trihn & albert got married…

where to begin? okay… ryan and i had the pleasure to meet trihn, albert, and trihn’s mom 2 days before the wedding at their “2 days before session”. it was fun and we immediately loved them, be we could not have imagined how much FUN their actual wedding day was going to be! it was an intimate church wedding with only the closest of friends and family, with dinner following at the ever-so-fabulous ocean club. seeing these 2 families interact was truly a pleasure. so much love and excitement filled the air that night. after cocktails, hors d’oeuvre’s, and fun family shots on the deck we proceeded inside into a private dining room. trihn’s family INSISTED that julie, ryan and i sit down and enjoy dinner with them. we tried to refuse, and they had to really twist our arms but we finally agreed (anyone who knows me knows by now i’m full of it). dinner, of course, was AMAZING! after dinner, i’m not sure that dancing was on their agenda, but a band was playing and i really wanted to get a shot of trihn and her handsome father dancing. trihn and her dad happily obliged and the entire family joined for several more songs out on the dance floor. i boogied right along with them even as i was holding the off camera lighting (something i’m getting really good at)! thank you sincerely to the vu, johnson and extended family for a wonderful evening that we won’t soon forget. ~xoxo erica

gorgeous bouquet by the always fabulous Florals by the Sea, yummy and adorable cherry blossom/cupcake cake by the amazing Kim of Kim’s Cakes (850.654.1716) 🙂


lauren’s bridal

we went out yesterday for lauren’s bridal, and man i got some great shots. sometimes i surprise myself. here are some of the photos, there will be more to come later. l12l11l10l9l8l7l6l4l3l2l1

trinh & albert “next day session” part II

here are the rest of the photos from their session. i had to show albert some love. the previous post had many shots without his head in the photo. so a put a couple of just you in here just for you! love you guys, had a BLAST at the wedding. you both have amazing families. we can not wait to see you guys again.t19t18t17t16t15t13t111t12t10t9t81t14t71t51t41t31t21t11

trinh’s “next day session”

yesterday i had the opportunity to shoot trinh and albert’s “next day session”, well it was actually the “2 days before session”, but they could not do it the next day so we did it 2 days before. now that everyone is confused let me go on. trinh is such a cool girl and so is her man albert. the first image is trinh in a traditional vietnamese gown and wow, it is beautiful. she had two that she wore for the shoot. for the wedding she is going to wear a traditional white gown and for the reception her vietnamese gown. trinh brought her mother along which was great, she is a very sweet lady. trinh and albert are getting married this saturday in t7t6t5t4t3t2t1

christen’s rockin bridal!

so this is another bridal we shot before the wedding but could not post until after the wedding. i really fell in love with these while i was editing them, i personally think this is some of my best work. i feel that with every shoot i get a little better, at least i try. i love what i do!


gina’s bridal…..

we did this shoot a month or so ago, but i could not post it til after gina & alans wedding which was a couple weeks ago. gina did not want alan to see her dress before their wedding, by the way the dress was amazing!. i think we got some really great shots despite it being so dang cold that day. it was very hard not to get the dress dirty. for some of the shots we had to put down a big sheet, but it was all worth it after seeing the outcome . gina is great to work with, making my job easy. gina i had a blast shooting your bridal and your wedding. i hope that i get the chance to shoot you again, maybe a maternity shoot????

christen & graeme’s country wedding – the wedding planner gets married!

graeme and christen are finally married. these two people were truly meant for each other, God knew exactly what he was doing. graeme is one of the most genuine, caring, funny and charismatic people you will ever meet. you could even say the same thing about christen, but she is not quite as funny as graeme. their wedding was in baker at christens parents house. it was a laid back kind of wedding. the setting was perfect, with the isle covered in rose pedals.  sally from florals by the sea did the arrangements, which were awesome! christens dad built the dance floor, which was great. you will notice in one of the photos there is a hole in the floor. i do not think that plywood holds up to well when you have 5 guys who are 6 ft +. christens dad was quick to fix the damage. and the dj ( brian,the best of the best ) played some killer music, which kept the floor crowded. eric partin, lead pastor at shoreline church officiated. it was both sentimental and funny. it was a pleasure shooting christens wedding being that she is the one usually planning the wedding. we have shot many wedding that christen put together and they were all flawless. christen is now with b-boy productions who coordinates weddings,corporate events,artist management and dj’ing. thanks you graeme and christen, we love you guys!

gina & alan – mission accomplished:MARRIED!

ahhh gina & alan! what a wedding. first of all let me tell you this, the day of the reception it was a picture perfect day (no pun intended), the light and everything, perfect. well mother nature had something in store for the next day, and it’s called RAIN, yeah i know boo rain! but that really truly did not matter one bit. it was still absolutely beautiful. everything from the flowers,cake,bridesmaids (one of which is my niece, danielle),bride and even the groom and groomsmen.The wedding was at kelly plantation and the rehearsal dinner was at rutherfords in regatta bay . oh and at rehearsal dinner ginas’ dad is in a salsa band and they played and had everyone dancing. they are very very good. thank you and best wishes gina & alan.

ps.i should really cut back the number of photos in my wedding posts, but i want to show off my work. so sit enjoy, and if you do not like them never come back again!!! jk/ not reallyga34ga33ga32ga31ga30ga29ga28ga27ga26ga25ga24ga23ga22ga21ga20ga19ga18ga17ga16ga15ga14ga13ga12ga11ga10ga9ga8ga7ga6ga5ga4ga3ga2ga1