Margo & Alex watercolor wedding

We are excited to share with you these beautiful photos from Margo and Alex’s Watercolor Resort wedding. This was the perfect wedding to kick off our 2017 season. We are so genuinely blessed for each and every couple over the past 10 years that has trusted us to photograph their special day. We will make sure to keep the blog updated with all our upcoming weddings.

Coordination: Nina Dolin, Watercolor Weddings

Day of Coordination: Tammy D’Agostino, The Eventful Planner

Venue: Marina Park, Watercolor Fl

Reception: Lakehouse at Watercolor

Videographer: Momentus Films

Florists: Events by Nouveau

Cake Artist: Confections on the Coast

Ceremony Music: Celebrity AllStars

Cocktail Hour Music: Wedding Music Plus

Makeup Artist: Jamie at Blush Beauty Lounge

Hair Stylist: Mindy Norris

Dress Designer: Warren Barron Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress: Bella Bridesmaids

Men’s Suits: Culwell and Sons


Bohemian WaterColor Wedding | Shannon & Ryan

The saying, “April showers bring May flowers” certainly was true at Shannon’s and Ryan’s tropical bohemian WaterColor wedding last month. A wonderfully warm spring day along the Emerald Coast was the perfect backdrop for this lush, colorful wedding at one of 30A‘s choice wedding venues.

Pure 7 Studios Bohemian Watercolor Wedding Beach Glam

With the bride wearing an absolutely fabulous flower crown and her dream gown by Israeli designer Berta, how could this gorgeous day be anything less than perfect? As you scroll through these photos, which are a mix of digital and film images, you’ll see how every detail, from the mini-crown for the flower girl to the bride’s crystal headpiece worn for post-ceremony photos, came together to make it exactly that: perfect.


WaterColor Weddings | Elaine & Turner

What do you do when you’re on a first date with a beautiful girl who orders fish for the shared main course at a fondue restaurant, and you don’t like seafood?
You eat it anyway.
Nearly four years and a few fights over OU football later, that dinner paid off for Turner as he and Elaine said “I do” on an absolutely picture-perfect day in WaterColor.
We’re pretty sure Turner had a voice in the final dinner selections, because we noticed there was no seafood dish on their mouthwateringly Southern menu.


Fresh Vintage Watersound Wedding | Carley & Justin

As wedding photographers located at in beautiful beach destination community, the weddings we shoot are almost always on the beach. While we always love a jaw-dropping Alys Beach or Seaside beach wedding, it is a breath of fresh air when we get to cover a wedding on land instead of in the sand.


Carley and Justin’s Fresh Vintage Watersound Wedding was just that. For starters, we all know what vintage usually looks and feels like.  As you oo and ahh through the photos, you’ll notice they didn’t overdo it or try to theme their wedding at all. The Vintage feel is very subtle and fresh.


Watercolor Wedding Photos | Jordan and Ryan

Not long ago we shared THIS WEDDING VIDEO, raving about the bride and her bold style (and the groom with his groom’s cake).  Today we want to share their wedding photos with you, taken at the always amazing WaterColor Resort (coordinated by the equally fabulous Cheryl Walton of St. Joe Club & Resorts). Most of the time we share the photos & video together, but this time we did it separately. As you can see, a wedding video tells the story one way with the wedding photos sharing that same story – but from a different angle.

In our case, there really are two sides to every story… the one told through still photographs and the one in motion. Take a few minutes and look through Jordan and Ryan’s wedding photos and then go back and watch their wedding video. Of course they cover a lot of the same ground, but there is an element of life that videography brings because it entices even more of the senses. On the other side, still photos allow you to focus and really observe and appreciate small details.

If you can’t tell by now, we’re just really in love with wedding photography and wedding videography. We swoon over the couples that allow us the privilege of capturing both, allowing us to tell the story from multiple perspectives.


Watercolor Wedding Photos | Jordan and Ryan Watercolor Wedding Photos | Jordan and Ryan pure7studios_destinphotographer_3338 Watercolor Wedding Photos | Jordan and Ryan Watercolor Wedding Photos | Jordan and Ryan pure7studios_destinphotographer_3339 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3358 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3363 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3371 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3366 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3336 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3365 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3335 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3334 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3340 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3347 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3344 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3343 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3359 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3368 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3360 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3346 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3345 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3369 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3361 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3337 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3348 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3372 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3370 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3367 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3362 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3373 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3351 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3356 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3377 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3353 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3376 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3378 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3355 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3354 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3375 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3374

Watercolor Wonderland | Laura + Bobby

Sometimes you look at wedding photos and you feel like you really get a sense of how everything looked and felt. Other times you see the wedding photos and you just wish you were there. Laura and Bobby’s Watercolor Wonderland of a wedding was the latter. If someone looks through all of the wedding photos below and then tries to tell us they don’t feel like they missed out… we’ll call them a liar.

From getting ready in the rooms to getting down on the dance floor this wedding really seems to have it all. For starters, Laura had ten beautiful bridesmaids! This means ten dresses, hairstyles, make up sessions, and lots and lots of pictures. We don’t often shoot weddings with such a big wedding party so we took some creative liberties with this group. They had such an energy about them. So much personality and of course, more love for the bride and groom than any two people could possible comprehend.

The entire wedding and celebration is no doubt one for the books. Or in today’s modern world, one for the boards. (We’re talking about Pinterest.)  The flowers hanging in the trees created the perfect backdrop for the ceremony which took place in front of friends and family. Every detail was well thought out and perfectly executed. It’s hard to believe it’s over.

Like Laura and Bobby, we’re so grateful for these wedding photos so we can remember their big day and just how big of a wedding whirlwind it was.

pure7studios_destinphotographer_3227 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3267 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3266 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3230 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3225 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3228 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3269 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3265 Watercolor Wonderland | Laura + Bobby pure7studios_destinphotographer_3268 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3264 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3226 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3235 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3281 Watercolor Wonderland | Laura + Bobby pure7studios_destinphotographer_3229 Watercolor Wonderland | Laura + Bobby pure7studios_destinphotographer_3232 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3280 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3270 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3217 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3233 Watercolor Wonderland | Laura + Bobby pure7studios_destinphotographer_3242 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3218 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3222 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3282 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3243 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3216 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3275 Watercolor Wonderland | Laura + Bobby pure7studios_destinphotographer_3236 Watercolor Wonderland | Laura + Bobby pure7studios_destinphotographer_3274 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3276 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3238 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3239 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3244 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3245 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3278 Watercolor Wonderland | Laura + Bobby pure7studios_destinphotographer_3241 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3246 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3247 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3248 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3263 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3262 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3279 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3249 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3251 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3252 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3253 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3254 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3255 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3256 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3258 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3259 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3260 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3271 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3272 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3261

We’re already booking weddings for 2016 so contact us if you’re getting married in the Destin or 30A area to discuss our wedding packages and availability.


Wonderful Watersound Beach Wedding | Caroline & Nick

If you remember back a few weeks, we shared their wedding video and told you once you watched it, you’d wish Caroline was your new best friend.  Well,  today we bring you the beautiful wedding photos from their wonderful Watersound Beach wedding and they will only make you fall in love with Caroline and Nick even more.

These two ooze confidence and class with the perfect twist of play. Always able to joke and be free in the moment without the tone of the day falling anything short of wedding worthy. When you’re around them, you feel as if you’ve entered Caroline and Nick’s world. The truth of the matter is… you probably have. We’re just so happy they made room in their world for us so we could take it all in and then capture it on camera for them to keep forever.

As you pour over their wedding photos, pay attention to their facial expressions. Both Caroline and Nick are involved in acting and performing and their comfort in front of the camera really shines through. They are both so effortlessly candid, really living in the moment. These are crucial skills to have when creating a character but even more important when you get to just be yourself. Caroline and Nick were completely themselves and we couldn’t have created the perfect wedding photo collection without them.

Enjoy the different combinations of old and new, black and white, funny and serious, and most of all Caroline and Nick. We love them both and look forward to any chance we’d get to work with them again.


Wonderful Watersound Beach Wedding | Caroline & Nick pure7studios_destinphotographer_3182 Wonderful Watersound Beach Wedding | Caroline & Nick pure7studios_destinphotographer_3215 Wonderful Watersound Beach Wedding | Caroline & Nick pure7studios_destinphotographer_3213 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3207 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3183 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3210 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3174 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3208 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3205 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3190 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3172 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3171 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3187 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3184 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3188 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3173 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3191 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3196 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3179 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3193 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3194 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3169 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3180 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3170 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3178 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3177 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3209 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3198 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3181 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3185 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3186 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3200 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3168 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3160 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3161 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3162 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3176 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3163 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3164 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3165 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3166 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3167 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3212 Wonderful Watersound Beach Wedding | Caroline & Nick pure7studios_destinphotographer_3192 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3202 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3203 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3204 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3214 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3195 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3197 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3199 pure7studios_destinphotographer_3201

To join Caroline and Nick as one of our prized Pure7 Couples, contact us. We’ll give you information on our wedding photography packages as well as the upcoming availability.



WaterColor, FL Weddings | Catherine+Malcolm

































When the the Pure7™ team first started our correspondence with and met Catherine, Malcolm, Catherine’s mom (Kristin) and dad back in June, we were immediately excited. First of all, they are all wonderfully sweet people and we hit it off from the start. Second, we absolutely love photographing and filming WaterColor FL, Weddings. Third, we adore photographing  ‘Petite Weddings’ which is what this beautiful couple chose for their August 18th nuptials. I could go on with all the ways we fell in love with this couple but I’ll stop so we can get to their gorgeous images!

Surrounded by the closest of family & friends, Catherine and Malcolm professed their love for one another in a beautiful, intimate ceremony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico on Florida’s Emerald Coast. Don’t you just love the unique bouquet created by the amazing Bella Flora team? Following their beach wedding, the couple joined their friends & family for a reception dinner at the fabulous Fish Out of Water Restaurant (also in WaterColor Resort). Ryan & Alan were there to capture it all via photographs and video and here is what Catherine had to say of their experience:

“Malcolm and I absolutely love our wedding photos! This was the best day of our lives, and we could not have asked for a better photographer to capture this special day. Everyone at Pure7 felt like part of the family because they made everything so fun and comfortable. We are so thankful that we are able to look back and remember all of the joy and laughter. WE LOVE PURE 7!”

Many thanks to Catherine & Malcolm (and Kristin!) for choosing and allowing the Pure7™ photography + videography team to be a part of such a special day in your lives!

Cameras : 5D Mark II, Contax 645

Lenses: 50/1.2,  35/1.4,  70-200/2.8 IS,  Carl Zeiss 80/2

Film stock: Fuji 400h

Processed at The Find Lab

Tara & Chris | WaterColor Wedding

Tara and Chris were married just last month at the Watercolor Inn & Resort, which is only one of  THE coolest and most beautiful beach resorts ever.  Their ceremony was held at the picturesque Western Lake Park, with a reception following in Watercolor’s newest wedding venue, the Lake House.  If you haven’t seen this incredible venue yet, then you’re in for a treat!  Completely breathtaking.

We absolutely loved being Tara and Chris’s Watercolor wedding photographers.  Not only are these two madly in love and adorable, but Chris’s sweet daughter (and flower girl!), Claire, was an absolute doll!  Beautiful wedding, beautiful setting and a beautiful day made this a great way to kick off 2014!

Our as-always amazing wedding team:

Coordinator: Joseph Lanzy

Event + Floral Design: Fisher’s Flowers

Hair: Johnathan Doria

Makeup: Yvette Nation

Water Color Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers in Watercolor and Seaside Florida