Senior Portrait Experience

For every high school senior, that final year is a whirlwind of emotions, old friendships, new experiences, tearful goodbyes, and exciting hellos. It’s about discovering who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re meant to do. No matter your experiences, this year is one you will remember for the rest of your life. What better way to trigger those wonderful memories than with your picture-perfect senior photos?

Personally, we have a blast photographing senior portraits. It’s a joy to connect with such amazing young adults and capture this exciting time, as well as their individual personalities. Of course, the process for capturing senior photos is relatively the same across the board, and sometimes senior pictures begin to look the same. We got to thinking…how can we make our senior portrait sessions even better?

Recently, we decided to try something new. We collaborated with Kim from Style by Kimberly to create a truly personalized and fun experience for our seniors, and it was such a big success that we cannot wait to do it again! This collaboration was a way for us to combine typical seniors photos with a personalized styling session to help seniors feel pampered, relaxed, and their most beautiful.

Kim was the perfect collaborator. As a wardrobe consultant, wife, carpool expert, and mom of two beautiful teenage girls, she is an expert on all things fashion. As her business is focused around “Shop Local First”, she is also intimately knowledgeable about local boutiques, jewelry artists, salons, clothing designers, and more in the 30A area.

For the seniors involved in our first collaboration shoot, this experience was two-fold. Kim set up our models with hair and make-up appointments and wardrobe fittings prior to the shoot, and we at Pure 7 Studios captured the magic of their personalities through their personalized styles. These girls had a great time, and we had so much fun working with them to find their unique styles and to capture it on camera.

So why choose this experience over a typical senior photo session? Besides being a uniquely awesome way to capture photos, it provides seniors with great memories of this exciting time in their lives. It allows them to feel pampered, comfortable, and relaxed…which results in even better photos! It also benefits moms, so they don’t have to worry about coordinating anything about the day. We set up hair, make-up, and personalized wardrobe fittings before the session begins so the days is planned and runs smoothly.

It’s important to note that we are representing senior portraits in a creative way, but in a way that is authentic to the individual. If the senior plays guitar, cheers, dances, or plays a sport, we want to reflect that in the photos. Together, we coordinate style and ensure the best lighting and most natural poses to create senior photos that pop. To create memories that will last a lifetime.

We are so excited to continue working with Kim to create such an awesome experience for seniors. Interested? Contact us here!

Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Bailey Jenrich

When we were in the planning stages of this senior session, Bailey was considering doing something else with her hair.Pure7 Studios Senior Session Rosemary Beach Bailey Jenrich As soon as we saw these images, we were so glad she went au naturel! If curly hair was a perfect fit for anyone, it was most definitely this free-spirited dancer. We thought Rosemary Beach would be the perfect setting in which to capture this lovely girl’s senior session.

Senior Session in Santa Rosa Beach | Kaylee Battiste

This sweet subject of a recent senior session is headed from the beautiful Emerald Coast to UF this fall to start a whole new life chapter. Before the summer and all the college prep kicked into high gear, Kaylee met us and our cameras in Santa Rosa Beach one warm spring afternoon. We explored old buildings and dusty dirt roads and shot until the light faded. The photos that resulted from that shoot are as lovely as the subject.
Pure7 Senior Session Santa Rosa Beach Battiste
We loved that Kaylee’s sister, Danielle, tagged along, so we snapped a few of them together. We can just imagine the fun inspiration those heirloom portraits will be for their little girls some day, as they drag out clothes to play dress-up while their moms catch up over coffee.


Senior Session in Santa Rosa Beach | Madeline Quarrier

Senior photos are a rite of passage. Not all kids fit the mold, though, and their senior session should capture who they actually are during this crazy, exciting season. So it was really a no-brainer when we planned this shoot because we happened to know this girl personally, and she’s definitely got her own style. It was an easy choice to skip the beach and wander down some side streets and back roads with a film camera added to our usual arsenal of digitals.


Madeline’s images are breathtaking and everything she had to say about life at this age reminded us of ourselves not that long ago (except our senior session pics were never this cool – trust us).


Senior Session in Seaside | Suzi Sober

Suzi didn’t need to schedule hair+makeup for her senior session with Rachel Marie, Pure7’s apprentice photographer (more on Rachel in a future post!) because she cut off all her hair. If you know Suzi, you know she didn’t think twice about parting with her gorgeous curls at a time when many girls would be adding extensions. That’s because donating her hair to make a wig for a cancer patient was the priority on her to-do list. And that was just one of many things we loved about this girl and her senior session.



Senior Session in Rosemary Beach| Rachel Faucett

It seems like only yesterday we were singing “School’s Out for Summer!” but, alas, three months have passed and the early mornings with bus rides and crazy 10AM lunches are back. Everyone is wearing their new outfits and heading off to a new grade. Some are excited and others scared. The beautiful girl below, Rachel, couldn’t be more excited to finally be a senior! We had the pleasure of working with her recently, photographing her senior session in Rosemary Beach.

Shooting was a blast, and Rachel was great in front of the camera. This moment and these pictures are all about HER. We were tasked with creatively capturing who she is at this milestone age. You’ll see it in the photos, but the best part about her senior session was all of the different sides of her we saw.

One outfit she wore was a sleek black number, while the other was floral and flowy. She shared her sparkling smile but then found her fair share of moments to hold it back and maintain a little mystery. We loved the different feel of capturing in both black and white, and in color. The famous Rosemary Beach architecture is always the perfect backdrop for us to get creative, whether shooting senior sessions, wedding photos, or family beach photos.

Many thanks to Rachel for joining the #pure7fam as a senior (and reminding us how beautiful it is to be yourself).

Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel pure7studios_destinphotographer_3383 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3384 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3385 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3386


In addition to shooting senior sessions, weddings, and families, we have an award winning videographer that can film and edit a vacation highlight video, wedding video, real estate video, or commercial video.

Contact us for pricing and availability on all of our services and packages.

Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Joanna Pratt

At first glance, the gorgeous photos you’re about to feast your little eyeballs on may look to be that of a stunningly beautiful bride.  Well, although “stunning” and “beautiful” certainly fit the bill for Joanna, a bride she is not (not yet anyway; sorry for the slight heart attack, Joanna’s dad).  Joanna hails all the way from the Big ‘D’ (and we do mean Dallas), and this gorgeous girl, while not quite yet ready for bridal-dom, is showing off the amazing dress she’ll be donning for a National Charity League event she’ll be attending.  Her mom, Cindy, contacted us recently to schedule Joanna’s Rosemary Beach senior portraits session, and explained that this insanely beautiful dress arrived the day before they were scheduled to hop on a plane to sunny Florida.  And lucky for them, Ryan & Lindsey had their camera knobs adjusted to the setting that says “really amazing” (because, duh, it’s all about the camera, right?  HA.  No.).
It’s no big secret that we’re mega-ultra-uber fans of Rosemary Beach.  Whether we’re photographing weddings, families frolicking on the beach, or a drop-dead gorgeous senior, we basically kick up our Toms in excitement every time we’re fortunate enough to click our camera buttons all over this amazing little beach community.  (Also, you should see Ryan try to “kick up his Toms”.  Not quite as dainty – or coordinated – as a leprechaun, but mildly hilarious nonetheless.  It’s even funnier when he has a camera slung over his shoulder.  We’ve encourage Lindsey to up her catastrophic insurance in the event she gets impaled by a camera lens.  Or a shoe.)
All antics aside, we thoroughly enjoyed taking Joanna’s senior photos.  She’s a gorgeous girl inside and out, and we were thrilled that she was able to wear this amazing dress for her photo session.
Rosemary Beach Senior Portraits SessionSenior Portraits, Rosemary BeachRosemary Beach photographers
GEEK ALERT: We get really stoked about perfect lighting.  Also, non-rainy days are a pretty huge bonus.
Ok, seriously?  How cute is she??  PS – Chuck Taylors will crush our Toms any day of the week.  


senior portrait photographers-kirsten

we love being senior portrait photographers. it allows us to see the world threw the eyes of those with so much in front of them. here is another senior session we shot. this is kirsten and she is a senior at fort walton beach. she loves the beach and surfing so of course we took her there. she did absolutely great. hope you all like.

senior portrait photographers-kirstenDestin senior portrait photographers-kirstensenior portrait photographers in Destin-kirstenDestin senior portraits-kirstensenior portrait photographers near Destin Florida-kirsten

senior portraits-jamie

here is one of our senior portraits we shot a while ago. jamie is such a fun, funky and gorgeous girl. we had a blast with her. hope you guys like!! For other recent senior portraits we’ve shot, click here.

Destin Senior PortraitsSenior Portrait Photographers in Destin

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senior portrait photographers:ashley

ashley and her mom came to the studio for some photos for her portfolio to apply for the tisch school of arts at nyu. she does speech and debate and hopes to one day be an actress. she is such a beautiful girl!