Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach 2014 | 30a photographers

We were honored to have asked back as one of the photography + commercial video sponsors of the electrifying annual event held in Alys Beach and known as Digital Graffiti.
As stated on the DG website, “Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is the world’s first projection art festival, with artists using the latest technologies to project their original works onto the town’s iconic white walls.  Sometimes referred to as “Photon Bombing,” “Guerilla Projection” or “Urban Projection,” underground artists around the globe have already been using the latest design, animation and projection technologies to cast dynamic images onto skyscrapers and other urban structures as a means of artistic expression. But Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is the first outdoor festival specifically organized to celebrate and showcase these unique talents. “Our town literally becomes their blank canvas,” said Kelli Siler, Alys Beach’s Events Coordinator.”
Digital Graffiti 2014 was just as epic as was last year’s event.  There were returning artists from year prior, as well as new digital artists from all over the world.  Shantell Martin is my personal favorite.  She had an interactive canvas in which she would digitally draw on or around the subjects.  One of the new artists I was drawn to was Joseph Toney.  His piece was projected on one of the beautiful houses that lines scenic highway 30a.   Saturday night was a great conclusion to DG2014, with amazing music and live visuals set to music by the talented team at B-Boy Productions.  Jeff with Facetime Photobooth was back again, and that is always a treat.  DG is better and better with each year, and we’re look forward to what is to come for Digital Graffiti 2015.   ~Ryan

 Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach








































Duke Family | Destin Family Portrait Session

We just posted a new Destin family portrait session to our photo gallery page!  Below are  a few sneak peeks, and be sure to check out the entire project
here!   Lindsey loved photographing the Duke family,  and can’t wait for them to see the fine art portrait collection that is in the works for their beautiful home.  Leave a comment below for your chance to win a family portrait session of your own, and be sure to check our blog often for future updates and contests. Destin Family Portrait Session

Destin Family portrait Session2duke-89 copyduke-372 copyduke-429 copy

Lindsey’s Adventure to India

So many people have asked me why I chose India when learning of my decision to travel to the other side of the world alone to become a yoga teacher.  This wasn’t something I arrived at hastily but when I thought of the kind of teacher I wanted to be, I felt strongly that India had to be the place to prepare me. Studying this ancient practice in its original birthplace, from the relatives and students of great teachers, was the only way for me to understand just exactly what kind of gift I would be sharing when I returned home.  “Aren’t you scared?” was the obvious next question and my answer was always a cool, “Not really”.  I didn’t come to know the feeling of fear and the gravity of my choice until I arrived to the departures terminal at the Atlanta airport nearly three hours early.  With too much time to think, I nervously called everyone I loved for some much needed confirmation on just exactly why I chose India.

Although this was my second time to the far east, my love for this country didn’t blossom until I was on this trip, seeing everything with my own eyes.  Embarking on this journey alone was more than unnerving but after 20 hours in the air and three hours in a cab (complete with stops to see a golden Ganesha and breakfast at a roadside restaurant), my fears melted and I realized this would be more.  More than I imagined it would be.  More than time off of work.  More than just yoga training.

Our quaint school, Ashtanga Yoga Mysore, is set outside the city of Mysore’s center, amongst colorful abodes constructed closely to one another.  The neighborhood was friendly and welcomed the many traveling yogis who, for the next 30 days, would be calling it home.  For the first four weeks, I was completely immersed in all things yoga.  Beginning at 5 am for two hours of asana (Sanskrit for posture) practice my new Monday – Friday became philosophy, asana adjustments, meditation, asana theory and anatomy. It was both exhausting and exhilarating.  After the first couple of days with my new schedule, my old friend Doubt came back for a visit and I wondered if I was cut out to be a teacher at all.  Was I physically strong enough?  What if no one took me seriously?  Would I find my teacher ‘voice’?  Ashtanga yoga is not for everyone (as one of my teachers explained to me) and after realizing that it was filled with postures I had never attempted or been introduced to I wondered if I was one of those people.  However, quickly witnessing transformation from the mental and physical challenge reassured me just enough to continue on the path.

Aside from yoga, this first month was also a time that I got to spend making some new friendships with beautiful people from all over the world.  I never imagined that I would be making such tight bonds; loneliness was one of my biggest fears.  Knowing that each of them had the same doubts and intentions made it easy for us to trust each other.  Being able to share this time of growth with such wonderful people made this experience what it was.  I am positive it wouldn’t have been the same without each of them.  Any free time from classes was spent together exploring temples, taking tuk-tuks into town for shopping, drinking coconuts, feeding the holy cows our fruit scraps and spending all day in cozy cafes.

With the course coming to an end, I decided to head south ten hours to the beach for some much needed relaxing.  After an overnight bus ride and a four hour train trip, I joined two members of the group we dubbed ‘Quadonasana’ (similar to the posture Trikonasana, meaning three but since there were four of us we opted for quad; makes perfect sense) the day after our certification in the town of Varkala.  The three of us set out to do absolutely nothing.  Our $12 per night treehouse was set back far enough to not catch the sounds of backpackers at night and still a short walk to the beach.  The four days there consisted of sun bathing, eating, lazing in the hammocks, bargaining with vendors for souvenirs, eating, swimming in the deep Indian Ocean, Saluting the Sun, eating, exploring the South Cliff and also a lot of eating.  It was glorious.  We didn’t want to leave.  But my trip had to continue North and on the fifth day I flew into New Delhi.

Although I didn’t want to leave the warmth of the beach in the South I knew that this part of my trip would give me a warmth that would last even in the cooler temperatures the North provided.  The non-profit organization, Planting Peace, is something I am lucky enough to support.  A Destin native and dear friend co-founded the charity that de-worms children all over the world and creates projects to promote peace in a suffering world.  The charity has two orphanages outside of New Delhi in Faridabad where the roads are rocky and the air is thick with dust and exhaust fumes.  Dr. Bandhu, director of the orphanages, opened up his home to me and I felt as if I was the fifth member of the family.  In addition to spending time with our 14 children, I traveled around town with him being introduced to various projects . . . the Eco Slum School, a Women’s Empowerment group and a Slum Clinic providing basic first aid.  Groups of volunteers from all over the world travel here to give their time to these causes, seeing their own fortune in a new light and having a lesson in selflessness.  I was cheerfully guided through the slum that populated the school with three beautiful young women, one proudly holding my hand as if to say I was hers.  Touring this neighborhood of bright blue and green homes lining a waterway, I was excitedly invited in and served chai at every opportunity.  Dimly lit, these houses were smaller than most bedrooms with a solitary gas burner adorning the floor and an entire life crammed into four walls.  Each homeowner asked me to sit on their bed and then gladly showed me invaluable pictures of family members.  To say I was honored isn’t sufficient.

My week here wasn’t long enough and somehow my time in India was over.  The days went by too quickly and I wasn’t ready to return to life in the US.  Coming home was difficult after living so simply with little to no worries.  My body didn’t know how to adjust to the nearly 12 hour time difference and my mind was troubled with adjusting to so many frivolities.  India has a way of opening your heart to loving with complete abandon . . . love for yourself, for others, for life.  I am already awaiting January’s arrival for my love affair with this vast country to continue for another two short months.

To merely be grateful to Ryan and Erica for this opportunity seems lacking.  I can’t put into words how much their support means to me and I’m beyond fortunate to call them friends.

If you would like more information on sponsoring one of these beautiful children for a modest donation of $25 a month, contact Planting Peace.


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Destin Real Estate + Aerial Video

We’re so excited to officially announce the launch of our aerial real estate films!  Using state-of-the-art drone and media technology, we produce engaging, dynamic films showcasing our client’s properties and residing communities, giving the viewer an in-depth view of all that each premise has to offer.  The perspective offered by our aerial videos is truly a one-of-a-kind viewing experience!

We recently showcased one of Alan’s incredible real estate films of the Gulf-front Adagio property in Blue Mountain Beach (also seen below), which offers the viewer a virtual step inside this gorgeous property.  Much more than your standard run-of-the-mill “virtual tour” or slideshow of static images, our professional real estate videos truly bring a property to life.

Taking the “virtual tour” to an entirely new level with in-depth aerial views of a property and its surrounding communities is something we’re incredibly excited to offer in and around the Destin and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida areas.  We’re confident that Alan’s professional training combined with his unmatched talents and ability to produce high quality aerial video will take your real estate marketing to an entirely new level!

Girls’ Night Out | Destin Event Videography Services

Who doesn’t love a good girls’ night out — especially when it takes place at an incredible restaurant (on the beach!), and includes things like a rockin’ DJ, a talented band, beautiful decor, the best photo booth in town, and gobs of fun?!?    That’s exactly what we experienced at the 7th Girls’ Night Out {GNO}, hosted by Proffitt PR this past September at Elephant Walk in the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.  These GNOs aren ‘t just any ol’ event — they’re one of the Emerald Coast’s largest women-only social events designed to provide an outing for talented female professionals in the area to come together to benefit a local charity.  In this Arabian Nights-themed GNO, over $12,500 was raised to benefit The Shelter House Domestic Violence Center of Northwest Florida.  Now that’s a girls’ night to brag about!

Not only did we have a great time, but we were super-honored to have had Alan film this event!  Thanks to everyone involved, and especially to Proffitt PR for asking us to provide our event videography services for such a great group of women.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next GNO!

DoubleTake Event | Pensacola Wedding Videographer

Ever wanted to crash a wedding without looking like a big jerk?  Well, Alan had the opportunity to do just that this past fall, and we’re proud to say that he definitely didn’t walk away bearing jerk-status of any kind.  He did, however, walk away capturing this incredible wedding video — although, this wasn’t just any wedding — it was ultimate non-wedding event of the year!

The DoubleTake Event, created by the super-talented Pensacola wedding planner, Sara Gillianne, is a mock wedding that brides are invited to crash!  Complete with a “fake” ceremony, reception and everything in-between, brides were able to experience every aspect of an amazing wedding — as a guest.

This was such a fun experience and we were so honored to have been the wedding videographer for it!

Sara Gillianne Weddings & EventsSupposey Wedding FloralsAny Day DJThe Devilliers CenterHemstitch Vintage RentalsCeremony Design CompanyDance N Glow DancefloorRichey’s East Liquor |  Younique StatementsAngriBunni Paper ProductsMad Love PhotographyDocumented PhotographyChris D Scott FilmsPure7 filmsSkin Beauty Boutique London W One SalonIndegeaux Denim Boutique | Kiley Bolster- The Magnolia | Erika Thomas- Portabella Market | Amber Rushing – R&R Fine CateringEmerald Coast Custom Cakes | I Do! Aisle Runners

Adagio | 30A Commercial Video Production

We’ve been showing off a lot of Alan’s talents in the world of wedding videos, but did you know that he also has some pretty insane skills in the world of commercial video production, too?  Well, he does.  In fact, before we get into today’s feature, click right here for a little proof of his rock star abilities in the world of commercial films.  See?  Told you.

Alan’s gone and outdid himself again with this video tour of an amazing beachfront rental property located on 30A, in Blue Mountain Beach.  Managed by our friends (no pun intended, really) with Your Friend at the Beach, the Adagio is just as incredible in person as it’s portrayed in this video.  (Side note: After drooling over this property and realizing how much you probably need a vacation, be sure to hop on over to their website and book your trip soon!  Their calendar is filling up fast!) 


Baby IVey! | Destin Newborn Photography

We absolutely ADORE each and every newborn that comes through our studio doors — but when there’s one with a story like this one, it touches our hearts more than we can even explain.  Having three little ones of our own, we can’t fathom not having been physically together for their births.  Elaine and Trey are a military family (of THREE now!), and endured a deployment during most of the pregnancy, as well as the birth of their son.  We love everything about this newborn session, and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to capture baby Ivey as a newborn!

This is such a beautiful story from Elaine, our proud new mama — and so proud of our Lindsey for being SUCH a rock star with these precious babies!

“Like most military families at one time they will have to endure a time of hardship when their loved one deploys. Our little family was no different. When I was 4 months pregnant with our first child my husband, Trey, deployed with his Special Forces team to Afghanistan. With my due date falling in the middle to end of his deployment he was unable to come home for the birth. Although he was unable to be physically present at the birth, he was able to watch the entire experience over Skpe. We were both so pleased after waiting 9 months to find out if we were having a boy or girl, to welcome our sweet baby boy, Edward Thomas Russell IV (nicknamed IVey), into the world!

About five or six days after the birth, IVey had his first photo session with Pure 7 studios. Everything about this session was amazing!! Lindsey was so wonderful with the baby and was able to capture beautiful shots of him. As a new mother getting to relax almost does not exist, but they had a cozy area that I was able to put my feet up, watch TV, and they even provided amazing goodies that I got to snack on. We are already looking forward to the next set of beautiful photos that will be taken in our next session!”

Destin Newborn Photography

Noel + Jim | Destin Wedding Videography

Noel and Jim didn’t let a little rain get in the way of their happy wedding day.  In fact, they smiled more than any two people should probably be allowed to smile in one day.  😉  They were so sweet, and so in love — and SO patient given the dire weather circumstances.  And it paid off: That rain held up just long enough for them to exchange their sweet vows — and then party on into the night as Mr. & Mrs.!

We loved being a part of their TOPS’L wedding celebration and are so excited to share their highlights reel put together by our talented Alan!

Venue: TOPS’l Beach & Racquet Club | Photography: Mad Love Photography | Coordination: Ceremony Design Company

Connie + Ray | Destin Wedding Video Services

If there’s nothing else you to on this pretty Friday, please make sure you watch this wedding video in its entirety.  Connie and Ray’s full-length cinematic wedding film will put a serious perma-grin on your face that will more than likely linger to the point where complete strangers will wonder what’s making you so stinking happy today.  The happiness that radiates from the couple, and the entire group of giddy, laughing guests is pretty much contagious!

Providing Destin Wedding video Services at a beach wedding ceremony  — especially when the wind is moving at mach speeds — can certainly prove challenging; which is why working with a professional wedding videographer who can capture that intensely sentimental ceremony, word-for-word, is so important.   As a couple, being able to look back on this for years to come is truly priceless.

A HUGE thank you to all the great professionals who made Connie and Ray’s wedding day so special and for including us on all the fun!

Event Designer + Planner: Jessica Miller, Serene Occasions | Caterer: Pascalli Foods | Photographer: Michelle Castle Photography | Reception Venue: The Beach House by ResortQuest | Hair + Makeup: Jessica Austin, Make Me Blush | Entertainment: Horizon Entertainment