Seaside Weddings

The idyllic community of Seaside is quite possibly the most popular and, without a doubt, the original 30A destination. This charming Northwest Florida town is where you’ll find exclusively native vegetation and cozy streets lined with cottages, each with their own sweet white picket fence and unique name plaque hanging out front, introducing themselves to their neighbors.

Known for its new urbanism model, everything in Seaside is built around the town square and sprawling amphitheater. You can walk or bike to any location within the city limits. Each street connects to pathways that wind through charming neighborhoods and eventually lead to the beach, providing many perfect portrait opportunities.

Wedding ceremony venue options include the charming Seaside Chapel, the lawn at Ruskin Place, a beachside pavilion, and several different beach locations. Reception venues vary based on the size of your party. Choose from Ruskin Place, the Lyceum Lawn, a beachside pavilion, or the iconic Bud and Alley’s restaurant. If you must know, our personal favorite is Ruskin Place. Surrounded by an umbrella of trees and quaint French-inspired apartments, there is nothing like dancing the night away under beautiful café lights in this beautiful romantic setting.

Shooting family and engagement portraits in Seaside is always a lot of fun. The bustling square on 30A is a well-known spot, with its famous airstream food trailers and giant purple wall. It’s the perfect warm-up before finishing on the beach at sunset.

Choosing Seaside Florida for your wedding celebration is sure to be all the best combinations of fun, romantic and, best of all, unforgettable.

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