If you’ve been following our journey the past few years, you know we consider giving back to our community not only a high priority but a blessing for us to use our business and life-calling for the benefit of others.  When we partnered with Waves of Grace back in 2015, we knew it would be a long term partnership we would cherish. At the time though, we had no idea what an incredible impact the families we’ve been blessed to meet over the years would have on us!

We are pleased to share some of our recent photographs captured during these families’ respite beach vacations along the Emerald Coast.

Waves of Grace is a 501c3 non-profit that was founded in 2014 by Jennifer and Mike Matwijec after Jennifer’s mom passed away with gastric cancer.  Their organization sends cancer patients and their loved ones on all-expenses-paid, respite beach vacations. They believe rest is essential to fighting any disease, and laughter and making memories with loved ones is some of the best medicine there is. Through these vacations, Waves of Grace provides an avenue for families to leave cancer at home while experiencing experience rest, relaxation, hope, and peace.

So far, we have photographed dozens of families and worked with Make & Stow and Simply Color Lab who have graciously donated photo boxes and prints for families to take home keepsakes from their experience.

We love sharing the work of this wonderful organization, and we are excited to continue to work with Waves of Grace as they strive to provide light and joy to families experiencing the trials and challenges that come with cancer.

With funds raised from grassroots support, 60 families have benefited from an all-expenses-paid vacation from Waves of Grace. The long-term mission is to reach as many families needing a vacation as possible. To help fund the vacations, they train and fundraise for a half marathon, where funds are raised to get through a year of expenses.

In addition to the half marathon, the second annual Waves of Grace Herb Lee Golf Classic will be held on September 30, 2019, to raise funds for more beach vacations while remembering the first vacation recipient who passed away in 2015.  You can click here to learn more about the Golf Classic.

Waves of Grace has also started a respite beach house fund to build a dedicated home on the beach for these families. While Waves of Grace currently works with property owners all along the Gulf Coast that donate weeks to the organization, they are also hoping to build a home on the beach that can accommodate any cancer patient no matter their need. This home would include an elevator, ramp to the beach, and anything else that delicate recipients might need.

The organization’s biggest need is additional property owners to work with them to donate weeks. They are grateful for any number of weeks donated! Of course, Waves of Grace is always taking donations to help support the cause. Businesses have the opportunity to become corporate sponsors during the upcoming charity golf event.

There are several ways you can help!  From one-time donations to becoming a corporate sponsor, or sharing your beachfront property – every donation is appreciated.  

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Instagram: @waves.of.grace

To learn more about nominating a cancer patient for a beach vacation, visit the Waves of Grace website.

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