Behind-the-Scenes with the Mantheys | Destin Family Photographers

As a photography business owner it’s sometimes easy to tuck the camera away after a day spent in the studio or photographing weddings and families, and neglect capturing your own family.  So, every so often Ryan will pull out his camera and capture some fun, casual snapshots of our family.   Because these aren’t necessarily planned “shoots” per se, the resulting images truly reflect the fun and quirky little personalities of our kids.

The first set of images were taken on their first day of school – it’s obvious which kids were more excited about the events of that day…

Earlier in the summer, we ventured out to the back yard where the kids played, our dog Jesse (whom we adopted 2 years ago from the amazing local rescue organization, Alaqua) didn’t leave Erica’s side (per normal), and a great story was told through images alone: kids being silly kids, a mama and her pretty daughter happy to just “be”, and a reminder to press life’s pause button every so often and capture moments that like these (even if you’re not fancy Destin Family photographers).










Rosemary Beach Commercial Video | Pure 7 Films

Alan was recently asked  to film a commercial video for Patchouli’s, which is a great little spot to pick up bath and body/spa-type gifts in Rosemary Beach.  The goals of this promotional video were to capture activity within the store, highlight the retail space itself, and feature the popular Bumble & Bumble product line carried by Patchouli’s.

Alan spent about a half a day filming women having their hair styled by the young men brought in representing Bumble & Bumble.  He highlighted their interactions and product questions, as well as sales after the appointments.  Alan even learned a few things about hair, and is now privy to terms like “blow-out” and “beach-y waves” . . . but we’re pretty sure he’ll stick to filming wedding and commercial video.

The retail space and customer activity throughout the store were captured beautifully!  This video truly highlights the layout and feel of the space, as well as the types of products carried by Patchouli’s.  Alan’s commercial video production abilities are glaringly evident, and we’re excited to share his talent in upcoming Pure 7 Films videos!

Bumble & Bumble (Patchouli’s Apothecary) from Pure7 Films on Vimeo.

Introducing . . . Pure7 Films: Videography the Pure7 Way!

Friends, dear readers, loyal followers of Pure7 Studios, and everyone in-between: Our studio is thrilled and busting at the seams with excitement with today’s HUGE and AWESOME announcement!  What we’re about to share with you has been such a labor of love and true blessing in and of itself.  The months spent planning, nourishing, and prepping for its arrival makes today’s news all the more exciting to share.  So, without further ado, we are proud to announce that . . .  kids with Film and Videography degrees can still get jobs!

Everyone, meet Alan LeBlanc, the filmmaker behind our newly birthed brother company – Pure7 Films!  To give you a little – ok, a lot – of background on how this came to be, we must start with the very beginning . . .

We met Alan in December of last year at Townsend Catering‘s annual Christmas party while he was home on break from his final year at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).  As a mutual friend of a prior Pure7 intern, Alan had looked forward to meeting Ryan.  Alan was nearing the completion of his degree in Film & New Media, and chatted with Ryan about the local industry and applying his degree toward a career in film.  Ryan asked Alan to send him samples of his college film projects.  And so he did.  You can imagine our surprise when we discovered the level of talent appearing right before our eyes as we viewed his portfolio: “This kid is going to do big things!”, we said.  At a mere 21-years old, Alan’s artistic and cinematic style as a filmmaker blew us away!

For several years, Ryan had been seeking a videographer of similar style to capture a behind-the-scenes documentary about Pure7 Studios; Alan completely fit the bill and agreed to take on the project.  He began filming this past March, and over the next few months, Alan continued to film Ryan and Lindsey on several different client sessions, as well as in-studio purchasing and sales sessions.  He also put his talents to work filming some personal family time with Ryan & Erica and the kids.  Alan’s skill and quality of work was impressive, and we were equally as stunned with his professionalism, humility, and how easy he was to work with.  Alan continued to remain in touch, and after graduating with his film degree, continued to pop into the studio from time to time.

Anyone in “the industry” knows that weddings are an entirely different animal in terms of truly capturing the emotion and details in photos and on film.  Alan’s prior focus was on independent and commercial film work; weddings weren’t really on the radar at that point.  Insert one of Pure7’s lovely videographer-less brides. She was eager and willing to let Alan test out the “wedding cinematography waters”, putting his impressive skills and film degree to work.  Let’s just suffice it to say that we think he was bitten by the wedding bug that day, as his ‘Ceremony & Reception Highlights’ reel was nothing short of stunning!  Our bride & groom (and everyone who managed to get their hands on it!) beyond loved it.  Alan was elated, but knew his passion lied in filmmaking and video production, and not necessarily in the not-always-glamourous side that goes into managing and running a successful business.  It was at that point that we offered Alan a position as an employee of Pure7, and just like that, the birth of a beautiful new work relationship and personal friendship was formed.  As Alan filmed more weddings over the summer we quickly realized that as much as we LOVE working with him and would love to hog him all to ourselves, it’d be most beneficial to both him and his clients to also offer his services outside of weddings in which we are the photographers.  It was for this reason that Pure7 Films, a subsidiary of Pure7 Studios, came to be.  We are pleased to now offer Alan’s services to weddings involving other photography studios and wedding industry professionals!  Because Pure7 Films is its own entity, a separate website has been launched to provide information on Alan’s wedding and commercial videography services.  Alan has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside other photographers, and we’re so grateful to continue to receive their referrals – truly the highest compliment!  We’ve intentionally chosen not to offer photography services to Pure7 Films clients who are already booked with or interviewing other photographers.  We’re cool like that.  🙂

In addition to offering wedding videos, we’re excited to introduce our newest creation: The ‘Coalesce Session’ for engaged couples and families.  It’s a hybrid which fuses the two mediums of photography and video into one awesome experience.  In addition, Alan continues to film his innovative commercial films for local businesses – an invaluable marketing tool when used for a company’s website and social media outlets.

And that’s the story of how Pure7 Films came into existence.  We invite you to sit back, prop your feet up, and view the awesomeness that Mr. LeBlanc has been cranking out since joining the Pure7 team!  The first video highlights Lauren & Brett’s recent Gulf Place wedding; the second is our debut Coalesce Session with our sweet friends, the Lipke family.  Because we know you’ll be eager to see more, head on over to to see what else Alan’s been up to since he popped into our universe.

Oh!  One (or four) more thing(s): To contact us, please visit our website or email:  And don’t forget to follow Alan on TwitterInstagram and Facebook!


Simmons Family | Watercolor Beach Portraits

Summertime for us means lots of  family beach portraits sessions with some super-awesome families!  The Simmons family, hailing all the way from Arkansas for their Emerald Coast vacation, fell immediately into the “Awesome Families” category. The connection was immediate and those sweet kiddos LOVED Ryan (as evidenced by the adorable iPhone photo (below) their parents insisted sweet Sophie, Max and Bekah take with him)!  It seems that Ryan’s doing what he can to one-up Lindsey, our resident baby-whisperer, by taking home the reigning kid-whisperer crown.

We couldn’t be more blessed to have captured such wonderful memories for the Simmons; in fact, you see all those pretty pictures down there?  Well, a select few of those, our dear readers, are going to be beautifully displayed as a wall gallery on our custom gallery-wrapped canvases that Lynda & John selected for their home.  We pride ourselves on helping our families create heirloom products that they’ll be able to treasure and pass down for generations.  These aren’t Walgreens-matted photos, friends.  These are custom and high-quality and amazing and beautiful.  Go to Walgreens for Aspirin and Pepsi and gummy bears and what-not.  Come see us for pretty pictures and even prettier ways to display them in your home.


Watersound Beach Maternity Photo Session

Our resident “baby whisperer“, Lindsey, obviously has a knack for taking fabulous photos – and if there’s any mention of “baby” or there’s baby DNA within a 50-mile radius, those fabulous photo-taking skills are magnified by, like, a ton.  And apparently Lindsey has plenty of friends in the baby-making phase of their lives – our sweet mom-to-be, Amanda and her go way back to their retail-store-working-then-became-roomates days . . . and they’ve remained close friends ever since.  So who better suited to take her maternity photos than Lindsey.

Amanda’s always had a mega-love affair with the beach.  She and her hubby, Michael, were married almost a year ago in Rosemary Beach, and are expecting their first little nugget of love right around their first anniversary!  Is that totally cute or what?  So we thought it only fitting that her maternity session be held just down the road, on the uber-gorgeous Watersound Beach.  As Santa Rosa Beach maternity photographers, we’re not only able to take our creativity to new levels – but we’re pretty darn humbled and honored to capture such a sweet, and beautiful time in a couple’s life.


Brenda & Harry’s Grande Pointe Wedding

Brenda and Harry’s wedding – held at the beautiful Grande Pointe Pavilion in Inlet Beach – was super-special, and we couldn’t have been more honored to capture their day!  You see, Brenda’s mom is Rhonda, the mastermind behind Confections on the Coast – and one of our very beloved and UBER-talented pastry chefs (take a peek at some of our past wedding blogs and you’ll be drooling over her amazing works of cake art in no time).   What made this wedding so special was that Rhonda poured her heart and soul into every. last. detail. and gave her daughter and new hubby the wedding of their dreams.  That insanely gorgeous dress you see?  Yeah, Rhonda MADE that.  Made it.  Like, with needles and thread and lace and a boatload of patience.  And with the guidance and expertise of some of our other very talented wedding friends, she also created the floral arrangements (no big deal or anything) and took off running with the rest of the wedding plans.  Oh – and those cakes?  Yes, she also managed to find the time to construct two very amazing works of tasty wedding art, to include a Star Wars cake for Harry, who is a die-hard fan.

Personal touches on a wedding are what make the day special for a couple, and we love being able to capture those details as wedding photographers.  From the strawberry jelly favors – made especially by our groom using hand-plucked strawberries from his own back yard – to the sweet card box made by their grandmother, this family-centered event was such a blast for us to be a part of.  Fabulous job to all the wedding pros who had a hand in making this day so amazing!  And our hats are officially off to Rhonda for all the hard work she put into her sweet daughter’s perfect day!  Congrats, Brenda & Harry!  We loved getting to know you and wish you a million-trillion years of love and happiness!


The details of this GORGEOUS dress are beyond amazing!  


Everyone say hi to Rhonda!  






So it may have been a tad bit warm…


Rhonda’s Right-hand Wedding Team:

Photography: Pure7 Studios

Videography: Pure7 Films

Venue: The Pavilion at Grande Pointe

Planning & Coordination: Avis Glenister, Carillon Weddings + Jennifer Lewis/Arden Sanders, It’s a Shore Thing 

Catering: Townsend Catering

Event Design & Florals: Events by Nouveau

DJ: Paul Kirker, Gulf Talent Services

Ceremony Musicians: Wedding Music Plus 


Baby JP | Destin Newborn Photographers

In case it wasn’t totally evident from these fabulously sweet photos, we’ve kind of got a thing for the wee ones.  And by “we’ve got a thing” for them, we really mean Lindsey has a thing for them.  You see, Lindsey’s good with the bebes.  Which is why we’ve affectionately dubbed her as our resident “Baby Whisperer”.  We like to think we’ve taught Lindsey a thing or two about tiny tots – given her immersion into the world of hanging with our spawn on a regular basis – but really, she just happens to have a knack for capturing newborns in way that reflects our photography style: organic, natural and real.  Our goal with being newborn photographers is portraying the sweet innocence of new life through the least amount of “posed” shots possible.  Just keepin’ it real, y’all.

Baby JP’s mom, Ashlee, knew Lindsey from way back when they used to walk the mean streets of Destin in their high school glory days, so being able to take this little guy’s first photos for them was something truly special.  Baby JP is an absolute doll, and we’re excited to see Lindsey really use her gift of swooning babies to her full potential.  I mean, really, could JP be any cuter?  Fabulous Destin newborn photographers are few and far between, so we’re pretty darn stoked to see Lindsey do amazing things in the baby department.  In fact, we think we’ll keep her.

If a few of these beautiful newborn portraits look familiar, this sweet little fella was delivered by the amazing Dr. Anne Marie Whitlock over at the Sacred Heart Medical Group and we have one of these portraits on display in their medical offices (along with about a dozen others)!   🙂

Destin Newborn PhotographersDestin Baby PhotographersNewborn PhotographyBaby Photographybaby Portrait Photographers

Lauren & Trey’s Seaside Beach Wedding

When Jennifer {“Jen2”} from It’s a Shore Thing popped in one afternoon with Lauren to chat about the possibility of us photographing her upcoming Seaside Chapel wedding, we spent the next couple hours giddy with excitement after getting to know this sweet girl from Arkansas.  Not only do we love Seaside weddings, we also love a bride who we immediately click with.  They had spent the day talking flowers and food and cake and all-things wedding, so by the time they got to us, we were like, “Helloooo, let’s have this amazing wedding tomorrow!”  Jen the wedding planner basically thought we had lost our marbles {which sometimes happens when we get giddy with excitement; especially that Erica – she even starts climbing walls and running laps around the studio sometimes}, so we decided we put on our patient pants and wait until April rolled around for Lauren & Trey’s pretty wedding. And boy, oh boy, was it ever pretty!

We arrived to find our gorgeous bride getting dolled up by the oh-so-talented Johnathan Doria and Deana Kale, and even stumbled across all of Lauren’s wicked-fun details.  A cute weekend welcome packet, a gorgeous old Bible wrapped in ribbon for the sweet ring bearer to tote down the aisle, and a pair of sparkly pumps that made our little cameras do a slight backflip.  UH-dorable.  Oh, and did we mention the dress?   Sigh.  Being a wedding photographer is really hard sometimes.

We moseyed on over to the pretty white chapel for their sweet nuptials, then on to the drool-worthy {also known as reallydarnpretty} Lyceum Lawn reception, where we were ecstatic to find lawn games (hi, have you heard of life-sized Jenga?  Yeah, us either and it was pretty great), more sparkles, a chevron cake, and a whole night’s worth of boogie-down tunes.  Oh!  There was also a very fabulous church pew awaiting our arrival for those amazing beach sunset photos . . . all Lauren’s idea!  (We failed to mention that being a 30A wedding photographer is also really hard sometimes.)

Wanna see a Seaside beach wedding photographer in-action?  Well then lookie here:

Ever so grateful for the AMAZING team of wedding professionals that worked so hard to bring this gorgeous day together for two special people!

Full Service Wedding Planner:  It’s a Shore Thing Wedding & Event Planning 

Caterer: Townsend Catering

Event Design & Florals: Events by Nouveau

Pastry Chef: Confections on the Coast

Hair: Johnathan Doria

Makeup: Deana Kale

DJ: Beachside DJ

Ceremony Music: Gulf Talent Services


Senior Session in Rosemary Beach | Joanna Pratt

At first glance, the gorgeous photos you’re about to feast your little eyeballs on may look to be that of a stunningly beautiful bride.  Well, although “stunning” and “beautiful” certainly fit the bill for Joanna, a bride she is not (not yet anyway; sorry for the slight heart attack, Joanna’s dad).  Joanna hails all the way from the Big ‘D’ (and we do mean Dallas), and this gorgeous girl, while not quite yet ready for bridal-dom, is showing off the amazing dress she’ll be donning for a National Charity League event she’ll be attending.  Her mom, Cindy, contacted us recently to schedule Joanna’s Rosemary Beach senior portraits session, and explained that this insanely beautiful dress arrived the day before they were scheduled to hop on a plane to sunny Florida.  And lucky for them, Ryan & Lindsey had their camera knobs adjusted to the setting that says “really amazing” (because, duh, it’s all about the camera, right?  HA.  No.).
It’s no big secret that we’re mega-ultra-uber fans of Rosemary Beach.  Whether we’re photographing weddings, families frolicking on the beach, or a drop-dead gorgeous senior, we basically kick up our Toms in excitement every time we’re fortunate enough to click our camera buttons all over this amazing little beach community.  (Also, you should see Ryan try to “kick up his Toms”.  Not quite as dainty – or coordinated – as a leprechaun, but mildly hilarious nonetheless.  It’s even funnier when he has a camera slung over his shoulder.  We’ve encourage Lindsey to up her catastrophic insurance in the event she gets impaled by a camera lens.  Or a shoe.)
All antics aside, we thoroughly enjoyed taking Joanna’s senior photos.  She’s a gorgeous girl inside and out, and we were thrilled that she was able to wear this amazing dress for her photo session.
Rosemary Beach Senior Portraits SessionSenior Portraits, Rosemary BeachRosemary Beach photographers
GEEK ALERT: We get really stoked about perfect lighting.  Also, non-rainy days are a pretty huge bonus.
Ok, seriously?  How cute is she??  PS – Chuck Taylors will crush our Toms any day of the week.  


Alys Beach Family Portraits | Fay Family

Can we just talk for a minute about how much we love taking photos of pretty people?  Make that doing pretty family portraits on a really pretty beach and, well, you basically render us speechless.  ‘Tis the season for all this prettiness to come to life in the form of awesome photos – so what better way to show off the fruits of our efforts with one of our latest beach portrait sessions!

The Fay family are no strangers to Alys Beach – since they own a little slice of what is just like heaven on earth here on the Emerald Coast, we figured it’d make the perfect spot for their family photos.  The best part of an Alys Beach family photo session?  It’s quuuuuiiiiiet.   Like, peaceful and private and non-crazy.  We’re fans of all of the above.  We’re also big fans of these guys.  So go ahead: take a peek at these and just try not to grin ear-t0-ear whilst admiring the happiness radiating from these happy souls.  We dare you.

Alys Beach Family Portraits

Family PortraitsFamily Portrait Photographers in Alys Beach

Ok yeah, come on.  I mean, if you’re not smiling BIG here, then we should have a chat.  Just look at this!  Perfection.

Can you say UH-dorable??  Sigh.  So sweet.

And that, my friends, is how it’s done.  We’re actually planning on obsessing over these photos for at least another 1.7 hours, so you should too. And tell your friends to do the same.