Joyous Alys Beach Wedding Highlights Film | Katherine & Hunter

If we had to choose one word to describe this day, it would be, without question, “joy.” As we scrolled through the footage while creating this wedding highlights film, we didn’t spot one insincere smile from anybody and – trust us – that isn’t always the case. Everyone was truly happy to be celebrating this milestone occasion and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day!

Katherine & Hunter’s beautiful wedding ceremony took place at the Seaside chapel, and the absolutely gorgeous reception was held in Alys Beach. Take a look at the aerial shots that our award-winning filmmaker Alan LeBlanc captured in the opening scenes of this film. We could not have asked for a more fabulous day for a wedding!

The big game of the day made several cameos by way of iPhone and the groom’s cake, so all was right with the world.

We hope you love this as much as we do. Alan’s schedule is filling up quickly, so if you’re interested in booking him for your upcoming event, let’s talk soon!

Fun Rosemary Beach Highlights Film| Mary Grace & Chad

When we click “send” and that wedding highlights film we’ve fallen in love with leaves the coziness of our creative space and lands in our client’s inbox, we hold our breath until we hear from the bride. Does she adore it as much as we do? Will her best friend gasp with delight, her squeal of “Oh. My. Gosh!” causing her friends to drop what they’re doing and gather ’round her phone, watching it over and over? When the feedback comes in the form of a comment like this one posted on social media with a link to their film, we are ecstatic!

“So thankful for Pure7 Studios and this amazing wedding highlight film! Alan was seriously a (very talented) fly on the wall throughout the best weekend of our lives. Can’t wait to see more! I’m shocked by all the footage because I rarely knew he was around! Reliving these memories will never get old.”

Mary Grace and Chad Pinkard’s wedding was one of our favorites, and we were so excited to hear that they loved their film as much as we did. Of course, it really helped that we worked with fantastic vendors and wonderful clients in an absolutely breathtaking setting, and those are the combinations we live for. That pretty much guarantees a lot of attention to the key details that set the tone for this type of gorgeous events. It’s those details you’ll see in this film that can take a wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. We think this one definitely qualifies as extraordinary.


Sanders Beach Rentals Commercial Video | Watercolor

We’ve been sitting on this for a little while and are so happy to finally be able to share this fantastic commercial video project! It’s a wonderful teaser for the gorgeous weather that’s just around the corner here on the Emerald Coast.

If you’ve ever had to plan a family or group vacation then you know it takes time, energy and patience to find the perfect place. You may have even gone somewhere that ended up not being worth the work when all was said and done. We have a solution for you.READ MORE

Resort Quest Commercial Video | The Crescent

We are so pleased to present our latest project, a commercial video for The Crescent, a ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals property located in Destin, Florida. This allows potential clients to get a comprehensive picture of how warm and wonderful their vacation will feel.

There are so many places folks can stay when coming to the Emerald Coast or 30A. We have beautiful hotels, luxurious condos and private beach houses with breathtaking views, which gives a plethora of choices for families of all sizes. Endless options means the competition is fierce, and a commercial video such as this can give owners and property managers a solid advantage. This market is growing, as we’ve been commissioned to film several similar projects over the past few years to help companies better showcase their products.

As with all Pure7 films, Alan shoots every detail intentionally, so as to specifically create a thorough, realistic experience of the property and highlight its best qualities. Having a video allows clients to visualize their own getaway without having to read a laundry list of amenities or search through listings for specific features. They are able to make a quicker decision to book because they are able to see their destination come alive.

If you own a rental property, are selling properties in the Destin or 30A area, or have a product you’d like to highlight with a commercial film, we can help! Just contact us and we’ll put together a customized quote that fits your specific needs. In the meantime, here are more of our commercial videos.

Fort Pickens Engagement Photos | Shirley & Chad

By now it’s probably pretty obvious we spend most of our time shooting wedding photos and videos along 30A. Recently it seems like we’ve spent a fair share of our time shooting and filming in Rosemary Beach or Seaside. That’s why these Fort Pickens engagement photos were so much fun with Shirley and Chad.

If you’re not familiar with Fort Pickens, it’s in Pensacola, Florida which is a little more than an hour drive from our studio in Destin. When you look at these engagement photos you’ll see a completely different look and feel from our previous collections and that’s because of where we are and who we’re with. They say “location location location” and this was just another example of how true that simple and cliche phrase really is.

The tone of the engagement photos is different. The textured brick and wide open space with no big blue gulf in sight brings about different feelings than beach photos. It’s really one of the reasons living along the Emerald Coast is so great. We have lush green venues with towering trees, beautiful beaches that rank higher than many in the world, and cool places full of character and history like Fort Pickens.

We also get the opportunity to work with the best couples in the world like Shirley and Chad. We get locals, military men and women and of course all of our destination bride and groom duos. There isn’t a place we’d rather be taking engagement photos and wedding photos along with everything else we shoot. We are so excited for Shirley and Chad to get married and continue their love story as husband and wife.

Fort Pickens Engagement Photos | Shirley and Chad pure7studios_destinphotographer_3563 Fort Pickens Engagement Photos | Shirley and Chad pure7studios_destinphotographer_3566 Fort Pickens Engagement Photos | Shirley and Chad Fort Pickens Engagement Photos | Shirley and Chad Fort Pickens Engagement Photos | Shirley and Chad Fort Pickens Engagement Photos | Shirley and Chad pure7studios_destinphotographer_3571 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3573 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3574 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3575 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3576 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3577 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3578

If you’re interested in learning more about our engagement sessions or wedding packages just say helllo! While we shoot primarly along the Emerald Coast we are willing to travel any chance we get. Recently we went to NYC to shoot engagement photos and video. You can see the sneak peaks on our facebook and instagram.

FaceTime Photo Booth | Commercial Video

By now you’ve probably seen some of our FaceTime Photo Booth commercial videos from Digital Graffiti. Well, those are part of a series of commercial videos they hired, Alan, our videographer to shoot. The video we’re sharing with you today is fun footage he took of FaceTime at a wedding reception.

The newlyweds rented “The Photo Booth” which is a newer, portable, more modern update to the classic photo booths that have been around for years. As if that wasn’t enough, it came with a table full of props. From hats and glasses to mustaches and flowers, you’ll see it all in the two minute video. There was never a dull moment in the booth. It seems like every guest took their time finding the perfect prop before climbing into the booth for their “fifteen minutes of fame.” Everywhere we’ve seen FaceTime set up it’s been a huge hit and this was no exception.

The bride and groom even have the photos to prove it! Copies of the guest’s photos were printed and compiled into a book. We loved this idea because now the couple has a unique way to remember their special day. A book with photos of your guests hamming it up with props to fit their personalities has to be more fun to go back through then a traditional sign-in book would be. Like professional wedding photos these little photo four-packs bring a sense of life to the day after the fact.

Like wedding photos and a wedding video, a photo booth is just another way couples can capture moments of their loved ones celebrating their love.

We do more than just commercial videos so check out some of our wedding videos or even our real estate videos to see what else we can do. We’d love to come to your next event or help you promote your product or service so please feel free to contact us for pricing and availability.

Alys Beach Wedding Video |Heather & Jason

It’s not everyday we get to photograph a wedding in Alys Beach. If you’re not familiar with this beach town – famous for its all white walls – then the opening shot in Heather and Jason’s wedding video will give you a pretty good look at this stunning beach town on 30A.

You’ll also get to see how they celebrated with style. They did things a little differently and got married in a beach town but without a beach wedding. Heather and Jason creatively chose to get married in a lush natural setting with a big white backdrop. (It couldn’t get more Alys Beach than that!) It’s wedding videos like theirs that make us forever inspired with the wedding industry.

Every bride wants perfection and has her own picture perfect image of what this day looks like. Wedding planners, florists, bakers, DJs, and the bride and groom (with their friends and family) all come together to execute and create the perfect day. At the end of the wedding celebration, the newlyweds and their loved ones go home with all the memories.

We love attending weddings like Heather and Jason’s, because we are inspired to create new and original memories. We hope you love Heather and Jason’s wedding video as much as we do. They are an insanely special couple who were kind enough to trust us to preserve the memories of their big day.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer or wedding videographer then please say hello and we’ll get in touch to talk about making your dream day a reality.

Facetime Photobooth at Digital Graffiti

It’s the Friday before a three day weekend and we could hardly sit still with excitement. We’ll be shooting a wedding tomorrow and then joining the masses for two full days of R&R. It might sound like a downer for some that we don’t get the three, but it’s a rare thing for us to get two days off in a row during wedding season and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We really do look forward to working with each and every client (because ours are the best on the Emerald Coast) whether they’re a local couple from Destin, FL or coming from afar for a destination wedding somewhere on 30a.

Before we get deep into fall wedding season, we want to show you a video (in celebration of our two day weekend) from Digital Graffiti where we did full photography and videography coverage of the event.

This commercial video is for Facetime PhotoBooth’s litebooth. All of the footage used in the commercial video was shot at Digital Graffiti this year so if you attended you just might see yourself! If you’ve never seen a litebooth before then you’re in for a treat when you watch the video.  It was so fun, quick and easy that there was a line for the litebooth all night long.

We can’t wait until the next event we attend or photograph that has one.

For more information about our commercial videos, wedding photography, wedding videography, and event coverage contact us and we’ll get back to you with packages, pricing and availability.

Senior Session in Rosemary Beach| Rachel Faucett

It seems like only yesterday we were singing “School’s Out for Summer!” but, alas, three months have passed and the early mornings with bus rides and crazy 10AM lunches are back. Everyone is wearing their new outfits and heading off to a new grade. Some are excited and others scared. The beautiful girl below, Rachel, couldn’t be more excited to finally be a senior! We had the pleasure of working with her recently, photographing her senior session in Rosemary Beach.

Shooting was a blast, and Rachel was great in front of the camera. This moment and these pictures are all about HER. We were tasked with creatively capturing who she is at this milestone age. You’ll see it in the photos, but the best part about her senior session was all of the different sides of her we saw.

One outfit she wore was a sleek black number, while the other was floral and flowy. She shared her sparkling smile but then found her fair share of moments to hold it back and maintain a little mystery. We loved the different feel of capturing in both black and white, and in color. The famous Rosemary Beach architecture is always the perfect backdrop for us to get creative, whether shooting senior sessions, wedding photos, or family beach photos.

Many thanks to Rachel for joining the #pure7fam as a senior (and reminding us how beautiful it is to be yourself).

Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Rachel pure7studios_destinphotographer_3383 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3384 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3385 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3386


In addition to shooting senior sessions, weddings, and families, we have an award winning videographer that can film and edit a vacation highlight video, wedding video, real estate video, or commercial video.

Contact us for pricing and availability on all of our services and packages.

Santa Rosa Beach Spring Wedding Video | Jordan + Ryan

We couldn’t wait to show you some of our latest wedding videography so today we’re sharing a Santa Rosa Beach Spring wedding video.  From the moment you see the bride you’ll be breathless. Her dress is like nothing we’ve ever seen before on a bride. So detailed and unique. Truly a statement piece beyond the given beautiful white gown you expect every bride to wear. We can’t wait for you to see it and hope you say yes to the dress! She looked stunning.

In addition to great fashion sense Jordan has a heart of gold and the most contagious smile.  We couldn’t get enough of it and had we’d stayed any longer we would’ve  gone home with sore cheeks. Ryan just adores her and it’s very clear they found a crazy love they want to hold on to just like the sign said at their reception.

We could go on and on about Jordan being such a beautiful bride but it’s time we give the groom a little credit. He is one of few we’ve seen get to not only have a groom’s cake but have a groom’s cake that in no way matched the colors or look of the wedding and instead being he colors of a favorite team. Clearly Jordan loves Ryan just as much as he loves her.

They spent their big day surrounded by friends and family sneaking away to the beach with us for some wedding video footage. The reception was picture perfect and  as the day came to an end Jordan and Ryan left to start their new beginning.

Needless to say May 23rd, 2015 was a good day for Santa Rosa Beach and a great start for Jordan and Ryan.

We are always looking to add couples to our Pure7  family. To get more information on our pricing, packages, and availability for your wedding photos and wedding videosay hi and we’ll get back to you quickly.