Greetings from a stunningly beautiful 68° day along the Emerald Coast! Go ahead – you’re allowed to be jealous for a minute. Wedding Season has started, and that means only one thing: Portrait Season is coming. Our little black book is filling up, so please don’t wait to contact us to book your session. We’ve already had some fun family shoots that we’ll be blogging soon, which means we’re all warmed up (literally, thanks to this fabulous spring weather) and ready to shoot.

So what have we been doing in the off-season? Oh, just a little exclusive collaboration with a nationally-known artist. You know, nbd.

Actually, it’s a REALLY big deal. We were beyond excited last month to debut a brand new painted photography project with mixed media artist and high school buddy Andy Saczynski, who is fast becoming a household name in the art community. The short version is that Ryan, our lead photographer and studio co-owner, takes a photo and prints it on heirloom-quality canvas. He then hands it off to Andy, who contemplates it for a few days and then paints on the photo whatever inspires him. The results have been nothing short of fantastic and the first one sold in one day. For real. That’s why the next step seemed like a no-brainer.

After the first round of wedding and portrait photos, Ryan decided to take some shots of iconic 30A scenes including Western Lake, Seaside’s Coleman Pavilion and, of course, the beach. When the canvases arrived, Andy worked his magic and they started selling almost immediately. As of last week, our third round of collaboration is in progress. We are eagerly awaiting the final pieces and will show them as soon as they’re completed.

As artists, we love giving our clients an opportunity to invest in something that is truly original. Sure, you can buy some inexpensive prints or snap some pics on your iPhone, but are you going to actually do anything with those? The best thing about this collaboration is that the only limit is your imagination.

If you are in the market for an heirloom piece for your home, give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s chat.

P.S. Don’t forget to book your family’s portrait session. You’re not just taking pictures; you’re preserving memories.