Digital Graffiti | Alys Beach Photography

If you haven’t experienced the awesomeness of Digital Graffiti, well, then, I’m afraid you just haven’t lived.  I mean, not to be all condescending or anything, but who on earth wouldn’t want to experience two nights of wicked-cool artwork projected digitally onto the pretty white backdrop of Alys Beach and a big ol’ party with fancy refreshments and block-rockin’ beats?  Color me crazy (see what I did there?), but this is only like THE party of the year.  And, as an official Digital Graffiti sponsor, we got to photograph it!  We’re even on the t-shirt and everything.  How cool is that?

Wanna know what else is cool?  These pictures!  That artwork!  The lady in the acrobat-contraption-thing hanging from the pretty tent (ok yeah, that was pretty much mind-blowing)!  The knock-your-socks-off Saturday night party where everyone danced and sang and sipped and laughed!  Oh, also – Alys Beach photography opportunities – that’s like the coolest thing, ever.

Alys Beach Photography shot of Digitial Graffiti

Pure 7’s very own Erica {and her weird friend, Jen, who looks slightly terrified of the obviously very scary light show}

Alys Beach Photographers shot of Digitial Graffiti Digitial Graffiti...Alys Beach Photography

 Life-sized Lite Bright!  Told you this event was super-awesome and cool!

 If you haven’t experienced the out-of-this world amazingness that is the Caliza Pool, then you really need to meander on over there.  Soon.  Like, yesterday.  Ridiculous, I tell you.


What an amazing event!  We’re pretty darn honored to have been one of the Digital Graffiti event photographers and can’t wait to see what next year has in store!  (Erica’s looking forward to upping the ante and trying out for the acrobatic-swinging-lady gig.  We’ll be sure to dedicate an entire blog post to something that amazing…)

Commercial Photography for End Zone Apparel | Destin

We love doing commercial photography because we’re big fans of small businesses – especially small business that have super-cool sports apparel!  When our friend, Kristal, of the very hip and awesome End Zone Apparel, wanted to have a little fun with her latest marketing idea, we couldn’t have been more excited to don our flip-flops, sling our cameras over our shoulders, and take some really pretty photos of some really pretty people!  Our very own Lindsey even had a chance to get on the other side of the lens for a few shots!  {Seriously, people, Ford Models ain’t got nothin’ on this girl.  Or the rest of the group for that matter.}  When we’re not out modeling and shooting weddings or portraits, you can find us tackling {ha!  get it?  “tackling”?} some pretty fantastic commercial photography opportunities in and around the Destin area.

Now that we’ve overloaded you with anticipation and excitement, take a gander at some of this stuff!  It doesn’t get any better than this, people.  This is quality sports apparel – and even if you don’t give a rip about sports, you will after you see/touch/feel/obsess over this stuff.  And if the images here just don’t quite satisfy your need to see pretty people dressed up in cool clothes, be on the lookout for the ad these fine folks are featured in at Destin’s very own AMC Theatre over at the Destin Commons.  We’re everywhere, I tell ya!

Commercial Photography

I spy with my little eye . . . a Lindsey!  

Commercial Photographer and Model, LyndseyCommercial Photo Shoot


The clothes, people.  Look at the clothes…


We even managed to recruit a couple guys for this one.  We’re all about equal opportunity you know.

Be sure to head on over to see Kristal and all her awesome goodies – whether you need a gift or just need to update your wardrobe, this place has it all!  End Zone is located right next-door to Johnny O’Quigley’s in Destin – right across from the Commons.  How much easier can it be?  Go get all gussied up in your team’s stuff, and march right over to O’Quig’s to catch a game!  And then call us and tell us how right we were.  {Ryan’s always looking to be right about something.}


Sarah & Nick | by Pure7, Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographers

When we first met Sarah & Nick, we were like, “OH!  Yes! They are SO us!”.  They love great music, are super-ridiculously cute together, and just generally chill, fun, all-around great people {are you chill and awesome and fun, too?  because we would love to meet you if so!}.  And then when we discovered the amazing team of wedding pros they were working with, our excitement levels were almost too much to bear!  The photos we captured of these two gorgeous lovebirds is proof of just how amazing their day really was!

It’s couples like this that make us love being wedding photographers and being able to be Rosemary Beach wedding photographers makes it even more special.

Sarah opted to dress her sweet girls {and no, really, they were all so super-sweet and fun we almost had to pinch ourselves a few times} in rented bridesmaids dresses {whaaaa?  you can do that now?}.  Yes, you can totally rent your bridesmaids dresses!  Who knew?   And the boys, well, they were lookin’ super-fly in their vest-only-attire {hello, awesome trend alert!}.  Both clothing options were well-suited for what transpired later in the evening {there may have been some acrobatics involved on that dance floor}.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day ~ everything from the drop-dead gorgeous and Pinterest-worthy florals, to the block-rockin’ beats from the DJ, to Nick’s award-winning first sighting of his beautiful bride . . . it basically rocked our striped socks off {Ryan thinks  striped socks are hot.  Ryan is weird}.  Oh, and the perfect sunset – we arranged that, too.  It’s just what we do.

Full-Service Event Planner: It’s a Shore Thing

Pastry Chef: Confections on the Coast

Hair:  Johnathan Doria

Event Design & Catering: Celestine’s Special Occasions

Makeup: Renee Armour

Videographer: Adam Grumbo

DJ: Brian of B-Boy Productions

Roesmary Beach Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers in Rosemary BeachWedding Photography Studios near Rosemary Beach

senior portrait photographers-kirsten

we love being senior portrait photographers. it allows us to see the world threw the eyes of those with so much in front of them. here is another senior session we shot. this is kirsten and she is a senior at fort walton beach. she loves the beach and surfing so of course we took her there. she did absolutely great. hope you all like.

senior portrait photographers-kirstenDestin senior portrait photographers-kirstensenior portrait photographers in Destin-kirstenDestin senior portraits-kirstensenior portrait photographers near Destin Florida-kirsten

senior portraits-jamie

here is one of our senior portraits we shot a while ago. jamie is such a fun, funky and gorgeous girl. we had a blast with her. hope you guys like!! For other recent senior portraits we’ve shot, click here.

Destin Senior PortraitsSenior Portrait Photographers in Destin

For more information on Pure 7’s senior portraits packages, wedding packages, beach portraits or other photography, please visit us at our main site.

senior portrait photographers:ashley

ashley and her mom came to the studio for some photos for her portfolio to apply for the tisch school of arts at nyu. she does speech and debate and hopes to one day be an actress. she is such a beautiful girl!

Photographer INTERNSHIP 2013……..we want you!

Essential is your ability to learn by observation. The intern schedule will average assisting* on 1-2 sessions per week, and 1 – 2 weddings per month (*camera-bag carrying, observing, etc.). Outdoor sessions typically take place on weekdays from 3:30-5:30pm (currently) and 5:30-7:30pm (summer). Weddings times vary, are usually on Saturdays, and average 8 hours. We are willing to work with your schedule, but you must have high availability during the above stated times. Like most things in life, you will get out of it in proportion to what you put into it.

If you are interested in the photographer internship, please email Ryan directly at Please include a phone number, and a brief description of why you would like to be considered. Please also include a brief description of your experience as a photographer or experience in photography and confirm that you have read through the above schedule & eligibility requirements.

Look forward to hearing from enthusiastic individuals!


we are gonna end the week with some photos of harrison and his mom. one of my favorite things about being a family portrait photographer is shooting moms and with their kids. i love the emotion that comes through the images. you can definitely tell that harrison is a mommas boy  : )  i hope you all have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are. please give someone you love a little bit of love today. you never know what a single touch can do to lift someone up.

2012 weddings

2012 was a wonderful year full of beautiful weddings and gorgeous brides. we are truly fortunate to be beach wedding photographers. we want to thank all the vendors responsible for putting on these weddings. we would not have been able to capture the images we did without you all. here is a quick look back at some of our favorite photos.