baby micah!!

Here is another one of the babies born at Sacred Heart that we shot. Micah was born  Dec. 20, she came into the studio with her mom, dad and grandparents on the 26th. Micah has such a helpful big sister, she absolutely adores her baby sister. Congratulations to the Wells family on the new addition!

a happy 7 month old Baby Brennan…

And happy he was. Brennans aunt Cristalle lined up this shoot for Brennans moms Christmas present. Brennan was so fun to shoot, it never gets old shooting babies. They all have their own personalities and it is fun to see all of them. Thank you Cristalle for bringing Brennan in, again he was great!

Paxton Robert Manthey is here!!!!

So he is finally here! Paxton Robert was born Dec. 8 and was 7lb 7oz and 21 in. We are now a family of five, before you know it we’ll have six, okay maybe not. Joslyn is in love with her new brother, she has been very motherly to him. Gavin has no idea what’s going on, he is 15 months, but I think the two will be buddies. Erica’s doing good, tired but good. Sacred Heart was a great hospital. They have such great nurses, and for a hospital the food was not too bad.

Graeme & Christen are engaged.

Graeme & Christen are friends of ours, we all go to the same church ( Shoreline , the best church ever! ). Christen works with B-Boy Productions and Graeme is the youth leader at Shoreline, well actually they both lead youth. Graeme has the best personality, he is very funny and has a great personality… and he’s like 8 feet tall. We are looking forward to Christen’s bridal shoot, it should be tons of fun. For our shoot we went to Baytowne Wharf


Leanne strikes a pose.

Here are some photos we took of our friend Leanne, who lives in Atlanta. It was great to see ya Leanne, maybe the next time we shoot you it will be for your wedding! Whatcha think?


First comes love then comes marriage.

So Chris Lawson is married, wow. I have known Chris for quite a while and to see Chris married is great. I a glad he found a woman like Joni, she is a great person. These two truly were meant for each other. I love the story of how they first met, I would tell you guys but I type really slow. They had a beautiful wedding in Rosemary Beach, everything was perfect. Tammy from The Eventful Planner did such an awesome job. Good luck in your marriage, we love you guys.

Anthony & Brooke are MARRIED!! GO VOLS!

This was another wedding we shot that Tammy from The Eventful Planner put together, once again it was beautiful. The wedding was on the beach and the reception was at a huge beach house that I swear slept 100, well okay maybe 20-30. Anthony and Brooke are such chill people, which made it so easy to shoot their wedding. It was such a fun and relaxed wedding. We thank you Anthony and Brooke. Lets hope UT can find themselves a coach, GO VOLS!!

Mary Beth is having a baby….. is it a boy or a girl????

Last week we had an awesome maternity shoot with Mary Beth and her family. When I first talked to Mary Beth on the phone she told me that she was ” huge ” and immediately I pictured this enormous lady who is eight months pregnant, which I would have no problem photographing. So here comes the day of the shoot, I am getting everything set up and I see Mary Beth pulling up in her car, she gets out and……. well I will let you guys determine if she is “HUGE”. Oh yeah, Erica (my wife) might be in the hospital the same time as Mary Beth, how cool would that be.