Saying I Do to a Wedding Video| Kelly & Brian

We know weddings are expensive so understand the struggle is real when couples are trying to decide whether or not to save or splurge on a wedding video. Every detail in a wedding quickly turns into dollar signs and it’s easy to lose sight of the things that matter most. For that reason, we want to help our awesome #pure7couples decide whether or not a wedding video is right for them by sharing some of the reasons we’re saying I Do to a wedding video. 

Say I Do to going back in time.  The ceremony is often a blur for the bride and groom and without a video, they don’t get to see everything that happens. Anything they did experience was probably quickly forgotten as they pushed through the overwhelming emotions and celebration.  It’s also priceless to have a way to go back in time, listen to the vows and see the expressions on your faces and on the faces of those who love you and came to celebrate with you.

Say I Do to see what you missed.   Photos won’t have the music that was playing or the laughter during a toast, the well thought out words in a vow, or the sizzle of the sparklers everyone is holding in celebration as you make your official exit. So many missed moments can be found in a video. Kelly and Brian’s Rosemary Beach wedding video below is the perfect example of this. Much of the sound comes from moments they likely forgot or never heard in the first place. Now they have those memories forever.

Say I Do for the people who couldn’t make it. Without fail, there will be somebody important to you that couldn’t make it, including future family members who may not even be born yet. A video gives you the opportunity to share your wedding with them anytime, anywhere.

Say I Do to living without regret. We can happily say we’ve never had a client or a couple regret choosing to have a wedding video made. Even those who were on the fence about it at first came around wholeheartedly as they watched the highlights of their wedding day in motion picture. We would hate for anyone to look back on their wedding day wishing with regret.

If you’re still unsure, watching Kelly and Ryan’s wedding video below (as well as any other of our wedding videos) may help you decide. Coordination by Angela Stone, of Todd Events.

Family Photo Tips | Burton Family

Have you ever had a friend or family member come try and take some family photos and felt awkward because you didn’t know how to pose or what to wear? Do you take countless photos with your phone but never take the time to get them printed or organized? It seems today with technology at all our finger tips photography isn’t as fun or meaningful as it can be. To try and “bring sexy back” to photography we put together a list of some of our family photo tips so you can get the most out of your family photos. Below are the Burton’s and their family beach portraits measured up against all our tips. You can look at them for examples.

Pick a Palette. Deciding what to where can always be VERY stressful when trying to dress a group. Everybody has their own ideas about what looks good. Your clothing is meant to enhance your look, not distract from it. Our best advice to accomplish that is to stick to three colors at the most. Then you’re coordinating and everyone can wear their own style. Along with liking what you’re wearing, picking something that flatters is key. If something doesn’t fit right, you won’t be comfortable and it will show. The Burton’s picked blue, white, and a red/coral color. Everything goes great together so your eye isn’t distracted by something that feels out of place or mismatched.

Bend the Body. In life we are constantly moving around. Bending our knees to run, sit, or jump. We bend our arms to wave at someone, eat, text, and work. We turn our heads to get a different point of view whether we want to get the sun out of our eyes or get a better look at something far away. The point is, you need to be natural and bend the body when you take your photos. Don’t stand or sit stiff. In every single family portrait of the Burtons they have bend in the body. They look alive with natural movement. Notice the hand on the hip, sitting cross legged, an arm behind someone, and even holding hands.

Get Goofy. Here’s your chance to really showcase who you are. Feel free to make jokes, laugh, dance, and just be exactly who you are. We realize this is easier said than done, but look at any two photos where one group is sitting in a perfect pose with stiff smiles to the camera and the other is the first family photo in our collection below. None of the Burtons are looking at the camera and it almost looks like it could be a candid shot between actual shots. That’s the beauty of getting goofy. We’d rather look at the Burton’s any day because their photo tells a story as each person is expressing part of their personality.

Hire a Professional. This is probably the best tip we can give you about family photos. We hear over and over how people are taking all of their photos with their phone but doing nothing with them. They just sit on the phone or a hard drive waiting for someone to “get to it” so they can be organized, printed and put on display. On top of that, lighting, focus, framing, making sure everyone has fun and getting the shot is what we do. It makes for a stress free experience after which we offer you a variety of ways to make a keepsake you can display or share for years and years to come.

Hopefully these tips come in handy as you take your next trip or have a fun family day you want to remember. If you have any tips you’d like to add, please do so in the comments below.

Family Photo Tips Family Photo Tips pure7studios_destinphotographer_2767 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2769 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2771 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2770

If you like what you see but want to see more, check out more of our Pure 7 Families and their family beach portraits.

If you’ve seen enough and you’re ready to book your next session. Contact us for pricing and availability ASAP! Our calendar is filling up fast.

Mother to Be + Baby |Watercolor Maternity Session

Here at Pure 7 Studios it’s always exciting to photograph a mother to be and her baby. It’s no secret that pregnancy (despite all its discomforts, surprises and sicknesses) is a wonderful thing. New fears and excitement set in when you’re expecting. Whether it’s your first or a new addition, each and every pregnancy is different. Women and their families are evolving constantly as the world around us changes. Perhaps the only thing one can count on being the same pregnancy to pregnancy is getting the beautiful pregnancy glow.

Today’s world focuses a lot on beauty and the way we should look. Unfortunately it is often a skewed, narrow, and unattainable beauty not even actresses and models can live up to. Even though we all know this, it is still very easy as a woman to get caught up in what we see in the magazines. When we do get away from the media, we start comparing ourselves to our friends. It’s sad all talking beauty now has a negative affect on the way we view ourselves. That is unless you’re a stunning and very pregnant Prudence Lo.

We met Prudence in Watercolor just over a year ago to shoot a sunset maternity session. What a wonderful evening we had preserving a moment in time from when she was oh so happy for the baby adventure to begin. She carried herself with such confidence and it really shows in her maternity photos. While some hide their belly and try not to be seen or photographed pregnant, Prudence wanted to remember her pregnancy and honor her almost little one.  With no sway from the world’s negativity Prudence proudly posed so we could capture this special time in her life.

Mother to Be + Baby |Watercolor Maternity Session Mother to Be + Baby |Watercolor Maternity Session pure7studios_destinphotographer_2817 Mother to Be + Baby |Watercolor Maternity Session pure7studios_destinphotographer_2818 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2815 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2819 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2821 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2822 pure7studios_destinphotographer_2823

Be sure to check out more of our Maternity Sessions and if you’re interested in booking a photography or video session with us, Say hello for pricing and availability.

Sharing Our Photography On Social Media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware Pure7 Studios is on social media. In fact, most of you probably found this very blog post on one of our social media platforms. At any rate, we just wanted to take a few minutes and talk about why we love sharing our photography on social media and where you can get social with us. Plus, we’ve recently added a new social aspect to our repertoire that’s just stellar.


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.33.13 PM

It’s the most obvious place you can find us. If you ‘like’ and follow our facebook page (be sure to hover over the ‘like’ button and select ‘get notifications’ so you won’t miss our posts!), you’re getting the biggest variety of what we share socially. Here we get to introduce all of our new #pure7couples and shout out to previous clients when our photos of them are featured in various wedding magazines or on online. We’re also working hard to keep our photo albums up to date with our most recent work, in addition to posting each of our new blog posts. This is also a great place to interact with us and the wonderful vendors we work with year round.


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.21.40 PM

Another great place to see pretty much anything we put online. Whether it’s our latest blog post, a shout out to a client, or photos featured in various publications; you’ll be able to see it on Google+ in full force. We recognize not everybody likes the same platform and we’re also too proud of the photos and videos we create for us not to share socially on all platforms possible. If you don’t have currently have a Google+ account, it’s definitely something to look into. Behind Facebook, it has more users than any other social media app.

Twitter & Periscope

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.22.49 PM

Some like quick and candid interactions. For that, we have Twitter. We use this primarily to share our blog posts. Using only 140 characters, we’re able to be short and concise sharing one great photo from the post to give followers a sneak peak. We definitely recommend pairing Twitter with one or more of our other social sites in order to make sure you don’t miss anything!

You can also now find us on Periscope, which is a new live video-streaming app by Twitter, available on iTunes. Follow is to view a live porthole from time to time for a sneak peek of our photographers in action, and even some family time while out & about in Destin, Rosemary Beach, or 30A!


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.23.40 PM

Anyone that knows how Pinterest works can see why we love to use it to showcase our wedding and family portrait photography. The BEST part about it is we can easily group and share things on Pinterest that we can’t anywhere else. Here we have a board with tips and tricks to picking colors for family photos.  Putting together quick but helpful bits of information is so easy. It’s also a very visual platform so we can showcase all of our clients and use our photos to inspire other couples, families and photographers to get what they want out of their next professional session. This is a great place for anyone to get inspired.


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.23.04 PM

I’m sure it’s not shocking to see photographers on a photography app. We love this app because it’s the easiest and most fun way for us to intermix personal photos and happenings with our professional wedding or portrait sessions. When you start to follow us, you’ll see we keep it simple. Just Pure7 photos and videos for your eyes to feast on.


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.24.03 PM

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is the newest addition to our social media mayhem. Steller is a storytelling app bringing together visual art, design, and writing. Here, you’ll get to see our photography tell a story with short quotes or thoughts tying everything together. If you love art and stories that are thought provoking and have the ability to stir up emotions – Steller is for you. If you also love art and stories that are whimsical, silly and entertaining – Steller is for you to. We feel at home on Steller and think everyone else can, too.

Pink Wedding Photography | Featured Friday

It turns out that Pure7 brides aren’t the only ones who think pink. Three of our perfectly pink weddings were featured on wedding blogs. Needless to say, we’ve been waiting all week to share our pink wedding photography with you.

The first feature we’re sharing was on Every Last Detail. Stephanie and Michael’s navy and pink wedding would wow anyone. Coordinated by the powerhouse team at Megan K. Events, they found the most creative ways and places to incorporate their colors and style. Even the cake has navy stripes on it! Do yourself a favor and check it out. Even if pink and navy aren’t your colors, it’s sure to impress and inspire any bride to be.

Glamour and Grace featured a wedding that couldn’t be more different than the one you just saw. Using white as the color for almost everything with subtle pops of pink, it looks like the only thing the two weddings have in common is the use of pink. This wedding also holds a special place in our hearts, because Brandy and Greg were married in Destin and our very own Lindsey was one of the bridesmaids. Watch their wedding video and see if you can find her.

Last and certainly not least we’re including Brenda and Harry’s wedding, also featured on Every Last Detail. Here, you’ll see Brenda using pink to compliment purple. It’s always exciting to see how much personality a couple can put into their wedding day. We’ve never seen vintage done so bold and bright and we get to see Harry’s personality in the details of the day with his storm trooper cufflinks and cake! Speaking of cake (oh SO fabulous cake!), this wedding was also very special to us as Brenda is the daughter of one of our favorite local cake artists – Rhonda of Confections on the Coast. It was also coordinated by two amazingly talented planning companies, It’s A Shore Thing and Carillon Weddings. We were also lucky enough to make their wedding video so watch that to see what the photos didn’t show you.

Hope you enjoyed our pink wedding photography and found some perfectly pink ideas fitting for a celebration of your own.


pure7 studios pink wedding photography

pure7 studios pink wedding photography

pure7 studios pink wedding photography

To see more of our featured weddings, click here.

Please contact us for pricing and availability information.

ryan’s wedding faves from 2011……

so this post is about three weeks too late, but hey we don’t like to be like everyone else. here is a collection of photos we shot in 2011 that i think shows what we are all about. we had such a blast this past year and are looking for an even greater one this year. thank you to all our brides for choosing pure7. we truly love each and everyone of you.



danna’s breathtaking bridal…

i am so in love with danna’s bridal photos!  for starters, she is absolutely beautiful.  when danna is in front of the camera, she owns it.  then you add the lovely eden gardens state park as the backdrop and the result looks a little something like these beauties.  this fall the colors at eden were so incredible i couldn’t get enough.  we have been lucky enough to get to know danna & her (now) husband, keegan, over the past year very well.  from their engagement, to the wedding, we feel like they’re family!  oh and stay tuned for some adorable images of their little man, landon, to make an appearance on the blog soon!




devon’s end-of-her-first-year-at-college session…….

this beauty of a young lady came to us through her (now) sister-in-law, danna proffitt, whose wedding we were a part of last october.  devon is one who seems like a very quiet girl but when she is in front of the camera she absolutely rocks it!  she never had the typical senior portrait session done while she was in high school because she wanted to do something unique and different instead of wearing a feather boa across her shoulders or a tuxedo while standing next to a life size 2010 (hey, no hatin’ here i did it for my senior portraits, tuxedo and all!).  i am certain that she is glad she waited until the end of her first year in college to have some glamorous pictures taken, marking the start of her adult life!  devon is gorgeous and we can’t wait to shoot her wedding (not anytime soon, of course, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves)!


casey + brandon

today we feature some of our favorite images from our last wedding of 2011.  this couple could not possibly be any sweeter.  they’ve been together for 8 years and they’re barely old enough to drink!  while casey is in nursing school and brandon is braving through med school, they took some time to finally tie the knot and become mr. and mrs.!  this beautiful december afternoon could not have been any more perfect for an outdoor bayside ceremony.  we were so honored to be a part of these lovebirds’ wedding day and are excited to share some of our favorites with you!  enjoy!