Ellie & Al

Some people just have that effortless and timeless look. You know the one we’re talking about. Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Jaqueline Kennedy, Kate Middleton. They’ve all got it. You’ll see as you look through Tess and Jay’s wedding photos, Tess is another name we need to add to the list of women with “the look.”

As if her looking the part of a timeless beauty isn’t enough; Tess married her best friend Jay at her family’s picturesque private residence in Destin, Florida. We’re convinced there isn’t a place more perfect for them to say their I do’s because we know all there really is no place like home. The stunning property leaves nothing to be desired as guests sat along the back balcony and pool looking across the water to watch as Tess and Jay became man and wife.

They had things we never would’ve dreamed of and were once again humbled by the beauty we found ourselves surrounded in. Whether you’re planning a wedding, dreaming up your future wedding, or already married, we hope you are as inspired by their big day as we are.