If you’ve ever been in a wedding then you know it takes a lot of work to make the “big day” a perfect day. It’s common to hire a wedding planner (and this couple had the ever-so-talented Savoir Faire Weddings), but the bride and groom still have to pick the date and find a venue fitting for their vision. Of course, after all that gets decided the real planning begins!

The wedding party has to be finalized and colors picked.  Then there’s the guest list, wedding photographer, flowers, food, dancing, drinks, decorations and most importantly the wedding videographer! Wait. that’s not right … the dress! The dress is most important. (I guess with Michael and Jordan’s wedding video on the brain, we got a little excited.)

By now you probably get the idea … there’s a lot of details that go into the ceremony and celebrating of a couple when they decide to get married.  Michael and Jordan’s Rosemary Beach wedding was no exception. How do I know? I’ve seen their wedding video!

Our wedding videographer, Alan, recreated their perfect day down to every last detail. His unparalleled ability to shoot and edit left them with a lasting keepsake. The wedding video preserves details that might otherwise be lost over the years as their love story is passed on for generations. He also enjoyed working along Dede & Ginny of Dede Edwards Photography, who were there to photograph this beautiful wedding ceremony & reception. For a full list of the wonderful wedding vendors that came together to give this couple the destination wedding of their dreams, please contact their planner, Stephanie Tate.

Watch Michael and Jordan’s Wedding Video and see how seamlessly the details of their perfect day are celebrated and forever kept safe.

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