Today’s Featured Friday is coming at you in threes. We’re sharing three features from three different blogs covering three different weddings. As always, it’s empowering to see our industry embrace the work we do. Plus, our clients never cease to amaze which is so humbling. With no further delay, three more Pure7 Beach Weddings we’re proud to share.

The first is the intimate wedding between Tara and Chris at Watercolor Resort. Featured on Every Last Detail, this is sure to be a wedding with inspiration and ideas because there are pictures on pictures on pictures showing how sometimes less really is more. If you’re deciding what size wedding you want, this wedding is a MUST SEE.

Second, we’re sharing with you the Seaside, FL wedding of Natalie and Parker. Southern Weddings featured this Pure7 Wedding being sure to point out just how much of a true southern belle Natalie is. With stylish two-tone bridesmaids dresses and the sweetest of love stories (which is shared in the article), we can see why Southern Weddings shined a little light on their big day.

Our third and final feature for today is from none other than Floridian Social. Lauren and Brett are high school sweethearts who dated all through college as well before moving to Destin, FL.  They even brought their favorite college band to come play at their beachfront wedding. Here’s a great look into a couple with a love that had already stood the test of time when they said their I Dos.

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