Weddings are our jam. Totally. Especially in the fabulous 30A weather that’s happening right now! A close runner-up for us, though, are engagement sessions. They are seriously so much fun!

The groom is beaming with pride, the bride hasn’t yet tired of using grand gestures to point at everything with her left hand, and the couple is still basking in the afterglow of the proposal evening. This season of life is fresh and exciting and, we’ve found, can make for one of the most fun photoshoots a couple can do together.


Whether you want to capture your life at the beach or in the Big Apple, we’re ready whenever and wherever you are. Before you disappear into Pinterest + planning, let’s talk about why engagement pictures can be one of the best ways to prepare for a super important part of your wedding day.

•  You have the opportunity to work with your photographers before they photograph one of the most important days of your life. You attend taste-testings for cake and catering, you try on dresses and tuxes, you schedule consultations with your planner and florist. But how many couples get to do a test run with their photographer? An engagement shoot is the perfect environment in which to interact with your photographers outside of a studio visit or phone conversation.

•  You have time to get comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll not be on the tight timeline you’ll have between the ceremony and reception, so you’ll be able to relax and experience a professional shoot at your pace. If you’ve not done one before, this type of session is a fun way to break the ice.

•  You’ll get to see firsthand what you do and don’t want in a finished photo. One of our recent brides learned that she didn’t like any of the straight-faced shots of herself and her fiancé. They laugh and joke constantly, so a more serious pose didn’t reflect who their personalities.  She said she now knows to tell future photographers that they don’t want any pictures in which they aren’t smiling.

Our tips for a fun, successful engagement shoot are pretty simple:

•  Dress like yourselves. If you don’t normally match when you catch a movie or wear a button-down shirt to an event, now is not the time to start. Be comfortable. Choose outfits that you’d wear out to dinner, clothes in which you easily move and walk and sit.

•  Stick with your style. A photoshoot setting that flows with your personal taste and home decor can result in gorgeous canvases that become heirloom wall art. This is a fantastic way to celebrate a special time in your life without having to resort to scrolling through Instagram thumbnails.

•  Trust us. We genuinely love people and thoroughly enjoy shoots where we have complete freedom to create art with the most precious subject: you. If you hired us because you love our work, then you already know that we will bring our best to the table and your shoot will be no exception.

Well – are you ready? We are! Contact us so we can chat about capturing this priceless chapter in your love story.


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