Living in Destin near 30A and Santa Rosa Beach (among others) means the majority of our awesome clients are from far away and typically want wedding photography or some family beach photos while here enjoying a nice vacation. But, every so often we get a local!! We love our locals and the Gould family is no exception.

Here for her husband’s current Army assignment, Daniela originally reached out to us to have Lindsey take newborn portraits of Daniel when was he was born.  Sadly, she was away in India and unable able to do the shoot. So when Daniela later asked us to take family beach photos of their beautiful family we were excited and said YES!!

By then, Daniel was around 10 months old and cuter than ever (seriously… just look at the photos.) We did an afternoon/sunset session on Santa Rosa Beach. The light reflected on the water and hit the sugar-white sand creating the perfect setting. Lindsey captured the new family of three in every combination and shot some great photos of Daniel on his own. (Him in his bow-tie peeking over the back of the chair was a fast favorite!)  She even had the opportunity to photograph three generations together.

After all was said and done Daniela was gracious enough to share their experience with us.

“We had such a great afternoon with Lindsey!  She made the entire session so incredibly easy and fun.  Because of her sunny disposition we felt very relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, enjoying every moment with our sweet baby Daniel the entire time.”

We feel so lucky it worked out for Lindsey to meet this beautiful family!

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To see more examples of family beach photos, go to our blog.  If you’re interested in booking your own beach family portraits, contact us!