Featured Portraits with Waves of Grace & The Wildman Family


If you’ve been following our journey the past few years, you know we consider giving back to our community not only a high priority but a blessing for us to use our business and life-calling for the benefit of others.  When we partnered with Waves of Grace back in 2015, we knew it would [...]

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Get to Know: Waves of Grace


A picture is worth a thousand words and brings back a million memories. For cancer patients and their families, capturing precious moments through family photographs is priceless. In 2015, we began collaborating with Waves of Grace, a 501c3 non-profit that sends cancer patients and their loved ones on all-expenses paid, respite beach vacations. They believe [...]

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A Waves of Grace Shoot for Miss Macey and Her Family


When we discovered the Waves of Grace nonprofit organization, we knew we wanted to get involved and provide the families with a long lasting reminder of their meaningful family vacations. Waves of Grace sends cancer patients on vacations with their families so they can try to relax and step away from the stress that comes [...]

A Waves of Grace Shoot for Miss Macey and Her Family2022-07-18T10:07:28-06:00

Making Waves in the Fight Against Cancer


A Local Charity is Making Waves in the Fight Against Cancer “As I was walking along the beach with my Lord… I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, One belonging to me and one to my Lord.” From the pristine waters of Miramar Beach, Florida to the pure white sands of Orange Beach, [...]

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Waves of Grace| Ferris Owen Family Pictures


Most folks spend the day after Christmas relaxing with friends and family, grazing on leftovers and debating whether or not to start taking down the tree. The Owen family spent theirs elsewhere – not on the gorgeous beach you see in the adorable family pictures below, but in the emergency room in a state of shock. To go from that setting [...]

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Waves of Grace | Lake Family Portrait


Although this is definitely the thick of family portrait season, we shoot them pretty much year-round. Such was the case with the Lake family, who enjoyed our beautiful beaches during the cooler months courtesy of Nashville-based Waves of Grace. This organization is one of several that provide beach vacations for families dealing with cancer, giving them a refreshing, [...]

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Waves of Grace | Patrick Family Beach Portrait


It’s spring along our gorgeous Emerald Coast, which means there is no shortage of families frolicking on the beach at sunset. The beach portrait session families are easy to spot, as they’re the ones fully clothed with a photographer hovering nearby. Not all of the laughing families are on a carefree vacation, however. A few have arrived on the brink of [...]

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Pure7 Studios & Operation Smile | Show the Love


We’re in what’s known locally as “off-season.” Typically, that means things slow down a bit before the swirl of wedding season begins, before the arrival of all the fun families who visit our beautiful 30a beach community each year. We thought about taking a break before our packed spring calendar takes over, and then we got it – The Email. [...]

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Working with Waves of Grace


Today we're sharing the family beach photos of families who came to Destin, 30A, or Panama City Beach on vacation with Waves of Grace. Our partnership with Waves of Grace is one we are both proud of and thankful for, and we get so much more out of these sessions than we could ever possibly give. Waves of [...]

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