Eden Gardens Family Portraits | The Fortenberry Family

In case you missed it, the first wave of “Season” has hit. Locals know that, among other things, “Season” means it now takes 30 minutes to get to a location that was only a 10-minute drive a few weeks ago.

It also means that portrait season is here! With breathtaking shoot locations such as Watercolor and Rosemary Beach, it’s no wonder that families love to have their photos done when they come to our beautiful coast for vacations and weekend getaways. The beach isn’t the only gorgeous location for a family portrait session, however, and you don’t have to be on vacation to set aside an afternoon for pictures. The Emerald Coast has some fantastic locations that are a little off the beaten path and provide a fresh setting in which to capture the fun, sweet moments of what makes your family unique.


We had a blast recently at a lively portrait shoot with the Fortenberry family, set in lovely Eden Gardens State Park. They are active members of the community as well as local business owners. Right off the bat, we could tell that they thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. Nobody was fussing over super coordinated outfits and nobody cared that everyone wasn’t looking at the camera at all times. As a matter of fact, during this shoot, there were some tears, a little pouting, a couple of sullen expressions, glaring, and a rather fantastic trip-and-fall within the first few minutes of the session that resulted in a freshly skinned knee. And guess what? That’s real life. That’s what your family photos should reflect – who you are in real life.

We love the first photo in particular, because it makes us feel like we could plop down on the steps next to them and get in on whatever was so funny. Scrolling through the rest of these pictures confirms that there is never a dull moment in their house!

Call us or shoot us a message and let’s talk about booking your family’s session. Before you know it, school will be out and the summer will be flying by. So don’t wait; go ahead and start that group text to coordinate schedules and get everyone on board. When you’re flipping through your family heirloom album over the holidays, you won’t have one single regret. We guarantee it.











Eden Gardens State Park | Santa Rosa Beach | Colby + Mary Elizabeth Wedding Video

Everything about Colby and Mary Elizabeth’s Eden Gardens State Park wedding in Santa Rosa Beach, FL was straight out of a fairytale. Watching their wedding video takes me back to me back to my childhood and all of the fairytale-esque ideas I had about what my wedding day would look like. Of course, every bride deserves to find herself in a fairytale on her wedding day, I’m especially in awe of Mary Elizabeth and how perfectly her fairytale stood the test of time and became a reality last May when she married Colby. We were fortunate enough to send Alan to do their wedding videography alongside Kate’s Captures, who did the wedding photography.

Alan did a brilliant job filming and editing their wedding video in a way that allows anyone to fall into their fairytale. Early on we see butterflies outside and the bride with all her bridesmaids getting ready. There’s also a beautiful shot of her wedding dress with was appears to be a “something blue” ribbon around the waist hanging in a window. Next, we’re taken on a journey through decades of love and devotion as we see the wedding photography of their loved ones displayed in frames. If her parents’ successful marriage is any indication of what Mary Elizabeth and Colby have to look forward to, they truly have a lifetime of love and happiness ahead. Her parents have been married 32 years!

One of my favorite fairytale moments is just past minute one when we see a wide shot showing us what looks like an enchanted forest where all of the festivities took place. It looks right out of a storybook.  That’s only about a third of the way through their wedding video but we’ll alone now so you can experience it for yourself and be inspired to find your own fairytale.

To see more of our wedding videography go to our VIDEO page.

For information on having us film your fairytale, say hello on our CONTACT page.

Brittany + Zach | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photographers

Brittany & Zach came and met with us in January of 2012, along with their planner, Jessica, of Serene Occasions.  We couldn’t wait for their Santa Rosa Beach Wedding held at Eden Gardens State Park that fall – especially after hearing their wedding vision!  Their ‘love letters’ theme incorporated vintage elements from their families’ history, touches of rustic elegance throughout, and personalized reflections of not only their love, but the love they share with those who raised them.

We were so honored to have Brittany & Zach’s gorgeous wedding featured in the most recent edition of The Knot Florida magazine (be sure to check it out at the bottom of this blog!); many thanks to the great team of professionals who executed Brittany & Zach’s vision flawlessly.  Being able to be Santa Rosa Beach wedding photographers…especially in Eden State Park… definitely ranks up there on our list of things we love – and we loved being able to capture this amazing wedding!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Eden Gardens State Park, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Full-Service Wedding Planner & Rentals: Jessica Miller, Serene Occasions 

Caterer: Pascalli Foods

Videographer: Gilmore Productions

Officiant: Rev. Don Goodrum

Hair & Makeup: Jessica Miller, Make Me Blush

Floral Design & Event Rentals: Fishers Flowers

Entertainment: Kyle LaMonica

Pastry Chef: Bake My Day

Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photographers Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photographer 2013-09-28_0012.jpg 2013-09-28_0043.jpg 2013-09-28_0008.jpg 2013-09-28_0028.jpg 2013-09-28_0023.jpg 2013-09-28_0022.jpg 2013-09-28_0021.jpg 2013-09-28_0036.jpg 2013-09-28_0035.jpg 2013-09-28_0014.jpg 2013-09-28_0017.jpg 2013-09-28_0015.jpg 2013-09-28_0003.jpg 2013-09-28_0040.jpg 2013-09-28_0020.jpg 2013-09-28_0039.jpg 2013-09-28_0045.jpg 2013-09-28_0044.jpg 2013-09-28_0038.jpg 2013-09-28_0013.jpg 2013-09-28_0019.jpg 2013-09-28_0041.jpg 2013-09-28_0034.jpg 2013-09-28_0032.jpg 2013-09-28_0037.jpg 2013-09-28_0031.jpg 2013-09-28_0027.jpg 2013-09-28_0026.jpg 2013-09-28_0029.jpg 2013-09-28_0025.jpg 2013-09-28_0024.jpg

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b&z knot florida

Destin family portrait photographers: the koch family

I absolutely love this family and it was a pleasure to be their family portrait photographer. Lindsey had the pleasure of shooting baby Andrew in the studio and then next week I shot the whole family out at Eden Gardens State Park in Pt. Washington which is near Seaside. We are looking forward to the next session!



Nicki & Mike’s Eden Gardens State Park Wedding

This was the 1st wedding we have had the pleasure of working with shelby peaden, and hopefully there will be many more to come! The event was flawless, seamless, and visually stunning. We are so thankful that Shelby sent us this wonderful couple to us as we totally fell in love with them! Upon first meeting Nicki, we quickly learned that she was one of the most laidback people that we had ever met (which meant she was an extremely easy-going bride). She had her very own room to get ready, while the rest of her bridal party was on the floor above, just to insure that she would remain as calm and collected as possible. Then we met mike. He is such a goofball and a true kid at heart. It’s no wonder they make such a great duo and decided to become a lifelong team.

Outdoor Park Ceremony Under a Moss Draped Oak

The ceremony was (luckily) situated under the shade of an elderly moss-draped live oak  in the Eden Gardens State Park and the earthy, Anthropologie-inspired reception was down by the Tucker Bayou lending the pavilion as the dance floor. Since the entire anthropologie line is a huge favorite of ours here at the studio, this wedding has turned out to be one of our most adored of all time! We had such a ball with nicki, mike and all of their guests in the funbooth that the scorching heat seemed bearable for the duration of the night. And as the pastor at the ceremony said, “If your love can remain as hot as this day in June, then you’re sure to have a successful marriage.”

Be sure to check out the photo booth slideshow at the bottom which includes all of the wackiness*! Thank you, nicki & mike, for choosing us as your photographers. It was an honor and we can’t wait to see you again! ~Lindsey, Ryan & the Pure7 Crew

*To Nicki & Mike’s family and friends: if you would like the link to view the entire proofing gallery from the photo-booth, please email us at info@pure7studios.com.

coordinator: shelby peaden events
venue: eden gardens
floral: nouveau
catering: townsend catering
cake: confections on the coast
ceremony music: penny shenkel orchestras
reception dj: gulf coast talent
hair & makeup: two fishes artistry
guest transportation: sunshine shuttle
getaway transportation: a brides ride
custom ceramic table decor: the wolfe studio
gown boutique: imaginations bridal
groomsmen apparel: jos a bank
photography & photo-booth: pure7studios

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