When we think of headshots, the most obvious use that comes to mind is on the About page of your website.  But how else can you use your headshots?  We heard back from a few recent clients who use their headshots in places other than their websites, and below are a few of our favorite ideas!  We’d love to know, do you use your headshots somewhere we didn’t include on this list?  Drop us a comment and let us know so we can share more great ideas!

1. Marketing Materials – Brochures, business cards, signage and more can all benefit from a fresh headshot.  Printed materials are a classic self-promotion tool and a great way for your potential clients to take your info with them and remember who you were!

2. Social Media Profiles – From Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and LinkedIn, our clients headshots can be found all over social media!  It helps to update your headshot annually and keep your profile images consistent so people know it’s you on every platform!

3. Billboards – Yes, billboards!  Traditional advertising is a great place to showcase your professional headshot.  We loved driving past a recent client’s headshot shown on a billboard across the bridge in Niceville!  It was a beautiful part of their advertisement and definitely set their ad apart from the rest!

4. Email – Having an email signature is expected, and a nice touch is a small headshot image!  It can help your contacts remember you in their ever busy inbox.

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