I can safely say if I saw Caroline and Nick’s Wedding Video without every having met her, I would want Caroline to be my very best friend. Her expressions are priceless and just from watching this video you really do get a sneak peak at her soul. Seriously, watch the wedding video and then try and tell me she didn’t seem like the most fun loving, carefree bride. She was so at ease it’s almost unfair.

Caroline’s cool, calm, collected vibes are no doubt because of the overwhelming love she gets from Nick. He clearly completes her and supports her in a way only he knows how. More than once Caroline and Nick left us and entered their own little world. They shared some amazing little moments that will now live on forever.  That’s what is so inspiring to us about wedding videos.

Wedding Videos are still relatively new historically. The memories that we are now able to capture now leave us in awe sometimes. Photography has changed because of videography.  Watching what Alan was able to do with the footage from Caroline and Nick’s definitely left us in awe. We hope you feel the same and fall in love with Caroline and Nick just as much as we have.

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