at home with adrian & ashlee. . .


we had the pleasure of photographing the lovely mr. and mrs. bears last week at their home on the destin harbor.  we are lucky enough to know this beautiful couple from our rockin’ shoreline church.  we love you long time!

rommy & tom’s “day after the storm”

Rommy & Tom’s wedding day was a little rainy… Ok, A LOT rainy.  So, they decided to use a portion of their coverage a few days later for some romantic beach time and family shots.  I’d say they made a terrific choice as these images are breathtaking. Rommy is such a beautiful bride, and the love between her and Tom really shines (no pun intended, I promise)!  Check out a few sneak peeks from their “Few Days After Session”.   😉


The Olimbs… An Anniversary Session!

We recently had the pleasure of doing a super fun shoot in honor of the Olimb’s 3rd wedding anniversary.  Every year, they have committed to have their portraits taken professionally, which is a super awesome idea… especially given the fact that they are photography professionals themselves (Olimb Photography)!  As you can see, Cassie & Andrew are naturals in front of the camera, and Ryan had a blast experimenting with his new love… FILM!!

The 1st series of images were shot with our fancy new film camera (*no* Photoshop applied, so yes… C&A just naturally look that good!), and the 2nd series of images were shot with our good ol’ Mark II (digital).  Best of both worlds, I say!  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.  Thanks, C&A for an awesome night, and for the equally awesome sushi.  Lets do it again soon!




so i recently started shooting medium format (first time ever).  before going into photography professionally, i briefly shot 35mm with an old rebel, but nothing much.  i guess since i started shooting when the digital wave was in full force, i felt that i did not have to shoot film.  and why?  digital was so much easier.  shoot, look to see what you got, fix it in camera and shoot more.  i have come to a place where i find myself shooting well, but over shooting and not having my artistic needs met… follow me??  i mean lets be honest here, shooting digital is easy and it takes away the appreciation of light and how it affects a photo and the true “art” of photography.  and this is all MY opinion and how I feel.  i am sure some think otherwise & that is perfectly fine.   some may also think that i am jumping on the film bandwagon,  i AM!!  and guess what?   you should, too!  don’t get me wrong, i still shoot digital & i still like it too, for now.  : )

these photos i am posting are from my first rolls EVER so it was exciting to see them!!  i did NOT use a light meter, which you are supposed to, but i think they came out alright.  i am excited to share with you all.    ~ryan

NO photoshop was used on the following images:




courtney & kent’s downtown engagement

we first met courtney and her sister over a year ago when she called us to take their photos as a gift to their mother (take a trip down memory lane and view this session here).  we had no idea that it would turn into such a lasting relationship with the hearne girls!  we are so grateful to have built a friendship with all of them. . .momma hearne, jordan, courtney and now kent!  here is a glimpse into the great time we had with the happy couple while celebrating their engagement.  don’t you wish we could show you some images from her bridal session?  you’ll have to stay tuned for that and the big finale this october!

kristina & kyle

when thinking of words to describe kristina you immediately think of everything sugary sweet.  we had the pleasure of meeting her momma, sandy, when they were just getting the wedding planning off the ground and it’s no surprise that ‘she gets it from her momma’.  kristina’s look was absolutely perfect in a beautiful vintage inspired lace gown and a simple white bouquet of peonies.  kyle’s tuxedo came complete with suspenders and was the perfect compliment to to kristina’s beauty.  they were a stunning couple and a breeze in front of the camera.  the couple honeymooned on our beautiful beaches of 30a before returning home to atlanta.  so we went down to meet them for a next day session and had a blast capturing their personalities.  we had a wonderful time with them and being a part of their big day!

venue: rocky bayou country club

photography:  pure7studios

hair & makeup:  make me blush

event decor & design:  celestine’s

dj:  bboy productions

cake:  bake my day

event coordination:  florida dream weddings


an ‘enchanted forest’ wedding. . .

this was by far one of the most unique weddings we have had the advantage of being a part of.  when the bride and groom met with their planners (the fabulous  it’s a shore thing), the sci-fi loving duo said they wanted an upscale wedding that was “Tim Burton meets Alice In Wonderland”! showtime events put together the design that transformed this family estate into an ‘enchanted forest’ delight.  the dining tent was dripping with flowers arranged by fisher’s flowers.  every tree was adorned with rustic chandeliers, vintage doors and shutters.  the signature cocktail of the evening was a “blood & smoke martini”, and there was a customized candy bar titled the “Scrumdiddlyumptios Buffet” fit for a queen with cones full of milk duds, purple m&m’s, marshmallow ‘i ♡ U’s and pretty much everything in between! the couple ended the evening with a coordinated dance to michael jackson’s ‘Thriller”. This festive,  fall wedding was truly one that stood about above the rest in terms of creative, beauty, and FUN!

additional awesome vendors:

catering:  townsend catering

custom invitations:  gourmet invitations

videography:  life in motion films

dj:  bboy productions

ceremony music:  elegant strings trio

cake:  yascha becker at sandestin

valet parking services: