Patrick & Geniene Engagement Session

Patrick and Geniene are such a great couple. Patrick is such a funny guy and was constantly smiling, it was hard trying to get him to be serious for a second. We will be shooting their wedding later this fall. They are getting married on the Solaris, it should be a great time. Thanks again Patrick and Geniene for such a great shoot.

Lindsey Maternity

This was such a great session. Lindsey is going to be having her baby in like a month and her and the family are going to Disney!!! What a trooper… anything to see Mickey. Oh and they have a great story on the birth of their youngest, it is truly amazing, but I am not going to tell you. Hope you all enjoy!


So we had a great shoot with our model/friend Katelyn, there was even a minor fender bender involved. Luckily no poles or vehicles were damaged! Katelyn did a great job, this was an absolute last minute shoot. I think she got ready the fastest of any model we have ever shot, well done.

Great Grandpa & Grandma

Life is so precious. Seeing my kids with my Grandpa & Grandma is amazing.It made me think how short life really is and how we really need to take advantage of every day God gives us. Every single person should be thankful for what we do have in life, and forget about what we do not. We are a very blessed nation.

Wills Family

Alright… it has been crazy busy which is why we are way behind on our blogging. I even made the mistake of editing low res images for this blog post which is why the quality on them is not that great. Oops, my bad. Anyways, this session was of the Wills family which my wife met when the mom (Leslie) came and did a Matilda Jane trunk show for my wife. If you check out the MJ site and blog and like what you see (my wife is obsessed), hit us up and we’ll put you in touch with Leslie so you can order some. 🙂

Joslyn gets a bob

We took Jos to get her first haircut at Ya Ya’s. Our friend and awesome stylist Denae did such a great job. I have to admit I loved her hair before, it was so long, but I think it looks so cute on her. She looks like such a big girl!

DJ Brian B

Tuesday we had a shoot with Brian of B-Boy Productions ( ). Check them out, Brian is a great dj. This is the kind out shoot we needed. It is so nice to get away from the beach sessions and do a shoot like this that allows us to be creative and use the studio. Honestly this is the type of stuff I love shooting, besides weddings. Thank you Brian. I am posting a lot of pictures because we loved so many of them. I really hope you guys enjoy these as much as we had shooting them!