Romantic Wedding in Rosemary Beach | Randi & Ben

As a photographer who specializes in capturing the intimate and special moments of weddings on 30A, it is a blast working with amazing couples and learning their unique stories. Randi and Ben were no exception.

A small-town girl from southern Georgia and an avid Buckeye fan from Ohio met far away from their individual hometowns. In New York City, the two joined mutual friends to participate in a Santacon, an event where 100,000 people dress as Santa and go bar hopping in NYC. While Randi says Ben was charming, he didn’t manage to close the deal that night. Nearly one year later and some convincing from her best friend, and Randi hit Ben up on his offer for a date. One great date, a few burgers and beers, and the rest is history!

Using Randi’s birthday as a disguise, Ben timed the engagement after Randi’s arrival from an extended work trip in New York. When he picked her up at the airport, she had no clue what was going on. Ben had a record player and a gift for her birthday. He cued up to play Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind, and when Randi spun around, she found her to-be fiancé on one knee. The couple reflect on this moment as an incredibly special moment between the two of them, and they spent the remainder of the special day celebrating with friends and family.

Randi and Ben flew us to New York to shoot their engagement photos. Check out the blog with their photos here.

The moment Randi and Ben got engaged, they knew exactly where they wanted to get married…30A! Randi grew up going to 30A with her family and has a family home there. Early in their relationship, they would frequently escape the NYC winters with long weekends in 30A. It became such a special place where they shared so many special memories in their relationship, so Rosemary Beach was a no-brainer for their wedding location.

The couple wanted to make sure their wedding day was laid back and they could share their time with friends and family…and that is exactly what they did! They shared a first-look before the ceremony, which was one of the most special moments of their big day, and afterward enjoyed a pre-wedding celebration. One of Randi’s closest friends married the happy couple, and a sketch by Ben’s artistic mother was incorporated into many of their wedding elements. The entire day was a true testament to how important their family and friends are to them and how they have positively influenced their relationship.

Following the ceremony, Randi and Ben took off to Nicaragua, where they enjoyed a relaxing ceremony and reflected on their magical wedding on 30A. It was a great week of continued celebrations, while kicking off their marriage together. Best of luck to Randi and Ben as they embark on this next adventure!

Coordination: Avis Glenister of Peach and Pearl Events
Venue: Rosemary Beach, Eastern Green
Event Design: Mytrie Blue
Make Up: Blush Beauty Lounge
Catering: Blue Mountain Catering
Cake: Sweet for Sirten
Reception Band: The Perfect 10 Band / East Coast Entertainment

High School Sweethearts and a Stunning Seaside Wedding | Alex & Phillip

High school sweethearts still going strong! Alex and Phillip met through mutual friends in high school in the quest to find a date to senior prom. They went to the movies for their first official date, and both were a little jittery with typical first-date nerves. Phillip even accidentally threw his movie ticket away before they got into the theater! That day was the first of many spent laughing together and enjoying the funny moments that each day has to offer.

Alex and Phillip’s many years of spending time together, laughing at and with each other, and growing as a couple only deepened their connection and heightened their love for one another. They knew they wanted to spend their lives together.

Knowing that Alex always wanted a private engagement, Phillip planned the perfect backyard proposal. On their way from their favorite burger spot to get ice cream, Phillip told Alex they needed to stop at the house so he could use the restroom. Alex, serious about her ice cream, said she would wait in the car, but Phillip insisted she go in the house with him so she could let the dog out. Of course, this was just a ruse! Phillip led Alex to the backyard where the trees were lit up, sparkling in the night. Thinking nothing of it, Alex commented on how she really liked the new set up. It wasn’t until Phillip led her to the center of the trees to a table with an envelope and small box on top that she began to realize what was going on. Immediately, she started crying, and though she can’t remember everything he said, she couldn’t have imagined a better moment.

This backyard proposal led to a stunning wedding in Seaside, Florida. The couple found this beautiful paradise location while looking through a wedding magazine. Having never been to Seaside before, they took a virtual tour of the town, fell in love, booked a trip to visit, and immediately decided it was the place when they walked into the Seaside Chapel.

Their actual wedding day was low-key and causal, as only a beach wedding can be, and exactly what the happy couple pictured. A unique and special part of the day was the cross on the bride’s bracelet…it was worn by all the women in Alex’s family on their wedding day starting with her great-grandmother. The day was also filled with moments reminiscent of a fairytale, specifically when the bride and groom exited the chapel and were surrounded by smiling friends and family tossing petals at the newlyweds. The joy they felt at that moment and the excitement on everyone’s face was a moment they will never forget.

Wishing all the happiness to Alex and Phillip as they continue their great adventure together!

Venue – Seaside Chapel
Coordinator – Defining Moments by Heather
Videographer – Josh Kidd
Florist-  Events by Nouveau
Hair and Makeup – Rollands
Caterer – Fish out of the Water
Cake – Confections by the Coast
Band/DJ – GT Entertainment

Beautiful Wedding in Stunning Seaside, FL | Hannah and Sam

Sometimes a chance meeting is all it takes to change your life. At least, that’s how it worked out for Hannah and Sam. Seven years ago, the two met at a party hosted by a mutual friend. Both had decided to go on a whim, so it was lucky (or destiny, perhaps?) that their paths crossed. They hit it off immediately, and after a successful first date and a fancy dinner, their forever story began.

Fast forward through a whirlwind of dates, laughter, shared smiles, travels, and dog snuggles, and the time came for Sam to pop the question. Romantic doesn’t even begin to describe their engagement. Picture this: a ski trip in Utah, horse-drawn sleigh, crisp mountain air, immaculate white snow, winter wonderland proposal…it was nothing short of magical.

After loading up their blankets on the sleigh, they moved slowly up the snowy side of the mountain. Half way up, the coachmen stopped to feed the horse and mentioned it was a beautiful spot for a photo. Thinking it all very suspicious, Hannah removed the ring she always wore on her ring finger and stashed it in her pocket. You know, just in case.

Though she had her suspicions, when Sam dropped to one knee, Hannah was still so surprised and incredibly excited. Ring on her finger, they hopped back into the sleigh and made their way back. The sleigh ride was over, but their journey together was just beginning.

Of course, now it was time for Hannah and Sam to choose the perfect location for their special day.

Since she was a little girl, Hannah enjoyed vacations on 30A with her family, and she started brining Sam and his family over the last seven years. So, naturally, it was the perfect choice.

With the quaint beauty of Seaside and the unmatched, white sandy beaches, they couldn’t imagine celebrating their day anywhere else. They wanted to make sure everyone felt relaxed and could truly enjoy all the festivities. Of the location, Hannah said, “It made the whole weekend a great experience, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

From the intimate smiles shared to the emotional sharing of vows to the spectacular bar with a wide variety of drinks, it was truly a day to remember.

So what’s next for this beautiful couple? They have moved back to the US – oh, did we mention these world travelers were living in the UK? Yeah, they’re pretty cool! They are also currently preparing for the arrival of their first child in the fall. We couldn’t be more thrilled for these two lovebirds and wish them all the best on their future adventures!

Venue – Seaside Chapel
Coordinator – It’s a Shore Thing
Florist – Florals by the Sea
Caterer – Townsend Catering
Cake Designer – Confections on the Coast
Reception – AzZ-IzZ
Make up Artist – Blush Beauty Salon
Hair Stylist – Doria Hair
Dress Designer – Amsale from Haute Bride
Bridesmaid Dress – J. Crew

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wedding couple carillon beach fl

Destination Wedding in Carillon Beach, FL for Ann and Pack

carillon beach resort inn

Ann Layton and Pack’s relationship started as high school sweethearts in just 9th grade when they had their first date at Pack’s basketball game before going to the movies together. Though they dated through their junior year, they didn’t speak for seven years after calling it quits until reuniting years later and had a much more romantic second “first date” complete with dinner and a sunset boat ride.

carillon beach wedding couple

Romantic Engagement Celebrated With Family & Friends

Pack planned an amazingly romantic proposal that set the mood for their wedding! For their one year anniversary, they traveled to Nashville where they started with a walk on Ann Layton’s favorite bridge. Little did Ann Layton know, Pack had coordinated a photographer to capture the moment Pack proposed. Ann described the moment he got down on one knee and proposed as “a dream!” Afterwards, they walked to a nearby bar where both of their families and their closest friends were waiting to celebrate.

carillon beach weddings

Why Carillon Beach was the Perfect Wedding Destination

When asked why they chose a Carillon Beach wedding, Ann Layton explained why that location was the perfect romantic spot to celebrate their love,

“We chose Carillon because we both love the beach. For us, the beach represents so much of God’s beauty and has always been our relaxation place… We had heard about carillon through Pack’s older sister who got married there a few years before us! It was absolutely stunning!”

30a wedding venue

Coastal Indoor Ceremony at Meeting House

Ann Layton and Pack tied the knot at the Meeting House in Carillon Beach, Florida once again surrounded by their family and friends. Tastefully designed with coastal colors, their wedding atmosphere seemed just as romantic as the proposal. The Meeting House provided the perfect indoor setting while still allowing for outdoor seating and plenty of light that focused on the ceremony and the couple being celebrated.

“The most memorable moment for me was walking down the aisle and looking at Pack, not as my boyfriend or fiancé, but as my soulmate and husband. It was a moment I will always cherish!”


outdoor wedding 30a

Romantic Lighting for an Outdoor Reception

The outdoor reception area showed bright and cheery with gorgeous details including lighting that made for amazing reception photos as the sun went down! The celebration flowed with their romantic proposal and ceremony with personal touches like the special dance for Ann Layton and her grandfather.

“One big part of our wedding that we added in was my solo dance with my grandfather, Bubba. We danced to his hit song “That’s What I’ll Do” and it meant the world to me! He has always been a huge inspiration in my life and has always shown me the importance of what a Godly man truly looks like inside and out.”

I loved capturing the love between Ann Layton and Pack especially since they were surrounded with love and excitement from their friends and family. Their focus on each other and the celebration of a milestone in their relationship made for beautiful photos and a special day!

outdoor 30a wedding reception

outdoor 30a wedding dancing

Carillon Beach Wedding Vendors That Made It Happen

We love working with fellow wedding professionals that are as dedicated to making the couple’s wedding day as enjoyable and romantic as we are!

Haven & Jonah’s Outdoor Wedding on 30a by St. Andrews Bay


Within moments of meeting Haven and Jonah, their excitement to spend the rest of their lives together is obvious from the way they look at and talk about each other. Matched by their close friends who just knew they were perfect for each other, the couple started their relationship with an evening of drinking wine and eating stinky cheese together and continued to fall more and more in love until Jonah proposed exactly three years later to the day in Helsingor, Denmark on a trip to visit his family. I feel honored that this beautiful couple chose me as their wedding photographer for their gorgeous 30a wedding by the bay.

A Wedding Proposal in Denmark

“In August of 2015, we went on a trip to Denmark to visit some of Jonah’s family, which also happened to fall during our 3rd anniversary. On the day of our anniversary Jonah gave me an anniversary gift of a Kate Spade purse and some funny finger puppets… this turned out to be a distraction. The whole time Jonah was standing behind me with the ring. When I turned around, he was holding my “real” present and asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.”


Coastal Style Wedding Details

Though Haven and Jonah live in New York City, they made the trip to Florida for a 30a wedding in Panama City where Haven grew up. Local wedding planner and florist, Rachelle Youd, worked with the couple to plan their perfect wedding that expressed their personalities and style while emphasizing their relationship with each other and with the family and friends that came to celebrate with them.

The light and airy wedding style and coastal colors in the wedding details reflected the beachy atmosphere from the watercolor invitations to the floral bridesmaid’s dresses by Paper Crown to the paper fans set out for their guests at the ceremony.

Haven spent the hours before the wedding excitedly getting ready with her bridesmaids in their matching robes. After a few tender moments with her father, her mother helped her get into her off-shoulder wedding dress designed by Sarah Seven that made her look effortlessly beautiful before walking out the door to marry the love of her life.





Oaks by the Bay Park Ceremony Under Live Oaks

Haven and Jonah’s official wedding festivities began at the Oaks by the Bay Park in the historic St. Andrews neighborhood surrounded by their families and closest friends. Purposefully selected as the wedding ceremony location, the unique 30a wedding venue had once been a favorite spot to visit while Haven was young.

The Oaks by the Bay Park offered a peaceful setting for Haven and Jonah’s outdoor wedding ceremony with the beautiful live oaks covered in Spanish moss that Haven had always loved growing up. They planned an interfaith ceremony that incorporated both of their religious backgrounds that Haven described as“the perfect mix of the two of us, our faith, and our closest friends and family.”



Wedding Day Tip! After the ceremony, we slipped off to the nearby beach for their first portraits together as a married couple! Setting aside enough time for these photos is incredibly important, because the rest of the photos will likely include guests and it’s likely the only time during the wedding that the bride and groom will have just to themselves.


Boho Chic Reception Details

While the floral details at the ceremony continued to add to the overall bohemian chic style, the candles and vines resting on suspended wooden planks made the reception area even more magical. The floral place cards and table numbers complemented the distressed tables and chairs while the cake made by Sweet for Sirten looked absolutely delicious with a simple floral design.


Time to Party!

With a romantic decor that transformed the lawn at Harbour Village in the St. Andrews neighborhood into a dreamy wedding celebration, the newly married couple started the party off with their first dance followed by a fun father/daughter dance. After hours of dancing, laughing, and enjoying time they had with their guests, they continued the festivities at the local bourbon bar after a celebratory sparkler exit, which just happened to be one of Jonah’s favorite moments.

“My favorite part of the wedding was after the reception, leaving dinner to the post reception. Walking under a wall of sparklers, seeing all our friends and family was a special moment.”




A Wedding is Just the Beginning

After the wedding, the newlyweds spent 17 days traveling through Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Cambodia on a honeymoon that matched their wedding with, as they put it, “So much delicious food, friendly people, and beautiful scenery!”

Now they’re looking forward to the next exciting adventure, the start of Haven’s new career as an oncologist and Baby Girl Sachar!


30a Wedding Vendors
– Wedding Planner: Rachelle Youd Designs
– Catering: Townsend Catering
– Florist: Rachelle Youd Designs
– Wedding Cake: Sweet for Sirten
– Makeup: Angela Law Beauty
– Dress: Sarah Seven Flagship Salon in NYC
– Bridesmaid Dresses: Paper Crown

























































wedding couple beach

Margo & Alex watercolor wedding

We are excited to share with you these beautiful photos from Margo and Alex’s Watercolor Resort wedding. This was the perfect wedding to kick off our 2017 season. We are so genuinely blessed for each and every couple over the past 10 years that has trusted us to photograph their special day. We will make sure to keep the blog updated with all our upcoming weddings.

Coordination: Nina Dolin, Watercolor Weddings

Day of Coordination: Tammy D’Agostino, The Eventful Planner

Venue: Marina Park, Watercolor Fl

Reception: Lakehouse at Watercolor

Videographer: Momentus Films

Florists: Events by Nouveau

Cake Artist: Confections on the Coast

Ceremony Music: Celebrity AllStars

Cocktail Hour Music: Wedding Music Plus

Makeup Artist: Jamie at Blush Beauty Lounge

Hair Stylist: Mindy Norris

Dress Designer: Warren Barron Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress: Bella Bridesmaids

Men’s Suits: Culwell and Sons


Rosemary Beach Wedding Video | Lauren & Andrew

With “feel’s like” temps climbing into the 100’s and seasonal traffic at the usual standstills for the typical no apparent reasons, we are pretty sure we’re not the only ones dreaming of fall. There is nothing quite like October along the Gulf Coast. Humidity drops, skies are clear, and the lovely emerald waters have an extra sparkle to them.
With refreshing fall weather comes fall weddings, and we just had to share this Rosemary Beach wedding video with you from last October. The full-length film was completed this spring, and when Lauren & Andrew received it, we were so thrilled that they loved it as much as we did.
Alan and Pure 7,
Your work is simply amazing! I cried all over again watching our wedding video like it was just yesterday! You captured all the moments so perfectly and we love the film more than anything and will cherish it always! Thank you so much again for making our day so special! We can’t wait to have the finished product! We love you guys!!!!
We have just a few openings left for this fall, so if you haven’t booked your videographer for your wedding video yet, call us or contact us here. With interest-free payment plans available, this investment is one both you and your budget will not regret!
Ceremony Venue: Rosemary Beach Town Hall
Reception Venue: Rosemary Beach
Makeup: Shannon Day
 Photography: Amy Little Photography



A Timeless Seaside Wedding | Angie & Mike

We met this fun couple last spring when we shot their engagement portraits (you can see those here), so we already knew their wedding would be fantastic. We were absolutely thrilled, though, when it turned out to be even more fabulous than we ever anticipated. But we weren’t the only ones to fall in love with this classic Seaside wedding. Not one, but two industry publications chose to feature this beautiful day: wedding blog Borrowed and Blue, and this fall’s print edition of The Knot magazine.

Pure 7 Studios Seaside Wedding Angie and Mike

When you see the photos from Angie & Mike’s sweet rustic Seaside wedding, you’ll understand why it was so irresistible.


Rosemary Beach Wedding Video | Mary Grace & Chad

One of our best-loved wedding video highlight films now has a full-length version! We were absolutely dying to share it with you but had to wait until Mary Grace & Chad saw it first, so we contained ourselves until we got their thumbs-up. You know that feeling you got as a kid on Christmas Eve? That’s seriously how we feel waiting to hear from our clients when we send off a wedding video for approval. Their response was like coming downstairs to find a new Xbox under the tree.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to relive these memories tonight.I absolutely love that our friends and family are the narrators throughout the film. Thank you so much for this gift – the ability to revisit such a beautiful night for years to come!” ~ Mary Grace & Chad Pinkard

There was so much we adored about this wedding video, not the least of which was the breathtaking Rosemary Beach Town Hall. At night. With votives and twinkle lights. The atmosphere was magical and the work of some of the top vendors on the Emerald Coast gave us fantastic sets on which to film scenes of this incredibly special day. The real content, though, came from the people.


Bohemian WaterColor Wedding | Shannon & Ryan

The saying, “April showers bring May flowers” certainly was true at Shannon’s and Ryan’s tropical bohemian WaterColor wedding last month. A wonderfully warm spring day along the Emerald Coast was the perfect backdrop for this lush, colorful wedding at one of 30A‘s choice wedding venues.

Pure 7 Studios Bohemian Watercolor Wedding Beach Glam

With the bride wearing an absolutely fabulous flower crown and her dream gown by Israeli designer Berta, how could this gorgeous day be anything less than perfect? As you scroll through these photos, which are a mix of digital and film images, you’ll see how every detail, from the mini-crown for the flower girl to the bride’s crystal headpiece worn for post-ceremony photos, came together to make it exactly that: perfect.