Pure7 Summer | Hangout Music Festival Shot on Film

As we wrap up the last full week of summer break and summer beach portraits, we thought we’d take a look back at a session that was definitely not your average beach shoot.

Pure7 Studios Film Hangout Summer Music Festival 2016

One rainy Friday morning in May, our own Ryan Manthey joined the throngs of the faithful making the annual pilgrimage to the mecca of music festivals. Held along the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama, Hangout Music Festival cannot be explained; it has to be experienced. And experience it, he did.


deluna fest 2011……

here are some shots i took at deluna fest this year. it was a hot hot HOT day but it did not matter cause i was super excited to see these amazing bands perform.  i started out with griffin house. the crowd was small but the music was superb. after a couple sets with griffin house i went to one of the main stages to check out a band you should all know, ra ra riot. i knew they would be great & they didn’t let me down. after a quick break i headed over to saints of valory, if you like coldplay you will love these guys. from saints of valory i went to see matt & kim. i knew they would put on a great show but holy moly they put on a show that i’ll never forget!! {here is a clip} then it was time for a favorite of mine, cold war kids. loved everything about their performance. and then it was time for one of my all time favorites…. a group i literally grew up listening to as a teen. WEEZER! this was hands down the highlight of the day!! they played most of the old stuff which i was very pleased to hear. to top off this epic day was girl talk. hands down the best mashup dj! his stuff is insane. who can mix metallica with three six mafia?!? and that was my deluna fest experience, fingers crossed it will come back next year.