Quarrier Family

It is so much fun when I get to shoot a family like the Quarrier’s. They are Chris, Amy, Madeline, Heidi, Macen, and baby Noelle. They are friends of the family we came to know from Shoreline (the coolest church ever). Erica and I are looking forward to hanging out with them at their house in Laurel Hill.

Beautiful Destin Weekend


We had a great weekend. Although the chaos of running around came into play, as every trip to Destin does… it was amazing. Ryan, Erica and I took advantage of the weather. Saturday afternoon we met with our new friend JD Mabry of JD Mabry Photography, another photographer in the area. We met at Panera for lunch and spoke of new ideas. We love this! We all agreed that coming together as a unit would be a great opportunity for all of us to share ideas and techniques… We feel extremely blessed to be associated with such a great photographer, like JD.

Later that evening we went to a concert in the park at Alys Beach near Watercolor… talk about breathtaking. When you think you’ve seen it all, the Emerald Coast seems to find a way of surprising you. It had Moroccan appeal, I felt like I was in a resort… absolutely gorgeous. We had a great time with our friends Chad and Kessin (sorry if that’s spelled wrong). I brought with me my baby son, Kieran and my babysitter Noami. It was a great family type event. We copped a squat in the mosquito filled park, around a beautifully lit stage and enjoyed the instrumentals. But I gotta give props to the staff at Alys Beach, they were well prepared with the bug repellent. I don’t believe that one person would have stayed too long if it wasn’t for that.


Sunday morning, we started our day at Shoreline Church. This was my first time going to Shoreline. Erica, Ryan, Chad and Kessin are regular attendees, so I was invited by them… and I am so happy that I did. My son Kieran loved it. They had a special kids room with a bouncy castle and he told me that he got to paint and that he had a lot of fun. I, myself, have never felt so comfortable at church. Maybe it was the fact that service was held in a Movie Theatre? Or maybe the fact that I could totally relate to the pastor. Either way, it ended up with me in tears, completely moved by what he had to say.

Afterward we went to Zoes for lunch then headed for the beach. After a long walk, through the sand, with an artillery of beach supplies we plopped ourselves down near Whale’s Tale off of Old 98 in Destin. The popular spot. We intended on playing volleyball, but had no volleyball… boo. So we enjoyed just being there together in the sunshine. So overall, a completely wonderful weekend in Destin. Best part – NO SUNBURNS!


Oh, and we took some awesome pictures! Cause that’s what we do… 🙂


just got back from a onelight workshop http://www.onelightworkshop.com/forum/index.php hosted by the talented zack arias. onelight is all about using off camera flash. it was an long day,we went from 9am to 1:30am the next day. i encourage any photographer to check out the onelight method. you can also go to strobist.com and find out some cool stuff.