The title pretty much says it all, but we had such a great time with Hannah and Harley that we can’t help but rave about their big and bright, black and white Gulf Place Wedding. In thinking about what we wanted to say about them and their big day, it seemed the most sense to break it down as we have below.

Big and Bright

If you’ve already scrolled through their wedding photos, then you know exactly why we picked these two words to describe Hannah and Harley’s big day. (If you haven’t scrolled through the photos yet … what are you waiting for?!) Their wedding was a perfect weather day for taking wedding photographs. The sky was bluer than normal and the coast a little more emerald. Hannah’s wedding colors complimented the scenery impeccably and flattered everyone. No easy task when you’re trying to dress a wedding party of more than thirty people. Yep. Thirty! (Now you know why we said big!) These two lovebirds had more than ten people each standing at their side to support and celebrate their wedding day. Having that many people at their sides was definitely a testament to how wonderful the bride and groom are as people. If mankind were ranked on Billboard Charts, both Hannah and Harley would make the cut.

Black and White

This, of course, refers primarily to all of the black and white wedding photos we took that day. Black and white wedding photos are often timeless, telling a different story than their colorful counterparts. At times, there’s an intensity and seriousness with black and white portraits that color photography doesn’t quite capture. We could go on an on about this topic for days, but it’s only because we are passionate about our art and creativity. Clearly, that’s what makes photography so rewarding and why we’re so grateful for our Pure7 couples. Nothing is better than making friends with people who get what you do and trust you to help preserve their memories forever.

Gulf Place Wedding

This wedding easily could’ve made the cut on our venue list post as an example of what a wonderful venue Gulf Place is. The best part of any venue is using your flowers and decor to personalize it and make it your own. We couldn’t be more proud of how Hannah and Harley’s wedding photos turned out, but those of you who were there know that some moments have to be experienced (and nothing compares to the real thing). May these pictures filled with friends, family (or total strangers!) inspire the hopeless romantic in all of us.
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