. On top of that, this family figured out the “cool” factor. The different combinations they chose and the variety in their positions leaves no two photos the same.

We can’t thank them enough for letting us go on this adventure with them taking to the streets instead of the beach. It’s just another testament to us we that we really are the luckiest Destin Photographers, with the best clients because who they inspire us everyday.

Urban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton Beachpure7studios_destinphotographer_2673Urban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton BeachUrban Family Portraits| Fort Walton Beach

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Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family

Last summer Lindsey had the opportunity to shoot a 90 minute family beach photo “sunset session” with the Beckett family in Watercolor, FL. As I sit staring at their collection all I can do is smile. From start to finish, the Becketts were a delight. Everything about these people and their photos just makes me happy. I decided I wanted to understand WHY they make me so happy so I took some time to really dig down into the specifics, and I think I finally figured it out.

#1.  Magic.  Some of you may not fully understand this answer but, no matter what, this collection can never be recreated because something aligned that day letting the magic happen.

#2. The Beckett’s were comfortable being themselves.  It’s very clear in these photos their home is filled with love… support doesn’t come at a price and confidence is encouraged. We work hard in every shoot to help our clients relax and have fun. These photos are a perfect example of why.

#3. Timing.  Lindsey moved through the beautiful light mother earth gave her effortlessly (or so it seems). Lighting isn’t always the most cooperative thing, even in the sunshine state, because as you all know…  Mother Earth can often be a fickle one.

#4. Variety.  Some of the photos are traditional poses, while others look completely candid in that “too good to be true” kind of way. (The kind of candid shot some magazines would spend a half a day trying to create!) Plus, Lindsey capitalized on ALL of their surroundings – moving from their beach house, to the lush greens of 30A, and eventually onto the beach we’re known for here in Destin and 30A.  Oh, I can’t leave out having both black & white photos mixed in with color. This is quickly becoming a favorite twist on a portrait collection. (Another great example can be found here.)

#5. The Heirloom Album.  The Becketts loved their photographs so much, that they allowed us to take them ‘out of the computer’ and onto the pages of one of our carefully crafted Heirloom Albums. A testament to how happy these photos make them (and sitting down with a portrait album on your lap to relive memories does so in a way that no computer ever can)!

We hope looking through their photos makes you happy.  We work hard to find the magic in every family and let that lead the way to a timeless photography collection.

Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family Family Beach Photos in Watercolor, FL |Beckett Family

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Living in Destin near 30A and Santa Rosa Beach (among others) means the majority of our awesome clients are from far away and typically want wedding photography or some family beach photos while here enjoying a nice vacation. But, every so often we get a local!! We love our locals and the Gould family is no exception.

Here for her husband’s current Army assignment, Daniela originally reached out to us to have Lindsey take newborn portraits of Daniel when was he was born.  Sadly, she was away in India and unable able to do the shoot. So when Daniela later asked us to take family beach photos of their beautiful family we were excited and said YES!!

By then, Daniel was around 10 months old and cuter than ever (seriously… just look at the photos.) We did an afternoon/sunset session on Santa Rosa Beach. The light reflected on the water and hit the sugar-white sand creating the perfect setting. Lindsey captured the new family of three in every combination and shot some great photos of Daniel on his own. (Him in his bow-tie peeking over the back of the chair was a fast favorite!)  She even had the opportunity to photograph three generations together.

After all was said and done Daniela was gracious enough to share their experience with us.

“We had such a great afternoon with Lindsey!  She made the entire session so incredibly easy and fun.  Because of her sunny disposition we felt very relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, enjoying every moment with our sweet baby Daniel the entire time.”

We feel so lucky it worked out for Lindsey to meet this beautiful family!

pure7studios_destinphotographer_2548 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2549 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2547 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2544 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2545 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2546 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2550 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2551 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2554pure7studios_destinphotographer_2555pure7studios_destinphotographer_2552

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Veterans Day 2014

This was posted last year on Veterans Day (2013), but since it was and still is such a special post to us we wanted to share it again.  To the Veterans in our lives – family, friends, and clients as posted below and those in our hearts, we want you ALL to know how much your service and sacrifice means to us.  ~ Erica & Ryan

{Originally posted on Veterans Day, 2013}

Growing up a military brat, Veterans Day has always had a special place in my heart. I’ve always held military families in the highest regard and this Veterans Day, I wanted to do a special blog post not only recognizing my father and grandfathers for their service, but also my very best friend in the world, as well as some of our AWESOME Pure7 clients (who are currently serving or have done so in the past). I’ve included a little about each family at the top of their image(s). Thank you seems too little to say, but for lack of a better phrase, THANK YOU all for what you have done for our country. I love each and every one of you!   XOXO, Erica

Jason Melvin

We’re blessed that Jason and his wife Lindsay came into our lives. We met them in 2011 when came to our photography studio to hire Pure7 to photograph their WaterColor wedding. After a four hour consultation, we all knew we were destined to be long-time friends. Shortly after marrying, Lindsay and Jason had to endure two long back-to-back deployments. He was very missed by us all while he was away (really, we all just missed his cooking skills). Here is a personal video and photograph that Ryan & I had the honor of taking upon witnessing the return from his first deployment after they wed. They recently moved to San Antonio and we were so sad to see them go, but know they have great things in store and can’t wait to visit them soon!


The Koch Family:

We’ve adored photographing the adorable Koch family three times in the last two years. Travis Koch is a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force.  He graduated from the AF Academy in 1995 and has been an active duty military member ever since, serving as a fighter pilot in the F-15C Eagle and the F-22A Raptor.  Travis is currently the Commander of the 43rd Fighter Squadron at Tyndall AFB, FL, the only squadron in the world that trains pilots to fly the F-22A.  And just to add to their patriotism, Travis and Amanda were married on Veterans Day in 2000.  This November 11th they are celebrating 13 years of marriage , 10 of which they have been stationed at bases along the Emerald Coast of Florida. Their first son, John, was born in 2004, and their second son, Andy, was born in 2012.

 Veterans Day

Captain Devereux Rogan

This beautiful mother, Devereux, is a Captain in the Air Force and has been in for 8 years.  She has been deployed to several locations: Al Dhafra, UAE to support Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Rota, Spain to support Odyssey Dawn (Libya conflict), Curacao to support the counter drug mission in USSOUTHCOM, and Baghdad, Iraq to support the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq (OSC-I).  She is currently a Test Director for Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation at Eglin AFB, FL.  Lindsey absolutely loved photographing Devereux and her cute-as-a-button son, Barrett, this summer.


The Russell Family:

Elaine’s husband was deployed shortly after she became pregnant with their first son. He was still on deployment when little Edward Thomas Russell IV was born, but daddy was able to be there via Skype (gotta love modern technology!). Lindsey was so blessed to be able to capture the newborn portraits of their son, even before daddy’s return. The great news is that Elaine’s hubby is now home safe & sound, and getting to spend some much needed time with his sweet little boy and beautiful wife!


The Kim Family:

We’ve photographed the incredibly cute Kim family twice since 2011, and have loved watching them grow. Their father, Lieutenant Colonel Sonny Kim, has served 18 years as a pilot in the Air Force. He is currently on staff at SOCPAC in Honolulu, Hawaii. His wife, Zoe, has endured many long deployments but says “We are honored to support him during his time serving our country.”

IMG_7389 copy.jpg

The McGeady Family:

James McGeady serves in the Marine Corps as a combat engineer officer and is currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan with his stunning wife, Jessica. Ryan and Lindsey photographed their lovely wedding last year and were so happy that James was in uniform. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

IMG_8220 copy.jpg

The Kittrell Family:

We’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Kittrell family many times over the past couple years (and are also looking forward to photographing them again next month)! Michael Kittrell has been serving in the Air Force for 9 years as a pilot flying various aircrafts.  For the past 5 years he has been stationed at Hurlburt Field, and is presently assigned to the 19th Special Operations Squadron. A little shout-out to Michael from his beautiful family: “We love and support you always. Our hero!” Love Kimberly, Kaden and Kyle



The Johnson Family: 

We photographed the wedding of Troy and Jennifer in 2012, and are so impressed by the level of service that they and their extended families have provided to our country. In Jennifer’s words:

“Patrick (Troy’s son) and I are currently serving and Patrick is now at 1 year and I am at 18. My total family now would be 137 years: Paul Hutto (father) 20 years, USAF; Paul Hutto (grandfather) 21 years, US Army; Al Hutto (uncle) 20 years, US Army; ; John Hutto (uncle) 29 years, USAF; Gerald Hutto (uncle) 4 years, US Navy; Troy P. Johnson (husband) 20 years, US Army; Patrick Johnson (step-son), 8 months, US Army; Dennes Hutto (cousin) 4 years, USMC; I am proudly representing my family in my 17th year, bringing my family to 135 years of continuous military service! Happy Veterans Day to each of you, and to all of my friends whom I have had the pleasure of serving with.”

Next month will be Jen’s 18th anniversary in the US Air Force. She spent the first 16 years as a Knowledge Operations Manger and is currently in the Intelligence career field. She has deployed to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and is currently preparing for a year in Qatar. She plans to retire at 20 (years) and start her own business as a wedding planner. Troy (Jennifer’s husband) spent 20 years as a Tanker in the US Army before retiring. He supported multiple deployments including the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Korea, and spent a year in Iraq. He is currently a contractor supporting US Army North at Ft Sam Houston, as an IT specialist.



The Morrow Family:

Ryan photographed Monica and Chad’s maternity session, and Lindsey the newborn session of their precious daughter, Kennedy. They’ve been a pleasure to get to know (and photograph)! Major Chad Morrow is a psychologist in the Air Force and has served for 6 years. He is currently supporting the 23 Special Tactics Squadron at Hurlburt. A shout-out from Monica to her beloved hubby: “We couldn’t be more proud of him for his service!” Love, Monica and Kennedy


The Manthey Family’s Sister Wife

As my best friend, I couldn’t help but joke and put Jennifer Fisher as part of ‘The Manthey Family because family she truly is! To those that don’t know, Jennifer served in the United States Air Force as a medic on the back of a very fancy big plane (that I think has a ‘C’ in the title). I should know exactly which, but usually our conversations revolve more around wine, food, and our love lives.  However, I do know that her service is one of the things about her that I love most and am so impressed by. She endured several deployments and has visited almost all of the ‘stans’, and this gorgeous lady has one of the biggest hearts in the world. She also has a very heightened sense of awareness of her surroundings due to her military training (which comes in very handy in seedy areas of nola, but I’ll save that story for another day). I could go on for paragraphs about her and what she means to me, but I’ll leave it at: she’s awesome. and beautiful. and the best friend a girl could have.

IMG_9090 copy

My grandpa, Reed Swope:

My beloved grandpa entered the service on April 17th, 1945. He was drafted into the Army, became a Military Police officer, and was sent to Okinawa to guard Japanese prisoners. During a recent visit to his home, I was fascinated looking through the albums he has at his house full of old pictures from this time. After his service, my grandpa returned to his hometown of DuBois, PA, where he raised three sons and still currently resides with his wife, Betty (my beautiful, loving, wonderful grandma). I would like to personally thank my grandpa for not only his service to our country, but for being such a wonderful man of God and a spiritual man and leader in our family that I have always loved, admired, and adored with all my heart and soul. I love you, grandpa!


My grandpa, Stanley Rusonis:

My grandpa Stan passed away too soon, when I was only 10 years old. I really wish our family had more time with this loving, gentle soul. In his military days, he served in the Army Air Corp and was a Link trainer (aircraft simulator instructor) in Florida. After his service, my grandfather returned to DuBois, PA where he worked for the Post Office for 38 years and raised five children along with my amazing grandma Lillian (who now resides in Pittsburgh).

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.09.31 PM

My dad, Timothy Swope

I’ve started and re-started this sentence three times, and keep deleting and starting over . . . because there is no way to properly sum up the amazing-ness that is my father with only a few sentences. But I’ll try, so here goes. Lieutenant Colonel Timothy W. Swope served in the United States Air Force for 20 years, which was throughout my entire childhood and most of my teen years. A few of the programs he worked on as an aerospace and systems engineer were the Space Shuttle Program and developing the C-17 cargo plane. He retired in 1995 and resides in Niceville with my beautiful mother, Marie. Being a military brat was a life that I absolutely loved. We moved seven times before I was in 5th grade, but each move was an adventure and the memories of our journeys and destinations are ones that I adore and look back upon often. I always loved seeing my dad in his uniform and thought he looked so handsome and important, and although I wasn’t sure what he actually did, in my mind he was out there saving the world. I recall bragging to friends that “he knows all about aliens and extraterrestrial life, but can’t tell you about it because he’s been de-briefed”. Wonder where I got that idea . . . Dad?  I’d like my dad to know how proud I am of him, to thank him for his sacrifices in order to serve our country, and that I’ve always admired and looked up to him. Love you, daddy!


Family Beach Portraits Seaside FL | Photography

Family Beach Portraits Seaside FL








































Ryan absolutely loved meeting and photographing this beautiful family during their vacation in Seaside, FL.  We always love to hear what makes vacationing on our Emerald Coast so special to each family we meet, and here is what they had to say of their stay:

“We typically vacation at a new place every year – not usually big on repeats.  We went to Destin last year and literally decided to put our home on the market during our trip.  It sold in like 3 days!  So, my husband did paperwork the whole time and didn’t get to really enjoy it, so that’s why we went again this year.  We heard so many things about Seaside and decided to check it out.  We all LOVED it so much, we’ve already talked about going again next year.”

As you can see from their below family portraits, these adorable siblings just adore one another . . . as do their parents!  During our family beach portrait sessions, our photographers love capturing the family unit as a whole, and also the relationship between siblings as well as mommy & daddy.  The kids may cringe looking at “romantic” pictures of their parents now, but one day these images will surely hold a very special place in this family’s legacy.  At their purchasing appointment in our studio, they loved the images so much that we’re currently in production of four gallery-wrapped canvases and a gorgeous 10×10 heirloom portrait album with 40 portraits.  Mama had this to say of their experience:

“Our family had an instant connection and comfort level with Ryan.  His amazing work will provide picture-perfect memories of our family’s vacation for years to come.  We also appreciated the personal, low-key, no pressure service provided by Pure 7 Studios.”

We are so humbled and grateful that this family (and countless others) chose us to capture these priceless times in their family history.  Wishing all of our beloved clients a safe, blessed, and beautiful Labor Day Weekend!  ~Erica

Beach Photographers | Family Portraits Rosemary Beach

Ryan so enjoyed this Rosemary Beach family portraits session taken last month. They were such a sweet family.  When asked what made this particular 30A vacation so special, Jennifer’s response was so great we couldn’t help but share:

 “We had so much fun at Rosemary Beach.  It was our first time there.  The last time we went to FL beaches, we went to Destin 6 years ago when our kids were 2 and 5 months old to escape Hurricane Ike which hit Houston pretty hard.  This time was much, much different!  Our kids have obviously grown a lot since then and were able to bike all over Rosemary Beach, Seacrest and Alys Beach.  They were able to toss a football with their dad or play tag with other vacationing kids outside our door on the Eastern Green (where the family portrait of all 7 of us was taken).  They swam at the pool and played at the beach every day.  They woke up late, weren’t on any sort of schedule all day and went to bed late which sounds pretty perfect for a vacation.  They went to Sugar Shak almost daily and got things there that sounded repulsive to us adults like a yard-long gummy snake or a yard of bubble gum.  Basically, they got to be kids and make a lot of the choices for a week.  And they got to spend the whole week with their baby cousin who they adore.  They say the part they’ll miss about our vacation the most is being able to play with their cousin any time they want.

These pictures are special to us because they mean family time to us.  They mean slowing down and letting everyone relax and letting kids be kids rather than the faster pace that we keep during the school year at home.  Also, our family of 4 had never had a professional family photo before.  We get the kids pictures professionally done at least 3 times a year and have lots of canvases of them all over our house, but this was truly our first family photo.

We are very, very thankful for you guys at Pure 7.  We were blessed that you were available when we were in FL, that Ryan was so patient with us and loved his easy going personality.  We felt at ease with Ryan were also amazed at the quality of the pictures/shots Ryan got.  And Lindsey has also been a pleasure to work with.  She’s also been so patient with us!  I’ve changed my mind a few times (too many great choices to choose from) and added on, etc., etc.   At our purchasing appointment, she was on time and valued our time so that we could get back out to having fun on the beach.  She was so great about going through the images with us as many times as we needed without guilt to hurry, and she helped give us pointers when we couldn’t decide or had a hard time choosing.  We are looking forward to working with Lindsey for our final Pure 7 item… Christmas cards. We are really excited about our session and getting our images in our hands so we can show all our friends and family!”

Thank you, Jennifer & family, for sharing what your Rosemary Beach, FL vacation and portraits meant to you.  We look forward to seeing and photographing you during future vacations to our Emerald Coast!  ~Erica

 Rosemary Beach Photographers | Family Portraits Rosemary Beach





























Kaylor Family | 30A Beach Photographers

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Julia when she called in early June to inquire about our 30a family portrait options and the possibility of us photographing her family during their upcoming vacation.  Their family experienced some huge milestones this year, and we were honored to have the opportunity to document this very special time in their lives.  As grandmother, Julia, put it: “This family vacation was filled with celebrations.  We celebrate Rachel’s remission from leukemia and her big brother, Tyler, becomes a teenager.  The quality of the pictures captured our shared happiness in this beautiful environment and become permanent memories.”  Ryan photographed their beach session right where they were staying (on the gorgeous stretch of fabulous 30A beaches), and we just loved capturing the affection between these two adorable siblings.  Lindsey had the pleasure of hosting their proofing & purchasing appointment in their beach house and we’re almost finished with their heirloom products, which included a canvas, wall portrait, and two albums.  We are so excited for them to receive them!  Thank you, Kaylor family, for choosing and allowing Pure7 to be part of such a momentous time in your family.  ~Erica

 30A Beach Photographers