Jeff and Amy Wedding

All of our clients are amazing, but every once in a while we’ll meet a couple that really blows our minds!  Jeff and Amy were a lot of fun to shoot…they were completely chill, funny, creative and they even had that “Indie” feel you see when you’re in Venice Beach, California.  They are from Ogden, Utah and brought their close family and friends out to Florida for an intimate beach wedding.  We knew that this night would be a ‘night to remember’ when, right after the ceremony, they passed out Jell-O shots to everyone.  The reception was a blast, and the local authorities were actually called several times to ‘lower the volume.’  We can’t say enough awesome things about these two!  Truly a beautiful couple.  Jeff and Amy are the real deal!

Venue: Pearly White Properties
Tent Rental: H&M Tent and Party Rentals
Catering: The Eventful Planner
DJ: B-Boy Productions
Hair & Makeup: Two Fishes Artistry
DOB (Director of Beverage): Emily Widener
DOF (Director of Fun): Amy’s BFF Heather



ashley & matt ….. MARRIED!

ashley & matt are one of the local couples of whose weddings we had the pleasure of photographing this year. they were a totally laid back, fun couple to shoot… as were their friends and family (extremely handsome bunch of people, might i add)! erica and ashley grew up going to the same church, and erica enjoyed seeing some friends from years past at their wedding. plus, they were actually married in a church! (many of our couples are from out of town and get married at the beach,  garden, or resort (which is great, but we have a soft spot for traditional church ceremonies). so without further delay, here are the images from their big day! congratulations, ashley & matt… look us up next time you’re back in the states! 🙂

Flowers: It’s a Perfect Day Wedding Florist
Cake: Kim’s Cakes (formerly Southern Style Desserts)
Day of Coordination: Savoir Faire Weddings
Hair & Makeup: David Morgan Salon
Band: Kee Creek Band
First Dance Song (this guy does amazing guitar & vocals for local weddings!): Kyle Lamonica


angie & taylor

this wedding was at the ever so fab rosemary beach east lawn. three words that describe this wedding -classy, beautiful & fun. i had a great time shooting this event & wish the two of you many happy years to come!! oh and check out the thunderbird they drove out in…… nice.

Full-Service Coordination: It’s A Shore Thing


pure7 shoots a 7yr anniversary!

this couple was soooo different from all the other couples/families that come to us from out of town looking for photos. they DID NOT want beach shots!!! that was music to my ears. dont get me wrong i love my out of town families, but come on, a couple that comes to destin & does not want beach stuff. katie & mike were great to work with. they were an ideal shoot for pure7, their style & stunning looks made this a great shoot.  congrats guys on 7 yrs of marriage, we wish you 77 more!Kate WM1Kate WM2Kate WM3Kate WM4Kate WM5Kate WM6Kate WM7Kate WM8Kate WM9Kate WM10Kate WM11Kate WM12Kate WM13Kate WM14Kate WM15Kate WM16Kate WM17Kate WM18Kate WM19Kate WM20Kate WM21Kate WM22Kate WM23Kate WM24Kate WM25

ashley’s beach bridals

long time no blog post! here is a long over due post. we took these bridals photos of ashley awhile back before her wedding, and of course i could not post these until after the wedding. so here they are!!!! ashley you looked absolutely gorgeous. 1234567891011121314

sherri & don….. MARRIED!!!!

Venue: WaterColor Inn & Resort

Florist: Bella Flora

Cake: Cakes by Tanis

Makeup: Bobbi Brown, Tricia Roberts

Hair: Ya Ya’s Salon (Destin, FL), Wendy Griffith
12345678910111213141617192022232425262829303132333435Sherri was an awesome bride to work with, from our phone call consultations, to the actual big event! What was planned as a family vacation turned wedding when her honey, Don, surprised her months ago with a *big*blinging*gorgeous* engagement ring! Sheri and her family gathered at WaterColor Inn & Resort for a simple, yet beautiful seaside ceremony. The festivities continued afterwards at WaterColor’s fantastic restaurant, Fish Out of Water. Thank you, Sherri & Don, for allowing us to capture and share in your special day!



Where to begin… lets start at the very beginning. Danielle is Ryan’s niece, the daughter of Ryan’s eldest of five siblings and only sister, Cheri. To know Danielle is to love her. The words beautiful, loving, sweet, and nurturing come to mind when I think of her. Chad is a wonderful friend of ours, who we came to know well through the city softball team on which Ryan and Chad both play. Long before Chad & Danielle became a couple, our daughter Joslyn called him “Uncle Chad”. Chad is a guy that doesn’t come around every day. Aside from his striking good looks and charm, he truly is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Chad & Danielle met at a Christmas Eve party at our house in 2007. I distinctly remember Chad approaching me in the kitchen that evening and asking me “to hook a brother up”! At that time Danielle was not, um, completely single, so I told Chad he would have to wait. After that evening, Chad sent Danielle a light-hearted Facebook message telling her to let him know if she was ever in town and wanted to hang out. Fast-forward almost exactly one year: Danielle found herself, um, freshly and excitedly single. The Facebook message sent by that devastatingly handsome friend of her Uncle Ryan’s still lingering in her mind, she decided “What the heck? Why not have a little fun?” and messaged Chad back. They hung out, realized they had so much in common, and almost instantly fell in love. They were together 24-7 when she was in town, and when she was away they spent hours on the phone. Family and friends were all betting on how long it would take until Chad proposed.

[The Main Event!]

Chad approached Ryan & I several months ago with the idea of capturing his proposal to Danielle on camera. We tossed a few ideas around, and ulti

mately decided on Rosemary Beach as the perfect setting. All we had to do was to figure out a way for Chad to get Danielle out there on a specific day, and not be suspicious should she see Ryan peering out behin

d some bushes with a camera! We decided it would be best if we told Danielle that we needed some stock imagery of a “attractive, mid-twenties couple” for a magazine and she agreed to try to talk Chad into it. Chad pretending he did not really want to do this, reluctantly agreed. Danielle fell for the story 100%, and was really excited for their little “photo-shoot”! The day of the mock shoot, Chad had hidden the ring box in Ryan’s camera bag, and we all secretly planned a code phrase that Chad would say when he was ready to pop the question. At some point, Chad snuck the ring out of Ryan’s bag and had it in his back pocket. After walking around for about 45 minutes and pretending to take pictures for the magazine, Chad finally said the code phrase! Chad was really nervous, and was sweating bullets and acting antsy all day… it was so cute. Chad and Danielle were standing together in one of the more private courtyards, and Ryan was supposed to say “Hey Chad, why don’t you act like you’re going to propose for this shot?” Not waiting on Ryan’s cue, Chad asked  “Hey Ryan, how about I pretend like I’m proposing?” I’m in the corner at this point, pretending to get something out of Ryan’s camera bag so I prompt “Yeah, Chad, do it, that will be so funny!” So Chad takes the lead and starts to propose. Danielle, still thinking Chad is being a dork and just joking around, is saying “Chad, stop joking around.. be serious!” Chad is like “Danielle, just let me say this…” and she is still like “Come on, Ryan needs to hurry up and get these shots before the sun comes back out from behind the clouds so just stop messing around!!” Chad then starts pulling the ring out from his pocket (all the while she is still insisting that he stop messing around). When she finally saw the blue Tacori box it hit her that he was not joking around and that THIS was really happening! Chad said some sweet words to which I overheard her say “You’re gonna make me cry!”. As he got on his knees to present the ring, she of course said

“YES!” upon which they embraced. It was one of the best moments I have ever witnessed, and Ryan and I are so blessed that Chad allowed us to be there for and capture these moments on camera. So, without further adieu, here are the images from “THE PROPOSAL!”









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angela + david – really bad weather = an awesome wedding

so yeah, good ol mother nature did not cooperate on this particular day. there was no lack of excitement. as soon as the guests went to take their seats and the parties were about to walk down the aisle, down came the rain. it was not a little sprinkle, it was an everybody run as fast as you can to get out of this downpour. so everything got delayed and shuffled around a little. the ceremony was eventually moved indoors where the reception was to be. despite all this commotion angela remained as cool and calm as can be. she did not cry as ask god “why me? this is my day!!!” she is a very laid back kind of girl who takes things as they come and deals with them. another great thing about this wedding was that half of the people there, including the wedding parties, all went to school together. it felt like a reunion, with a little wedding cake. angela and david are such great people. this was one of those weddings i will not forget! thank you angela and david for everything.