While living on the Emerald Coast has all the perks we love, we also love to adventure on occasion.  Sometimes it’s for work and sometimes it’s for play, but whatever the case we love sharing the gems we find on the road with you!  If you’re looking for an adventure not far from Destin (that still can feel worlds away), New Orleans is worth considering.  About a four hour road trip away with tons of great places to visit and see for yourself, you can spend a nice weekend exploring and get back in time for work Monday morning.  Find just a few of our New Orleans favorites below!

Boasting a world renowned music scene, there’s no shortage of options for live entertainment.  A few of our favorites include Frenchmen Street and Three Muses.  Frenchmen Street is lined with restaurants, bars, and clubs that have some of the best live music you’ll find.  Three Muses is a cozy club on the south side of the street, worth a visit if you enjoy jazz!

Magazine Street in the Garden District is great for shopping and dining.  District Donuts is worth a visit for your morning coffee, and Ruby Slipper Café is another option for great breakfast or lunch.  Mardi Gras World, the warehouse where those famous parade floats are created, is also not far from the Garden District.

Head downtown for lunch at Willa Jean (for some chicken & biscuits!) or Mothers (for po’ boys).  Over in the French Quarter, you can find Stanley (their oyster eggs Benedict & Bloody Mary are great!), The Court of Two Sisters (near Jackson Square), and Mr. B’s for traditional southern comfort creole options.  Green Goddess also has some creative plates and cocktails if you want something with flare!

Dinner options are endless with everything from standard american fare, to creole, to fine dining – most within walking distance from one another.  Some of our favorites include Sylvain, Dragos (for chargrilled oysters), and the Rum House (for the best fish tacos!). Hansen’s – Sno-Bliz is an old-school shaved ice stand that’s been around since the 30’s.  With flavors like nectar cream, chocolate, coffee, and more, their shaved ice creations are the perfect treat when it’s nice out!

The Columns Hotel has a great happy hour, and Hot Tin is another fun cocktail option – it’s the rooftop bar in the hotel Pontchartrain and they have a great vibe and views!  For craft cocktails, Bar Tonique is worth a visit!

No matter your interests, New Orleans truly has something for everyone.  We’ve gone several times in the past few years and always find something new to try out and add to our list of favorites.  Have you made the trip from Destin to New Orleans or are you considering one in the future?  Let us know in the comments below!
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