The Klibanoff family is just as unique as their name.  Individually they are all one of a kind yet as a family they are one. We had the pleasure of taking their family beach photos during their Fourth of July trip and just like them, their family beach photos are one of a kind.

The best part about their photo session with us? They chose to do a Coalesce Session so we got to bring Alan along to shoot a family highlight video. These videos are a fast favorite around the studio – and with the clients who want them –  because every family member is interviewed and leaves a little piece of their heart in the project.

Alan films everyone describing their family members and memories they have together giving viewers like us a deeper look into their life. Photos can speak a thousand words but there are times when actual words mean the most. We strive to let our coalesce sessions be one of those special places so those meaningful words live forever in film.

Once you’ve watched the Klibanoff family highlight video you can draw so much more from their family photos. The fun facts and personality that shines through in the interviews begins to show up in the photos. You don’t just see love, you see their love.

Knowing how they came to be a family can also allow others to relate to our clients. That’s part of why we love doing what we do. It’s a dream when we get a new client because they saw a family photo or a wedding video that just speaks to them.

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Whether you’re coming for a family vacation or a destination wedding we’d love to help your life moments live on. Contact us and we can share all of our packages and pricing to find the best fit for your family.