Pure7: Fall Session Mood Board


With just a few time slots available through the end of the year, now’s the time to get your Fall portrait session scheduled!  From senior sessions to family portraits, engagements, and more, we’ve pulled a few of our favorite Fall shots to create our very own mood board and give you a little inspiration for [...]

Pure7: Fall Session Mood Board2021-07-22T19:42:09-06:00

Ryan’s Software and Editing Process


At Pure7, we strive to do most of the work with the camera. By that, I mean that we don’t believe in using photo editing software to drastically change the pictures that we take. We believe in capturing the real, natural beauty of the moment as it happens, not later in the studio. That being [...]

Ryan’s Software and Editing Process2021-07-22T19:43:22-06:00

Five Alternatives to a Guest Book


We love the whole purpose behind including a guest book at your wedding. Someday, you’ll want to look back and remember all the close friends and family that were able to share your special day with you. But these days, there are so many unique and interesting ways to keep the idea of a guest [...]

Five Alternatives to a Guest Book2021-07-22T19:43:23-06:00

What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot


The What to Wear Conundrum  From finding the perfect dress to picking out wedding china, planning your big day can feel like a dizzying whirlwind. One big decision on a bride’s mind around the eight to six month mark is “What in the world do I wear for our Engagement photos?!” Whether you’re keeping it [...]

What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot2021-07-22T19:45:31-06:00

A New York City Love Story | Ben & Randi’s Engagement Shoot


“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” Joe Fox knew what he was talking about. That line from one of the best-loved movies in cinematic history perfectly describes the [...]

A New York City Love Story | Ben & Randi’s Engagement Shoot2018-02-09T14:22:50-06:00

Why We Love Seaside Engagement Photos | Hannah & Sam


We love working on 30A. There are so many pretty beach communities that line the Gulf of Mexico and if you ask us, they are all on 30A. Lately Seaside seems to stand out as a top pick for engagement photos. The more we shoot there, the more we love it so today we're using Hannah [...]

Why We Love Seaside Engagement Photos | Hannah & Sam2018-02-09T14:22:52-06:00

How To Get Romantic Engagement Photos | Colton & Mary in Rosemary Beach


If Mary Poppins had ever chosen to take a beach vacation it most certainly would've been to Rosemary Beach, Florida. It's practically perfect in every way. That's why it was the perfect place for Colton and Mary's engagement photos. While getting engagement photos is probably a given, we want to share how to get romantic [...]

How To Get Romantic Engagement Photos | Colton & Mary in Rosemary Beach2018-02-09T14:22:52-06:00

Engagement Session Seaside Style | Victoria & Spencer


For most people, getting engaged is the official beginning of happily ever after. Sure you can love someone with all your heart and dream about spending your days together but until it's official there's always an element of "the unknown" that makes it seem like dream. When we got the call to shoot an engagement [...]

Engagement Session Seaside Style | Victoria & Spencer2018-02-09T14:22:52-06:00

Fort Pickens Engagement Photos | Shirley & Chad


By now it's probably pretty obvious we spend most of our time shooting wedding photos and videos along 30A. Recently it seems like we've spent a fair share of our time shooting and filming in Rosemary Beach or Seaside. That's why these Fort Pickens engagement photos were so much fun with Shirley and Chad. If [...]

Fort Pickens Engagement Photos | Shirley & Chad2018-02-09T14:22:52-06:00

Engagement Photos in Seaside| Angie + Michael


Whoever decided a save the date or wedding invitation should include a photo of the couple was just plain smart. One simple action and the engagement photo industry was born. We have no idea when it started, but we're happy the tradition is here to stay. It allows us to work with one-of-a-kind couples like Angie and Michael. They prove engagement sessions are [...]

Engagement Photos in Seaside| Angie + Michael2018-02-09T14:22:58-06:00