new blog post but no photos :(

well at least not today, but hopefully tomorrow. we have been crazy busy with shoots, getting our studio ready and of course our 3 beautiful children under the age of 3. life is good! i hope to get back on a more stable routine once we get the studio finished. i really miss showing all of you my photos. i will give you guys a photo from our wedding back in ’02. man were  young!love-by-the-bay-two

early easter egg hunt….

this photo is from gina & alan’s wedding last saturday. lets see if you guys can find the easter eggs. easter egg number one is a can of red bull and egg number two is gina. good luck! it’s not that hard  (gina, the easter egg is not the BRIDE gina, but the PHOTOGRAPHER gina)g2

rachael is a senior

rachael is a senior at forth walton, she has a great style, and was a blast to shoot. i love it when i get the chance to do a senior session, they are always fun. her stepmom, deanne, and erica used to work together at willie kate’s restaurant in niceville when erica was in high school and college, so they had a great time catching up during the shoot. we look forward to shooting their entire family sometime soon!r19r17r16r15r14r13r12r11r10r9r8r7r6r5r4r3r2r1

mark & kristin

this was a short but sweet wedding. the ceremony was on the very tip of noriego point, directly across from the emerald grande. the reception/supper took place at the trendy commanders palace ,which is in the emerald grande. mark & christin invited only family so you got that feeling of closeness and love (that sounds very cheesy but it is true). a funny thing happened, to get to noriego from emerald grande we had to take a water taxi. well when we got there and kristin was getting off the boat about to walk to mark she looked at me and said ” I FORGOT THE RING!”. luckily the priest was right there and he gave kristin his ring to use. so at the reception when mark finally got his “real” ring the priest married them again to make it official. what a fun but short wedding. i had a blast! congratulations  mark & kristin, you guys were great.


future nole!

it appeared to me that caden enjoyed his shoot. i mean how could he not, we had everything a 2 year old boy loves. we had footballs, football jearseys, football helmets, flags, books and mom. caden was such a good boy. he had a smile on the entire shoot. lets hope that he does not grow up and decides he wants to be a gator. his parents are directing him down the right path. thanks hollie for bringing caden by the studio. fsu6fsu5fsu4fsu3fsu2fsu1

dani, carmen & jadyn

dani is the associate pastor @ shoreline church (the best church EVER!!). jadyn, who is 2, is such a cutie. she and my daughter, joslyn, had such a blast during the shoot. they loved playing kitchen in the toy room. we love this family and appreciate everything they do with the church. anybody who knows them knows what a kind and loving family they are. i posted so many photos because i can, this is my blog, and because i loved so many and wanted to share them with all you beautiful people out there on the internets.