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We’ve known Deanna & Kevin for several years now, as we had the honor of photographing their Emerald Grande wedding in 2010 as part of VIE Magazine’s “Legendary Wedding Giveaway”.  We absolutely adore their sweet family, and are excited to introduce their family’s newest addition, baby Brosnan!  During their family portraits, which Ryan captured entirely on film, Alan created one of his signature ‘Coalesce Sessions’, which incorporates a fusion of digital photography and videography into one amazing feature.  We’re excited to share this gorgeous family with you!  And if this leaves you dying to to see more of Alan’s awesome talent, go check him out on Vimeo!


Happy Veterans Day to some of our amazing clients, family, and friends!

Growing up a military brat, Veterans Day has always had a special place in my heart. I’ve always held military families in the highest regard and this Veterans Day, I wanted to do a special blog post not only recognizing my father and grandfathers for their service, but also my very best friend in the world, as well as some of our AWESOME Pure7 clients (who are currently serving or have done so in the past). I’ve included a little about each family at the top of their image(s). Thank you seems too little to say, but for lack of a better phrase, THANK YOU all for what you have done for our country. I love each and every one of you!   XOXO, Erica

Jason Melvin

We’re blessed that Jason and his wife Lindsay came into our lives. We met them in 2011 when came to our photography studio to hire Pure7 to photograph their WaterColor wedding. After a four hour consultation, we all knew we were destined to be long-time friends. Shortly after marrying, Lindsay and Jason had to endure two long back-to-back deployments. He was very missed by us all while he was away (really, we all just missed his cooking skills). Here is a personal video and photograph that Ryan & I had the honor of taking upon witnessing the return from his first deployment after they wed. They recently moved to San Antonio and we were so sad to see them go, but know they have great things in store and can’t wait to visit them soon!


The Koch Family:

We’ve adored photographing the adorable Koch family three times in the last two years. Travis Koch is a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force.  He graduated from the AF Academy in 1995 and has been an active duty military member ever since, serving as a fighter pilot in the F-15C Eagle and the F-22A Raptor.  Travis is currently the Commander of the 43rd Fighter Squadron at Tyndall AFB, FL, the only squadron in the world that trains pilots to fly the F-22A.  And just to add to their patriotism, Travis and Amanda were married on Veterans Day in 2000.  This November 11th they are celebrating 13 years of marriage , 10 of which they have been stationed at bases along the Emerald Coast of Florida. Their first son, John, was born in 2004, and their second son, Andy, was born in 2012.

 Veterans Day

Captain Devereux Rogan

This beautiful mother, Devereux, is a Captain in the Air Force and has been in for 8 years.  She has been deployed to several locations: Al Dhafra, UAE to support Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Rota, Spain to support Odyssey Dawn (Libya conflict), Curacao to support the counter drug mission in USSOUTHCOM, and Baghdad, Iraq to support the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq (OSC-I).  She is currently a Test Director for Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation at Eglin AFB, FL.  Lindsey absolutely loved photographing Devereux and her cute-as-a-button son, Barrett, this summer.


The Russell Family:

Elaine’s husband was deployed shortly after she became pregnant with their first son. He was still on deployment when little Edward Thomas Russell IV was born, but daddy was able to be there via Skype (gotta love modern technology!). Lindsey was so blessed to be able to capture the newborn portraits of their son, even before daddy’s return. The great news is that Elaine’s hubby is now home safe & sound, and getting to spend some much needed time with his sweet little boy and beautiful wife!


The Kim Family:

We’ve photographed the incredibly cute Kim family twice since 2011, and have loved watching them grow. Their father, Lieutenant Colonel Sonny Kim, has served 18 years as a pilot in the Air Force. He is currently on staff at SOCPAC in Honolulu, Hawaii. His wife, Zoe, has endured many long deployments but says “We are honored to support him during his time serving our country.”

IMG_7389 copy.jpg

The McGeady Family:

James McGeady serves in the Marine Corps as a combat engineer officer and is currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan with his stunning wife, Jessica. Ryan and Lindsey photographed their lovely wedding last year and were so happy that James was in uniform. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

IMG_8220 copy.jpg

The Kittrell Family:

We’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Kittrell family many times over the past couple years (and are also looking forward to photographing them again next month)! Michael Kittrell has been serving in the Air Force for 9 years as a pilot flying various aircrafts.  For the past 5 years he has been stationed at Hurlburt Field, and is presently assigned to the 19th Special Operations Squadron. A little shout-out to Michael from his beautiful family: “We love and support you always. Our hero!” Love Kimberly, Kaden and Kyle



The Johnson Family: 

We photographed the wedding of Troy and Jennifer in 2012, and are so impressed by the level of service that they and their extended families have provided to our country. In Jennifer’s words:

“Patrick (Troy’s son) and I are currently serving and Patrick is now at 1 year and I am at 18. My total family now would be 137 years: Paul Hutto (father) 20 years, USAF; Paul Hutto (grandfather) 21 years, US Army; Al Hutto (uncle) 20 years, US Army; ; John Hutto (uncle) 29 years, USAF; Gerald Hutto (uncle) 4 years, US Navy; Troy P. Johnson (husband) 20 years, US Army; Patrick Johnson (step-son), 8 months, US Army; Dennes Hutto (cousin) 4 years, USMC; I am proudly representing my family in my 17th year, bringing my family to 135 years of continuous military service! Happy Veterans Day to each of you, and to all of my friends whom I have had the pleasure of serving with.”

Next month will be Jen’s 18th anniversary in the US Air Force. She spent the first 16 years as a Knowledge Operations Manger and is currently in the Intelligence career field. She has deployed to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and is currently preparing for a year in Qatar. She plans to retire at 20 (years) and start her own business as a wedding planner. Troy (Jennifer’s husband) spent 20 years as a Tanker in the US Army before retiring. He supported multiple deployments including the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Korea, and spent a year in Iraq. He is currently a contractor supporting US Army North at Ft Sam Houston, as an IT specialist.



The Morrow Family:

Ryan photographed Monica and Chad’s maternity session, and Lindsey the newborn session of their precious daughter, Kennedy. They’ve been a pleasure to get to know (and photograph)! Major Chad Morrow is a psychologist in the Air Force and has served for 6 years. He is currently supporting the 23 Special Tactics Squadron at Hurlburt. A shout-out from Monica to her beloved hubby: “We couldn’t be more proud of him for his service!” Love, Monica and Kennedy


The Manthey Family’s Sister Wife

As my best friend, I couldn’t help but joke and put Jennifer Fisher as part of ‘The Manthey Family because family she truly is! To those that don’t know, Jennifer served in the United States Air Force as a medic on the back of a very fancy big plane (that I think has a ‘C’ in the title). I should know exactly which, but usually our conversations revolve more around wine, food, and our love lives.  However, I do know that her service is one of the things about her that I love most and am so impressed by. She endured several deployments and has visited almost all of the ‘stans’, and this gorgeous lady has one of the biggest hearts in the world. She also has a very heightened sense of awareness of her surroundings due to her military training (which comes in very handy in seedy areas of nola, but I’ll save that story for another day). I could go on for paragraphs about her and what she means to me, but I’ll leave it at: she’s awesome. and beautiful. and the best friend a girl could have.

IMG_9090 copy

My grandpa, Reed Swope:

My beloved grandpa entered the service on April 17th, 1945. He was drafted into the Army, became a Military Police officer, and was sent to Okinawa to guard Japanese prisoners. During a recent visit to his home, I was fascinated looking through the albums he has at his house full of old pictures from this time. After his service, my grandpa returned to his hometown of DuBois, PA, where he raised three sons and still currently resides with his wife, Betty (my beautiful, loving, wonderful grandma). I would like to personally thank my grandpa for not only his service to our country, but for being such a wonderful man of God and a spiritual man and leader in our family that I have always loved, admired, and adored with all my heart and soul. I love you, grandpa!


My grandpa, Stanley Rusonis:

My grandpa Stan passed away too soon, when I was only 10 years old. I really wish our family had more time with this loving, gentle soul. In his military days, he served in the Army Air Corp and was a Link trainer (aircraft simulator instructor) in Florida. After his service, my grandfather returned to DuBois, PA where he worked for the Post Office for 38 years and raised five children along with my amazing grandma Lillian (who now resides in Pittsburgh).

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.09.31 PM

My dad, Timothy Swope

I’ve started and re-started this sentence three times, and keep deleting and starting over . . . because there is no way to properly sum up the amazing-ness that is my father with only a few sentences. But I’ll try, so here goes. Lieutenant Colonel Timothy W. Swope served in the United States Air Force for 20 years, which was throughout my entire childhood and most of my teen years. A few of the programs he worked on as an aerospace and systems engineer were the Space Shuttle Program and developing the C-17 cargo plane. He retired in 1995 and resides in Niceville with my beautiful mother, Marie. Being a military brat was a life that I absolutely loved. We moved seven times before I was in 5th grade, but each move was an adventure and the memories of our journeys and destinations are ones that I adore and look back upon often. I always loved seeing my dad in his uniform and thought he looked so handsome and important, and although I wasn’t sure what he actually did, in my mind he was out there saving the world. I recall bragging to friends that “he knows all about aliens and extraterrestrial life, but can’t tell you about it because he’s been de-briefed”. Wonder where I got that idea . . . Dad?  I’d like my dad to know how proud I am of him, to thank him for his sacrifices in order to serve our country, and that I’ve always admired and looked up to him. Love you, daddy!


Savanna + Jeff | Panama City Beach Wedding Photographers

We had a great time photographing Savanna and Jeff’s Panama Country Club wedding last fall.  Because this sweet couple resides locally, Ryan had the opportunity to meet them beforehand during their engagement session.  Sweet Savanna is no stranger to the camera: this super-talented girl is an amazing makeup artist and provides her very own YouTube tutorials!  Fun little inside fact we couldn’t resist sharing.  🙂

We loved having the opportunity to photograph this pretty Panama City Beach wedding.  They had some really fun details — but more than anything, it’s obvious how in-love Savanna and Jeff truly are.  Makes our job as Panama City Beach wedding photographers almost effortless!

Venue & Catering: Panama Country Club, Lynn Haven, Florida

Florals: Metallic Bloom

Rentals: Panache Tent & Events

Pastry Chef: It Takes a Cake 

Bridal Gown: Dream Gowns 

Panama City Beach Wedding Photographers
IMG_2954 copy.jpg
IMG_0321 copy.jpg
IMG_0018 copy.jpg
IMG_0186 copy.jpg
IMG_2058 copy.jpg
IMG_0435 copy.jpg
IMG_0341 copy.jpg
IMG_0324 copy.jpg
IMG_0331 copy.jpg
IMG_0245 copy.jpg
IMG_0260 copy.jpg
IMG_0524 copy.jpg
IMG_0465 copy.jpg
IMG_1912 copy.jpg
IMG_2076 copy.jpg
IMG_1930 copy.jpg
IMG_1908 copy.jpg
IMG_3080 copy.jpg
IMG_3314 copy.jpg

Brenda + Harry | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Videographers

We recently featured Brenda and Harry’s images from their gorgeous Grand Pointe Pavilion wedding this past summer — now it’s time to bring that wedding to life!  Not only were we honored to be their photographers, we were also thrilled they couldn’t pass up the talents of one of the best wedding videographers in Destin (in our obviously very humble opinion), Alan, of Pure7 Films.  We’re incredibly fortunate to have Alan on our team, and we’re so excited to bring you the video of Brenda and Harry’s wedding film.!

And of course, none of this could have been possible without the combined talents of our amazing wedding team:

Photography: Pure7 Studios

Videography: Pure7 Films

Venue: The Pavilion at Grande Pointe

Planning & Coordination: Avis Glenister, Carillon Weddings + Jennifer Lewis/Arden Sanders, It’s a Shore Thing 

Pastry Chef: Rhonda (the bride’s sweet mom!), Confections on the Coast 

Catering: Townsend Catering

Event Design & Florals: Events by Nouveau

DJ: Paul Kirker, Gulf Talent Services

Ceremony Musicians: Wedding Music Plus 


Morgan Freeman Celebrity Dinner | Destin Event Photographer

This past summer, Pure 7 Studios and Pure7 Films were honored to be a part of the Chi Chi Miguel Throwdown Celebrity Dinner, hosted by Lynn & Steve Dugas at their home in Santa Rosa Beach.  They treated their guests to an amazing dinner from Emerald Coast Catering, entertainment by The Voice’s Geoff McBride, and an evening with the guest of honor, Morgan Freeman.  The dinner raised an astounding $80,000 for the local Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center charity.

The Chi Chi Miguel Throwdown is a local fundraising event comprised of several components and live auction items — one of which was a celebrity dinner with Morgan Freeman.  Sandestin locals, Valerie & Mike Thompson, graciously open up their home each year for this incredible event, and to date, have raised over $1.6 million dollars, with 100% of the proceeds benefitting local charities.

We were so thrilled to be a part of this event, and loved having the opportunity to meet Mr. Freeman.  For more details on these great events, check out the article by Proffitt PR in the latest issue of VIP Destin Magazine!

Event Photographers morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0010.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0003.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0007.jpg

morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0032.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0018.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0019.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0043.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0034.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0023.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0036.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0038.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0015.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0016.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0035.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0039.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0025.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0026.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0012.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0005.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0042.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0040.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0033.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0027.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0029.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0030.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0021.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0013.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0014.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0006.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0037.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0041.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0044.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0046.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0047.jpg morgan freeman.  pure7studios_0045.jpg

Natalie | Rosemary Beach Bridal Portraits

Natalie is one of the most beautiful people we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know — both inside and out.  That beauty completely radiates from these gorgeous images Ryan captured in her Rosemary Beach bridal portraits, prior to their Seaside wedding this past September (which is being considered by a few popular wedding magazines as we speak!).  And have you ever seen anything quite like that dress?  Absolutely stunning, and we loved learning of the story of how this dress became THE dress.

Living in Birmingham at the time, Natalie was excited to visit with some of the local dress shops.  Being the self-proclaimed “fashion-obsessed” girl that she is, dress shopping ranked pretty high on her list of priorities.  But after nearly drowning in tulle and lace and satin and silk, Natalie left those shops not quite feeling like any of them fit the bill.  So, along with her mom, sister and two nephews, Natalie made the trek to Atlanta’s Bridals by Lori (yep, the shop on TLC’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress‘!) determined to fall in love —  and walk away with — her perfect dress.  And that she did!  This stunner, designed by Lazaro, not only took her breath away, but it immediately evoked some happy mama-of-the-bride tears . . . this was the one!  This dress was also the very first dress Natalie saved in her Pinterest-perusing-wedding-dress-quest!   And we couldn’t agree more that it is absolutely perfect.

Curious to see the other half of this gorgeous girl’s heart?  Head on over to check out their recent engagement session feature where you can get a peek of Natalie and her (now) husband, Parker being all beautiful together (and they totally are).

kristin & john pure7studios_0031.jpg
kristin & john pure7studios_0033.jpg
kristin & john pure7studios_0034.jpg
kristin & john pure7studios_0035.jpg
kristin & john pure7studios_0032.jpg

kristin & john pure7studios_0039.jpg

kristin & john pure7studios_0041.jpg
kristin & john pure7studios_0042.jpg

kristin & john pure7studios_0050.jpg

kristin & john pure7studios_0052.jpg
kristin & john pure7studios_0044.jpg

kristin & john pure7studios_0049.jpg

kristin & john pure7studios_0046.jpg
kristin & john pure7studios_0053.jpg
kristin & john pure7studios_0048.jpg

Rachel + Jeffrey | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Videographer

We’re thrilled to share this highlights reel of Rachel & Jeffrey’s St. Rita’s and Celebration Hall wedding . . . it was Alan‘s first wedding film upon graduating from FAU!  Ryan and Lindsey also photographed this gorgeous event and we can’t  wait to see the upcoming feature on the Every Last Detail blog!

Santa Rosa Beach wedding videos – whether the events take place on the beach, a big, pretty lawn, or in a traditional church – are definitely some of our favorites.  There are so many opportunities to capture everything gorgeous that the 30A area has to offer, and Alan, being the wedding videographer that he is, definitely has an innate ability to do just that.

As always, a huge thanks to our amazing team of wedding professionals who brought this amazing wedding together:

Ceremony: St. Rita Parish

Reception: Celebration Hall

Event Planning & Coordination: Avis Glenister, Coastal Weddings by Victoria

Catering: Townsend Catering

Event & Floral Design: Myrtie Blue 

Pastry Chef: Confections on the Coast 

DJ: Paul Kirker, Gulf Talent Services

Makeup Artists: Robin Klag & Denise Davidson

Musician: Kyle LaMonica 

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