High School Sweethearts and a Stunning Seaside Wedding | Alex & Phillip

High school sweethearts still going strong! Alex and Phillip met through mutual friends in high school in the quest to find a date to senior prom. They went to the movies for their first official date, and both were a little jittery with typical first-date nerves. Phillip even accidentally threw his movie ticket away before they got into the theater! That day was the first of many spent laughing together and enjoying the funny moments that each day has to offer.

Alex and Phillip’s many years of spending time together, laughing at and with each other, and growing as a couple only deepened their connection and heightened their love for one another. They knew they wanted to spend their lives together.

Knowing that Alex always wanted a private engagement, Phillip planned the perfect backyard proposal. On their way from their favorite burger spot to get ice cream, Phillip told Alex they needed to stop at the house so he could use the restroom. Alex, serious about her ice cream, said she would wait in the car, but Phillip insisted she go in the house with him so she could let the dog out. Of course, this was just a ruse! Phillip led Alex to the backyard where the trees were lit up, sparkling in the night. Thinking nothing of it, Alex commented on how she really liked the new set up. It wasn’t until Phillip led her to the center of the trees to a table with an envelope and small box on top that she began to realize what was going on. Immediately, she started crying, and though she can’t remember everything he said, she couldn’t have imagined a better moment.

This backyard proposal led to a stunning wedding in Seaside, Florida. The couple found this beautiful paradise location while looking through a wedding magazine. Having never been to Seaside before, they took a virtual tour of the town, fell in love, booked a trip to visit, and immediately decided it was the place when they walked into the Seaside Chapel.

Their actual wedding day was low-key and causal, as only a beach wedding can be, and exactly what the happy couple pictured. A unique and special part of the day was the cross on the bride’s bracelet…it was worn by all the women in Alex’s family on their wedding day starting with her great-grandmother. The day was also filled with moments reminiscent of a fairytale, specifically when the bride and groom exited the chapel and were surrounded by smiling friends and family tossing petals at the newlyweds. The joy they felt at that moment and the excitement on everyone’s face was a moment they will never forget.

Wishing all the happiness to Alex and Phillip as they continue their great adventure together!

Venue – Seaside Chapel
Coordinator – Defining Moments by Heather
Videographer – Josh Kidd
Florist-  Events by Nouveau
Hair and Makeup – Rollands
Caterer – Fish out of the Water
Cake – Confections by the Coast
Band/DJ – GT Entertainment

Beautiful Wedding in Stunning Seaside, FL | Hannah and Sam

Sometimes a chance meeting is all it takes to change your life. At least, that’s how it worked out for Hannah and Sam. Seven years ago, the two met at a party hosted by a mutual friend. Both had decided to go on a whim, so it was lucky (or destiny, perhaps?) that their paths crossed. They hit it off immediately, and after a successful first date and a fancy dinner, their forever story began.

Fast forward through a whirlwind of dates, laughter, shared smiles, travels, and dog snuggles, and the time came for Sam to pop the question. Romantic doesn’t even begin to describe their engagement. Picture this: a ski trip in Utah, horse-drawn sleigh, crisp mountain air, immaculate white snow, winter wonderland proposal…it was nothing short of magical.

After loading up their blankets on the sleigh, they moved slowly up the snowy side of the mountain. Half way up, the coachmen stopped to feed the horse and mentioned it was a beautiful spot for a photo. Thinking it all very suspicious, Hannah removed the ring she always wore on her ring finger and stashed it in her pocket. You know, just in case.

Though she had her suspicions, when Sam dropped to one knee, Hannah was still so surprised and incredibly excited. Ring on her finger, they hopped back into the sleigh and made their way back. The sleigh ride was over, but their journey together was just beginning.

Of course, now it was time for Hannah and Sam to choose the perfect location for their special day.

Since she was a little girl, Hannah enjoyed vacations on 30A with her family, and she started brining Sam and his family over the last seven years. So, naturally, it was the perfect choice.

With the quaint beauty of Seaside and the unmatched, white sandy beaches, they couldn’t imagine celebrating their day anywhere else. They wanted to make sure everyone felt relaxed and could truly enjoy all the festivities. Of the location, Hannah said, “It made the whole weekend a great experience, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

From the intimate smiles shared to the emotional sharing of vows to the spectacular bar with a wide variety of drinks, it was truly a day to remember.

So what’s next for this beautiful couple? They have moved back to the US – oh, did we mention these world travelers were living in the UK? Yeah, they’re pretty cool! They are also currently preparing for the arrival of their first child in the fall. We couldn’t be more thrilled for these two lovebirds and wish them all the best on their future adventures!

Venue – Seaside Chapel
Coordinator – It’s a Shore Thing
Florist – Florals by the Sea
Caterer – Townsend Catering
Cake Designer – Confections on the Coast
Reception – AzZ-IzZ
Make up Artist – Blush Beauty Salon
Hair Stylist – Doria Hair
Dress Designer – Amsale from Haute Bride
Bridesmaid Dress – J. Crew

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family photos 30a beach

The Jackson Kids’ Latest Family Photos on 30a Beach

kids sitting on grass
A few years ago, we met the Jackson family in 30a for fun beach portraits of the kids and we had a blast! Not only were the kids full of energy and highly entertaining, but they were also so well mannered and just enjoyable to be around.

“We chose Pure7 because of the amazing experience we had and images we got the last time they took pictures of our kids. We’ll be back in the future!”

The Jacksons loved their first photo shoot on the beach so much that they scheduled a beach session again when they came down for another family vacation. The mother grew up in Ft. Walton Beach and they’ve been vacationing in the 30a area ever since they were born! When we asked them what they loved, they said,  “We love coming to 30A because of the laid back atmosphere and seeing lots of friends who visit the area, too.” They also love the Seagrove Market and, of course, playing on the beach.

family photos on 30a beach

Beach Photos are Fun for the Kids!

Planning your family photos on the 30a beach when you’re here on vacation not only gives you gorgeous photos to remind your family of their amazing beach vacation, but also makes updating your family portraits a fun experience! The Jackson kids knew they could enjoy themselves playing on the beach while we guided them into the perfect positions for portraits that helps them naturally pose with each other as brother and sister. Since the Jackson family plans on returning for beach portraits every year on vacation, they’ll have plenty of happy images to look back on as they continue to grow and vacation as a family.

Beach Family Portraits on Vacation as a Tradition

At Pure7 Studios, we strongly encourage families to have their portraits taken every year so you can watch your family grow through the years. If you’re vacationing in 30a, make your family photo session a tradition so you’ll never forget to update your family portrait! We love getting to the know the families that visit and live in our area of the Florida coast and it’s always amazing to see the families change as the kids develop into adults with expanding families of their own like this beautiful family in Seaside, Florida.

photo kids hugging beach brother sister beach portrait little girl beach portrait

Colorful Family Photos in Seaside for the Gilchrist Family

family photo Seaside house

We just loved the time we spent with the Gilchrist family in Seaside for their family photos. What a beautiful, happy family! You could tell how close they were to one another from the way they interacted during the photos. Family photo shoots go so smoothly when a family is comfortable around each other and excited to spend time together.

Seaside, Florida: Perfect Spot for Vacation and Photos

The Gilchrist family has been vacationing in Seaside, Florida since their youngest, who is now a high school senior, was just 3 months old. Though they clearly love to travel, they chose this area to frequent as a family for so many years because they loved the “small town atmosphere.” As the years have gone by, the town has grown, but they still love to visit as part of their family tradition.

Seaside is an expanding neighborhood on 30a just between Panama City Beach and Destin. The colorful design of the neighborhood makes it fun to plan family photos with vibrant backdrops and the entire area offers a bright, beachy atmosphere. The family wore blue and white that went along perfectly with the coastal tones and made for beautiful family photos.

Family Photos Throughout the Year

While most families prioritize photos when their children are young, it can seem more difficult to plan family photos as the kids grow up and it’s easy to get caught up in all the big milestones in the later years. Watching your family grow in the family photos is a beautiful reminder of your lives that have developed throughout the years. I recommend every family continuing to have their photos taken from the very beginning of your new family, possibly at your wedding, through the years where it might be a little trickier to get everyone to sit still, when your teens may need a little convincing, as your family starts to grow with new marriages, and as everyone continues to grow up and become even closer as adults.

Planning your family photo shoots every year will pay off when you can watch your family grow through photos. With many beautiful locations along 30a for photos like Seaside, we would love to photograph your family and give you amazing family photos to look back on.

family photo Seaside blue wall

A Timeless Seaside Wedding | Angie & Mike

We met this fun couple last spring when we shot their engagement portraits (you can see those here), so we already knew their wedding would be fantastic. We were absolutely thrilled, though, when it turned out to be even more fabulous than we ever anticipated. But we weren’t the only ones to fall in love with this classic Seaside wedding. Not one, but two industry publications chose to feature this beautiful day: wedding blog Borrowed and Blue, and this fall’s print edition of The Knot magazine.

Pure 7 Studios Seaside Wedding Angie and Mike

When you see the photos from Angie & Mike’s sweet rustic Seaside wedding, you’ll understand why it was so irresistible.


A Seaside Wedding Celebration | Courtney & Aaron

We love that Courtney chose to start her Seaside wedding day by having her bridesmaids join her for morning yoga, because they definitely needed all their energy for this lively weekend! As you’ll see in the video at the end of this post, Courtney & Aaron’s Seaside wedding was a jubilant affair, filled with family, friends, and lots of laughter!

Rich Jewish traditions were woven throughout the entire day. As guests sipped champagne on the lawn at Ruskin Place, family gathered at Ruskin House for the signing of the Ketubah and their own special toast to the happy couple. Following the ceremony, enthusiastic guests were escorted by a live horn section through the cozy streets of Seaside to the next portion of the evening, held on Lyceum Lawn. There they were welcomed into a lavish tent drenched in breathtaking florals and chandeliers, and seated at gorgeous tables prepared for a wonderful celebration. As wine service began, the blessing over the wedding challah kicked off a reception that had guests dancing well into the night.READ MORE

Spring Wedding Seaside Style | Victoria & Spencer

When the whole crew headed out to cover Spencer and Victoria’s Seaside wedding a few weeks ago, we knew, based on their engagement session we shot last fall, that this day would be bright and colorful. It did not disappoint! From the fabulous Valentino’s Victoria scooped up from eBay at $500 below retail (true story!) to the pink flamingos that became an unplanned theme, the details of the day perfectly showcased this couple’s funky personality.


Our tag team of Ryan & Lindsey were everywhere with film and digital cameras, while Alan was the usual fly-on-the-wall for the day, shooting video in his trademark style. The highlight reel is at the end of this post; if you want to see the groom cry, skip to the 01:06 minute mark.


Seaside Wedding Highlights Video | Jennifer & Steven

The weather on March 19th was absolutely perfect. As we packed up our gear that morning and headed out to shoot their wedding video, we were convinced that Jennifer & Steven had ordered it specifically for their special day.

Seaside weddings are just beautiful, so a wedding at the Seaside Chapel followed by a reception on Kelly Green in neighboring Alys Beach is a fantastic combination. Every intricate detail was attended to by the talented planners at It’s A Shore Thing, so we knew this would be a stunning wedding. We were not disappointed and, as captured in the highlights footage below, neither were the guests.

Our fly-on-the-wall and eye-in-the-sky coverage will make you feel like you were there. You’ll see that everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the entire day, start to finish. The real question, though, was what would Jennifer & Steven think. We didn’t have to wait long to find out, and were thrilled with their response.

“We just watched the wedding highlights film and we are so in love with it!” Jennifer wrote. “Alan did such an amazing job!!”

Stay tuned for the full-length video coming soon (yay!), and feel free to forward this to any friends who are planning their wedding. We’d love to chat with them about creating their custom wedding video.

Oh, and if you want to catch the look on Steven’s face when he turns to see Jennifer for the First Look, skip ahead to the 01:10 mark. It will just…well, see for yourself. Then go ahead – watch it a few more times. We did (true story).

Senior Session in Seaside | Suzi Sober

Suzi didn’t need to schedule hair+makeup for her senior session with Rachel Marie, Pure7’s apprentice photographer (more on Rachel in a future post!) because she cut off all her hair. If you know Suzi, you know she didn’t think twice about parting with her gorgeous curls at a time when many girls would be adding extensions. That’s because donating her hair to make a wig for a cancer patient was the priority on her to-do list. And that was just one of many things we loved about this girl and her senior session.



Getting Family Beach Photos Like the Guthries |Seaside

We met up with the Guthrie’s in Seaside and had a wonderful session staring into the biggest baby blues we’ve ever seen! Their oldest daughter won the gene pool lottery with her big blue eyes; which isn’t surprising once you see her mom and dad. Today we’re excited to share their family beach photos and promise even if you don’t have baby blues of your own, getting family beach photos like the Guthries isn’t impossible. All you have to do is be yourself – Ryan and Lindsey will take care of the rest.

As fall sets in and is starting to actually feel like fall, we realized the holidays are just around the corner. It will be time to send out Christmas cards before you know it. We love Christmas cards with pictures best and not just because we’re photographers. Here at Pure7 we just really feel like family is everything. Whether it’s the one you’re born into or a family of friends you chose, the holidays are a special time of year.  Loved ones gather together to create new memories while keeping up with old traditions. Getting to show what another year together looks like just can’t be beat.

That’s why we drive all along 30A to places like Rosemary Beach or Seaside. It’s there we get to take family beach photos, wedding photos, and even newborn photos. Any one of our sessions can end up on a Christmas card and as the years have gone by it’s been fun to see which photos our Pure7 families choose.

Which photo do you think the Guthries should choose?

























If you want family photos before the holidays to put in a Christmas card or if you want family photos when the family is all together at Christmas time; let us know.