Everything about Colby and Mary Elizabeth’s Eden Gardens State Park wedding in Santa Rosa Beach, FL was straight out of a fairytale. Watching their wedding video takes me back to me back to my childhood and all of the fairytale-esque ideas I had about what my wedding day would look like. Of course, every bride deserves to find herself in a fairytale on her wedding day, I’m especially in awe of Mary Elizabeth and how perfectly her fairytale stood the test of time and became a reality last May when she married Colby. We were fortunate enough to send Alan to do their wedding videography alongside Kate’s Captures, who did the wedding photography.

Alan did a brilliant job filming and editing their wedding video in a way that allows anyone to fall into their fairytale. Early on we see butterflies outside and the bride with all her bridesmaids getting ready. There’s also a beautiful shot of her wedding dress with was appears to be a “something blue” ribbon around the waist hanging in a window. Next, we’re taken on a journey through decades of love and devotion as we see the wedding photography of their loved ones displayed in frames. If her parents’ successful marriage is any indication of what Mary Elizabeth and Colby have to look forward to, they truly have a lifetime of love and happiness ahead. Her parents have been married 32 years!

One of my favorite fairytale moments is just past minute one when we see a wide shot showing us what looks like an enchanted forest where all of the festivities took place. It looks right out of a storybook.  That’s only about a third of the way through their wedding video but we’ll alone now so you can experience it for yourself and be inspired to find your own fairytale.

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