South Walton Fashion Week Video | 2013 Commercial Video

South Walton Fashion Week Video 2013

Rainy days like today are always forcing us to find out what types of activities Destin and 30A have to offer indoors. I don’t remember how I ended up on the South Walton Fashion Week (SWFW) website on my quest to indoor activities but nonetheless one click leads to another and another. Then all of a sudden you’re a million pages deep and so far from where you started. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one this happens to!

Anyway, looking at this year’s SWFW reminded me of the South Walton Fashion Week Video Alan shot and edited back in 2013.  The best part about this video? You don’t have to love fashion – or even like it – to enjoy the video he made.

Sure, you’ll see everything one would expect to be at fashion week. Models getting their hair and make up done, people sitting in chairs around a catwalk and even people enjoying well crafted cocktails. More than that, you see how artistic and creative Alan is when filming and editing.

As you watch, there are so many instances you might think, how did he get that on camera? At first one might say it’s just luck. In reality, Alan has a vision of the final commercial event video in mind from the beginning to make sure he captures all the right moments. Observing the tone and energy of the event he has to plan to catch someone’s wrist with a VIP band on it or match the timing perfectly to get someone holding their phone up recording a clip of the fashion shows. Those details don’t accidentally make it into the footage, they are put there intentionally.

We’ve named two of the details Alan shot and then carefully edited into the South Walton Fashion Week Video. Can you find any others? Tell us in a comment below!

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Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan

You could put together a Destin Florida Destination Wedding one of a million different ways. Today we’re excited to share how Pure7 couple, Elizabeth and Brennan put together their big day.

Married on the sugar-white sand in Henderson Beach State Park, Elizabeth and Brennon said their I Dos in front of 40 close family and friends. Everything they did was stylish and on trend yet remained their own. Elizabeth found the perfect mix of casual and classic. Boys wore blue and girls wore pink but there wasn’t a suit or gown in site. With them, moving away from a traditional wedding wardrobe didn’t matter. Elizabeth chose an all white wedding with added shades of pink in her bouquet and bridesmaids dresses giving it just a hint of fancy. They kept the wedding theirs and stayed true to themselves.  Because of that, this day will stay in their memory much longer than it ever could’ve lasted.

Hopefully there’s something inspiration for all the brides-to-be who are searching for their “one in a million” wedding. .

Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + BrennanDestination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Destin Florida Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Destin Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan Pure7 Destin Florida Destination Wedding | Elizabeth + Brennan

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Engagement Photos in Seaside| Angie + Michael

Whoever decided a save the date or wedding invitation should include a photo of the couple was just plain smart. One simple action and the engagement photo industry was born. We have no idea when it started, but we’re happy the tradition is here to stay. It allows us to work with one-of-a-kind couples like Angie and Michael. They prove engagement sessions are just fun.

We love shooting these sessions because most of the time it’s the first professional photos taken as a couple.  One person is often more camera shy, but their partner in crime always comes to the rescue. Plus, the tight wedding day schedule doesn’t apply to engagement photos. These special sessions happen naturally. Couples get to focus more on each other and really let loose. They can pick anywhere and wear anything.

Angie and Michael chose Seaside, FL which is where they’ll be wed this October! The small beach town offered them worthy backdrops. We worked our way through town finding the beach and the best signs and streets in town. Better than the background, is Angie’s smile that just makes Michael light up. They are clearly playing for keeps! We can’t wait to photograph their Seaside wedding, which will be coordinated by the amazing Christie of It’s A Shore Thing – so stay tuned for this couple’s gorgeous wedding images this Fall/Winter!

Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael Pure7 Studios Engagement Photos in Seaside, FL| Angie + Michael

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Aerial Real Estate Video | Destin, Florida

As a society we often want what we don’t have and when we get it, we want something else. When it’s cold and dark outside we long for warm sunny days. Then, as the sun beats down on us with heavy humidity, those perfect fall days can’t come soon enough. Now that it’s almost April, winter is officially on its way out and we couldn’t be more excited for Spring.  Perhaps we’re actually excited for what we do have around this time, because along the Emerald Coast we have a fifth season – Spring Break.

Currently we’re about half way through spring break season as all of the schools from elementary to university are taking their week away. In Destin, Miramar Beach, and all down 30A this means things are starting to liven up. Families, friends and couples are making their way to the area to enjoy the sugar white sandy beaches.  It also means condos, beach houses and hotels are starting to fill up. Some people experiencing Destin for the first time, while others are here reliving a lifetime tradition.

In honor of Spring Break, which kicks off the busy season for our Beach Weddings, Family Beach Portraits, and Engagement Sessions, we’ve decided to share one of our videographer’s aerial and interior real estate videos showcasing the beautiful beach house at 3598 Waverly Circle (situated on the idyllic Holiday Isle here in Destin, FL). This film was used by the realtor and home owner as a tool to showcase (and sell) this beautiful property.

As you’ll see in Alan’s beautifully shot aerial video and interior real estate film, Waverly Place is the perfect blend of beach and home. Situated on a small lake but still only minutes from the beaches and emerald green waters of Gulf of Mexico, you get the best of both worlds.

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Eden Gardens State Park | Santa Rosa Beach | Colby + Mary Elizabeth Wedding Video

Everything about Colby and Mary Elizabeth’s Eden Gardens State Park wedding in Santa Rosa Beach, FL was straight out of a fairytale. Watching their wedding video takes me back to me back to my childhood and all of the fairytale-esque ideas I had about what my wedding day would look like. Of course, every bride deserves to find herself in a fairytale on her wedding day, I’m especially in awe of Mary Elizabeth and how perfectly her fairytale stood the test of time and became a reality last May when she married Colby. We were fortunate enough to send Alan to do their wedding videography alongside Kate’s Captures, who did the wedding photography.

Alan did a brilliant job filming and editing their wedding video in a way that allows anyone to fall into their fairytale. Early on we see butterflies outside and the bride with all her bridesmaids getting ready. There’s also a beautiful shot of her wedding dress with was appears to be a “something blue” ribbon around the waist hanging in a window. Next, we’re taken on a journey through decades of love and devotion as we see the wedding photography of their loved ones displayed in frames. If her parents’ successful marriage is any indication of what Mary Elizabeth and Colby have to look forward to, they truly have a lifetime of love and happiness ahead. Her parents have been married 32 years!

One of my favorite fairytale moments is just past minute one when we see a wide shot showing us what looks like an enchanted forest where all of the festivities took place. It looks right out of a storybook.  That’s only about a third of the way through their wedding video but we’ll alone now so you can experience it for yourself and be inspired to find your own fairytale.

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Michael + Jordan | Rosemary Beach Wedding Video

If you’ve ever been in a wedding then you know it takes a lot of work to make the “big day” a perfect day. It’s common to hire a wedding planner (and this couple had the ever-so-talented Savoir Faire Weddings), but the bride and groom still have to pick the date and find a venue fitting for their vision. Of course, after all that gets decided the real planning begins!

The wedding party has to be finalized and colors picked.  Then there’s the guest list, wedding photographer, flowers, food, dancing, drinks, decorations and most importantly the wedding videographer! Wait. that’s not right … the dress! The dress is most important. (I guess with Michael and Jordan’s wedding video on the brain, we got a little excited.)

By now you probably get the idea … there’s a lot of details that go into the ceremony and celebrating of a couple when they decide to get married.  Michael and Jordan’s Rosemary Beach wedding was no exception. How do I know? I’ve seen their wedding video!

Our wedding videographer, Alan, recreated their perfect day down to every last detail. His unparalleled ability to shoot and edit left them with a lasting keepsake. The wedding video preserves details that might otherwise be lost over the years as their love story is passed on for generations. He also enjoyed working along Dede & Ginny of Dede Edwards Photography, who were there to photograph this beautiful wedding ceremony & reception. For a full list of the wonderful wedding vendors that came together to give this couple the destination wedding of their dreams, please contact their planner, Stephanie Tate.

Watch Michael and Jordan’s Wedding Video and see how seamlessly the details of their perfect day are celebrated and forever kept safe.

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Aerial Real Estate Video | Destin, FL

Have you ever heard the term or saying “the perfect storm?”  Well, this very blog post is just the opposite!  We tried to find an official saying or word describing the opposite of a perfect storm and it doesn’t seem to exist.  That must mean as rare as a perfect storm is, what I’m trying to describe is even more rare. Wish me luck.

By now you’re surely wondering what all the fuss is about so, with no further adieu . . .  It just so happens that March marks Alan, our film-maker’s, two year anniversary at Pure 7 Studios exclusively!

As if that isn’t enough . . . this year in Destin Magazine ‘s “Best In Destin 2015 Readers Choice Awards”  Pure7 was voted BEST WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER! (In case you didn’t know Alan is our wedding videographer.) Clearly Alan and his work speak for themselves.

We knew he was good, great even . . . but we never imagined these past two years would be this great and a ton of fun to boot. He’s truly become part of the family. Not only does he rock at creating one of a kind wedding videos by getting all the right footage which he edits to perfection in our Destin studio – Alan also specializes in Commercial Video, Real Estate Videos, and Aerial Videos and these are just as impressive as his wedding videos.

This post got a bit mushy (sorry not sorry) but it’s only fitting we celebrate Alan and his accomplishments by sharing a beautiful Aerial Real Estate Video he filmed showcasing a bird’s eye view of the Casa Blue vacation rental home at 83 Cobia St. Destin, FL. This commercial film was used by our client to enhance the online listing of their beach rental home, showing its proximity to the beautiful Destin beach.

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Tiffany + Aaron | Miramar Beach Wedding

“To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.” – Andri Cauldwell

It’s hard to imagine a time when wedding films weren’t a thing and wedding photography was only one simple black and white photo of the couple with maybe one or two more of the newlyweds with their parents.  Back then, all of the beautiful colors had to be remembered or written down because they couldn’t be captured for the eye to see.

It’s even harder to imagine we didn’t have color when we look through all of the wedding photography Ryan and Lindsey have generated over the years. We never tire of seeing all of the beautiful colors that make up the Emerald Coast.  From Destin and Miramar Beach down to 30A  and all the way out to Panama City Beach, the sugar-white sand and emerald green water serve as the signature to the area and a staple in every one of our beach weddings.

Tiffany and Aaron’s beautiful beachfront wedding took place on Miramar Beach at Ocean Reef Resorts.  As you can see below,  they let us merge what’s old and new to create a stunning collection (at least we think so) to represent their big day. The black and white photos of Tiffany are so timeless and elegant and then adding in the color photos which bring everything to life really gave their record of the day something unique.

We hope your soul is as delighted as your eyes.











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Courtney & Brandon | WEDDING VIDEO

Every time Alan is hired to create wedding videos we get excited.  Something about preserving the day in motion really compliments the beach wedding photos traditionally taken at destination weddings. In wedding videography not only do you get to see the day unfold as everybody does their part to make it perfect, you get to live it. The wedding video Alan made for Courtney and Brandon’s Carillon Beach wedding in Panama City is a perfect example!  Their wedding had so many beautiful elements to it and he captured all of them. You get to watch as Brandon’s face lights up when he sees Courtney for the first time in her dress.  You catch every subtle expression of love the couple shares be it the quick squeeze of holding hands or a stolen kiss between poses.

From everybody getting ready or using vintage family wedding photography as decorations, to the beautiful beach ceremony followed by dancing and celebration –  as you watch you just feel like you were there.  The love Courtney and Brandon have surrounding them by family and friends is so apparent and Alan was able to preserve it all.

Click the play button to experience Courtney and Brandon’s wedding video for yourself.

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Wedding Albums | Guest post


 We’re so excited to have a guest post today, written by our wonderful album designer of The Album Design! We’ve worked hand-in-hand with Brandon for over four years, and he currently designs all of our gorgeous album layouts. Creating a custom heirloom album for our clients is one of our favorite things about the wedding photography process, so we are excited to present this topic to you!

 Designing a Classic and Memorable Wedding Album

Hey guys! I’m Brandon from The Album Design, we’re a post-production company that works with photographers (some amazing ones at that, like Pure 7 Studios!), and would’ve never imagined that a small side hobby would turn into a fully staffed operation only a couple years into it. We’ve partnered with hundreds of photographers over the years . We’ve been designing albums for 7 years now; we’ve seen it all, and designed it all. Erica and Ryan asked us to share a bit of the knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the many hundreds of wedding albums that we’ve designed, and we were happy to oblige.

So, we’re going to quickly chat about our mindset, our methodology, how we see things, etc., but first things first. Let’s chat about the why.

Why order an album? I already have all the images on a disk!

Most photographers these days give a disc with all of the high-resolution images from your wedding on it, and then allow you to do what you wish with them. This sounds great! So you shouldn’t need anything else right?

Well, not exactly. I know from experience, that images on your computer don’t get looked at quite as often as something physical. Just recently, I got married, and we opted to get a wedding album instead of just the high-resolution images, and we show the wedding album to everyone who comes over to visit. You can be sure that we’re not opening up the computer and sitting in front of it with all of our guests. The experience of a gorgeous, high-quality printed album really makes everyone want to look through the album and re-live the moments. This is especially true for grandparents, or less tech-literate relatives: they really appreciate being able to see the images in a format that they’re used to.

Secondly, it’s about durability. Images get lost, and computers get stolen, but a wedding album that’s kept in your house typically becomes a treasured heirloom. Most wedding albums these days are made to last a lifetime (or more), and you end up treating it with a lot more care than the images in a folder on your computer. Technology changes so quickly, that it’s never guaranteed that images will be viewed the same way digitally. We all remember looking at our parents wedding albums (although they didn’t look exactly the way they do now), and being able to have a hard copy will ensure that they last a lot longer.

Lastly, it’s about leaving a memory behind, a legacy for your children, grand-children, and your grand-children’s grand-children. They may not ever get the chance to really know you, but they will get to look through the photos 40, 50 or even 100 years later and experience some of the joy that you felt on your wedding day. Think of it as a window into your personality, the details you chose, the way you got down on the dance floor, how you looked into his eyes while you were saying your vows. One day your grandchildren will talk about how beautiful grandma was on her wedding day and how dashing grandpa was in that three-piece suit!

Okay, you convinced me. So how should it look? What type of album should I order?

At the end of the day, it’s really about your own personal taste. There are plenty of different options from paper, size, cover, finishing, presentation boxes, etc. Let’s go through each of the options quickly.

Size: To start with, you’re going to want an appropriate representation of the day. It can be difficult to cut images out, or leave out any parts of the day, that’s why we really recommend not going with a small album. If your budget doesn’t necessarily allow for that size of an album, then of course you have to do what makes sense. However, being able to tell your story with the images is the ultimate goal for your wedding album. For an average sized wedding, we’d recommend about 25-35 spreads (that’s two pages side-by-side).

Paper: Most of the mid to high-end albums come with thick pages, which are actually printed pages mounted on a thick backing. They give a super high quality finish, and add to the durability of the album. Again, if you’re a bit more conscious of your budget, there are “coffee table” style books that are simply high quality pages that are bound like a hardcover book. These are still a good option, and most album providers make a fantastic coffee table style book.

Binding: There are two options for this. You can get flush-mounted albums, which are also called “lay flat” albums. They have no page gutter in the center, and they lay completely flat. Then, there’s also a typical coffee table style binding, which goes hand in hand with the coffee table style books, of course. These have a gutter in the center of the page where it can be hard to get them to lay flat when you’re showing the album to people or viewing the album yourself. When we design these albums, we leave a bit more room towards the center of the book.

Cover: The typical option for high-end books is a plush, leather-bound cover. There are tons of different colors and patterns to choose from, so the choice is totally yours! You can also get albums with a linen or fabric finish, but the durability is about the same between the two, so it’s purely an aesthetic choice. Again, there’s also a slightly cheaper option of just an image wrap hardcover, still durable, but a bit more simple.

Presentation, finishing, etc.: Some album companies provide the albums in a beautiful wooden or linen box for storage, durability and safe-keeping. Some may also offer it as an extra charge, but it can be a nice add-on that looks quite nice on a coffee table or shelf.

I think I know what I want now, but which images should I choose?

The most important thing of any album is telling a story. More specifically, telling your story. You have memories of the day that you may want to tell, but your photographer may have another perspective and moments during the day that you didn’t get to experience. So we would typically recommend a combination of both, select your favorite images that you couldn’t live without, and then allowing your photographer (or us!) to fill out the rest of the album with the story of the day.

Family Formals: If you have any partners or guests of relatives that may not be around in a couple of years, it may make it strange to include them in the family formals, as they’ll be in the album forever! This will be unique to everyone, of course, so use your best judgement.

Portrait Images: Portrait images are often the most impacting, and look amazing when spread over two pages. You’ll definitely want to capture some of your favorites to display throughout the album.

Dancing/Fun: We LOVE throwing a big collage at the end of every album with a bunch of shots of your guests gettin’ down. It’s such a fun closer to the wedding, and really shows everyone (even your older relatives) having a great time.

At the end of the day, your album is about you. Your story, your special day. Don’t leave those images to rot in a folder on that computer downstairs. Display them, show them off! A wedding album is a perfect way to keep those memories forever.


 Thank you so much, Brandon, for this awesome post. Below are some pictures of our actual client’s albums and layouts (designed, of course, by The Album Design – the best album designers in the world)! Now lets look at some pictures of actual wedding album layouts and albums!


These beautiful wedding album layouts were used in creating a gorgeous 12×9 Premium Leather Flush Mount Album from Natalie & Parker’s Seaside, FL wedding (coordinated by It’s A Shore Thing):

natalieparker natalieparker2 natalieparker4 natalieparker5 natalieparker9 natalieparker11 natalieparker12 natalieparker13 natalieparker14 natalieparker15 natalieparker16 natalieparker18 natalieparker20 natalieparker21
This is the beautiful 10×10 Coffee Table Book from Brandy & Greg’s Celebration Hall wedding:
10x10_CoffeeTableBook_2 10x10_CoffeeTableBook_3

Here are some images of the beautiful new line of premium RedTree wedding albums that we proudly offer (images courtesy of RedTree):

album_1024 album_4224 album_5210 albums_0021edit
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