We love the whole purpose behind including a guest book at your wedding. Someday, you’ll want to look back and remember all the close friends and family that were able to share your special day with you. But these days, there are so many unique and interesting ways to keep the idea of a guest book without the book itself! You can capture the same essence while creatively matching the theme of your wedding. The possibilities truly are endless. We’ve picked just five of our personal favorites and spelled them out for you. Maybe these ideas will even inspire you to create your own! 

Frame it. Take one of your engagement photos (or any photo of you and your fiancè) to be matted and framed. You’ll want to get a pretty large matte – your guests will sign and write little messages all around your photo. The neat thing about this option is that you can hang it up in your home. Rather than sitting in a box and gathering dust somewhere, you can see and appreciate it daily.

Signed, sealed, delivered. Collect postcards from different places – they could be from you and your spouse-to-be’s hometown(s), your current residence, travels you’ve shared, or any other locations of importance. Your guests choose a postcard to write their well-wishes and messages on. Be sure to provide some sort of jar or basket – some have even used real mailboxes – for collecting the cards.

Celebrate the milestones.  Pick up 4 bottles of you and your fiancè’s favorite wines. Your guests can sign either on the bottle directly, or on custom labels that you create. Save these wines for your milestone anniversaries – you can label them as such: 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years. Each time you celebrate one of these anniversaries, you can look at the guests who signed and reminisce about that wonderful day together.

Go old-school. Find a vintage Polaroid camera and set up a small “photo booth” for your guests. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just bring in some small, fun props and a few sharpies, and voila! Your wedding guests can sign the photos and write short messages for the two of you. You’ll need something to hold all the Polaroids. After the festivities are over, you can paste them in a blank book or photo album. It makes for a cool visual to be able to see your guests and remember how much fun they were having celebrating with you. This idea also serves as reception entertainment for your guests, even if you decide not to use it as your “guest book”.

Biblical wisdom. Pick out a bible with your husband- or wife-to-be. Ideally, search for a larger bible with some room to write in the margins. Then, you can leave highlighters and pens for your guests to highlight their favorite verses and sign. This tangible book will not only be filled with memories of your wedding day, it will be a wonderful source of wisdom with helpful passages highlighted by the people closest to you. This “guest book” will be something you can actually use in the years to come.

These are just a few of the many different ideas you can explore. The important thing is choosing whatever “guest book” will mean the most to both you and your fiancè for the years to come. It is our goal at Pure7 to make your day flow as smoothly as possible. We invest our creativity and passion into creating tangible memories of your wedding day. Contact us to see how we can make your special day more meaningful.