Jamie + Doug | Carillon Wedding Photographers

We’ve got another amazing 2012 wedding we’re excited to finally share!  Jamie & Doug’s gorgeous Carillon Weddings® – planned by the marvelous and wonderfully talented Avis – is a great reflection of who they are: colorful and sweet; happy and gracious; lovely and beautiful.  Jamie is a schoolteacher and we could tell by her kind demeanor that if her kiddos adore her as much as Doug, then that is one loved girl!

We love working with Carillon Weddings® and the amazing team of professionals that come together to make these events come together so seamlessly.  One of the things we love most about being Carillon Wedding Photographers is the privacy and peacefulness of their location: a Panama City Beach wedding, off the beaten path of Panama City Beach!  🙂

Lead Planner: Avis Glenister, Carillon Weddings®

Catering: Townsend Catering

Event & Floral Design: Events by Nouveau

Reception Entertainment: Gulf Talent Services (GTS)

Pastry Chef: Confections on the Coast 

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Erica & Miles Wedding + Next Day Session | Carillon Wedding Photographers

We met Erica and Miles a while back and immediately hit it off — they’re hip, laid back, fun and cool, so it was an obvious fit from the start.  😉  Having their canine kiddos as part of the celebration was a huge priority, so we were pretty excited to include them in both their wedding day and super-romantic, fun next day session.

Their beach wedding and reception was coordinated by the talented girls of Carillon Weddings®, and had a rockstar team of pros who helped make it all happen.  You can’t go wrong with Townsend Catering, Events by Nouveau, Gulf Talent Services, Confections on the Coast, and makeup artist Robin Klag!

Carillon Wedding Photographers
Carillon Wedding Photographers 2
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Brenda + Harry | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Videographers

We recently featured Brenda and Harry’s images from their gorgeous Grand Pointe Pavilion wedding this past summer — now it’s time to bring that wedding to life!  Not only were we honored to be their photographers, we were also thrilled they couldn’t pass up the talents of one of the best wedding videographers in Destin (in our obviously very humble opinion), Alan, of Pure7 Films.  We’re incredibly fortunate to have Alan on our team, and we’re so excited to bring you the video of Brenda and Harry’s wedding film.!

And of course, none of this could have been possible without the combined talents of our amazing wedding team:

Photography: Pure7 Studios

Videography: Pure7 Films

Venue: The Pavilion at Grande Pointe

Planning & Coordination: Avis Glenister, Carillon Weddings + Jennifer Lewis/Arden Sanders, It’s a Shore Thing 

Pastry Chef: Rhonda (the bride’s sweet mom!), Confections on the Coast 

Catering: Townsend Catering

Event Design & Florals: Events by Nouveau

DJ: Paul Kirker, Gulf Talent Services

Ceremony Musicians: Wedding Music Plus 


Brenda & Harry’s Grande Pointe Wedding

Brenda and Harry’s wedding – held at the beautiful Grande Pointe Pavilion in Inlet Beach – was super-special, and we couldn’t have been more honored to capture their day!  You see, Brenda’s mom is Rhonda, the mastermind behind Confections on the Coast – and one of our very beloved and UBER-talented pastry chefs (take a peek at some of our past wedding blogs and you’ll be drooling over her amazing works of cake art in no time).   What made this wedding so special was that Rhonda poured her heart and soul into every. last. detail. and gave her daughter and new hubby the wedding of their dreams.  That insanely gorgeous dress you see?  Yeah, Rhonda MADE that.  Made it.  Like, with needles and thread and lace and a boatload of patience.  And with the guidance and expertise of some of our other very talented wedding friends, she also created the floral arrangements (no big deal or anything) and took off running with the rest of the wedding plans.  Oh – and those cakes?  Yes, she also managed to find the time to construct two very amazing works of tasty wedding art, to include a Star Wars cake for Harry, who is a die-hard fan.

Personal touches on a wedding are what make the day special for a couple, and we love being able to capture those details as wedding photographers.  From the strawberry jelly favors – made especially by our groom using hand-plucked strawberries from his own back yard – to the sweet card box made by their grandmother, this family-centered event was such a blast for us to be a part of.  Fabulous job to all the wedding pros who had a hand in making this day so amazing!  And our hats are officially off to Rhonda for all the hard work she put into her sweet daughter’s perfect day!  Congrats, Brenda & Harry!  We loved getting to know you and wish you a million-trillion years of love and happiness!


The details of this GORGEOUS dress are beyond amazing!  


Everyone say hi to Rhonda!  






So it may have been a tad bit warm…


Rhonda’s Right-hand Wedding Team:

Photography: Pure7 Studios

Videography: Pure7 Films

Venue: The Pavilion at Grande Pointe

Planning & Coordination: Avis Glenister, Carillon Weddings + Jennifer Lewis/Arden Sanders, It’s a Shore Thing 

Catering: Townsend Catering

Event Design & Florals: Events by Nouveau

DJ: Paul Kirker, Gulf Talent Services

Ceremony Musicians: Wedding Music Plus 


Wedding Website Scavenger Hunt & Biggest Fan Contest, $1,000 Gift Certificate to Winner!


As many of you know, our brand spanking new wedding website went live yesterday (click ‘Wedding Website’ to enter; the portrait site will be coming soon)!  Make sure you view it on a ‘real’ computer (meaning not your iPad or phone) to access its full functionality, as some of the answers to the scavenger hunt are found within the details which can only be accessed on a computer or laptop!  The mobile version is great, but the animation, fun up&down menu bar and other quirky details aren’t available from your iPad or phone.  We’ve been working on this site since March of 09 with an awesome team of graphic designers, illustrators, and web designers. They stuck with and jumped through hoops for us as we went threw out our wacky ideas, went through several design phases, made revisions of this-that-and-everything, and were just as excited and inspired as we were every step of the way.  To Jared, Joel & Ashley, Anthony and his team…. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!  We have loved working with and building friendships with you all over the past few years and can’t wait to get started on the blog!  So, without further adieu, here are the details for the scavenger hunt & biggest fan contest. EVERYONE (and their mama’s) are eligible to play, and the winner will be awarded with a $1,000 Pure7Studios gift certificate good towards ANY of our services & products!

Website Scavenger Hunt Rules:

Round 1 of the contest begins immediately upon publishing this blog post (Monday, October 3rd at 10am CST) and will commence exactly 24 hours later!  Twenty questions are posted below.  All of the answers are found within the newly launched Pure7Studios destination photography website.  Contestants have exactly 24 hours from the time this blog post is published to email their answers to info@pure7studios.com.  We will send an email confirmation upon receiving your submission, so you will be sure if was received! All contestants answering and emailing us the answers to all 20 questions correctly within the allowed time period (or, in the case that no-one correctly answers all 20, the 5 submitted 1st with the highest # of correct answers) will move on to the Biggest Fan Contest.

Biggest Fan Contest Rules:

After the Scavenger Hunt is closed (24 hours after publication of this blog post), those meeting the above criteria will be invited to the studio this week for a complimentary headshot (if you live out of town or this is not convenient for you, you may email us a photograph of yourself instead). The head shots of the 5 Scavenger Hunt winners (Biggest Fans) will be uploaded to our fan page this coming Saturday, October 8th, at 9am.  The Biggest Fans will have one week to rally their friends, family, colleagues, etc. to ‘Like’ their picture, therefore voting for them as Pure7Studio’s Biggest Fan! The fan with the highest number of votes (‘Likes’) at 9am on Saturday, October 15th will be dubbed our Biggest Fan and win a $1,000 gift certificate good towards ANY of our services & products (gift certificate will expire after 1 year).

Here are the Questions.. READY? SET? GOOOOOO!!!!

1. Fill in the blank:  “Have ______ , will travel!”
2. What are the 6 Moods of Pure7?
3. There is a piece of religious art within in image in the ‘Anticipation’ gallery. What does it depict?
4. In the ‘Passion’ gallery, how many images depict couples getting frisky in the sand?
5. In which gallery is a popular child’s amusement park ride seen?
6. How many flower girls can be found in the ‘Love’ gallery?
7. How many images in the ‘Juicy Details’ gallery are of wedding rings?
8. How many different weddings are in the ‘Shot With Film’ gallery?
9. Fill in the blank: “If you do something very ____, you simply cannot do it for everybody.”
10. What decade does ‘e’ (Erica) dig?
11. How many different magazine covers has Pure7Studios had an image featured on?
12. What color is the illustrated telephone found within the site?
13. What is required to hold a wedding date?
14. What type of food & beverage does Ryan enjoy?
15. When did Erica learn photography?
16. What would Lindsey die without?
17. What does ry (Ryan) read on the throne?
18. How many feet under h2o can lins (Lindsey) breathe?
19. Who is our Homeboy?
20. What are our 2 love languages?