It’s no secret that working from home can present different distractions than you’d face at an office.  Add in social-distancing and local business/school closures and it’s a whole new world. The reality for so many of us with kids home too (trying to navigate homeschooling while we still need to work, not to mention housework, and all the things!), is that we are facing challenges we’ve never even considered until now.  

While we try to create a routine that works for the entire family to support ourselves and our sanity, we also lean on some resources to help things run as smoothly as possible when we need it.  Below are a few resources/tools we’ve found helpful in addition to dedicating time each day for work, school, and good old fashioned family fun.

HoneyBook/Rising Tide: HoneyBook is a tech company focused on making the admin side of small business a little easier with cloud-based software solutions.  They merged with Rising Tide a few years ago and together they support creatives with the concept of “community over competition.” As the impacts of Coronavirus became glaring, they put together a resource hub that includes topics like mental health, finances & aid, legal, and more.  You can find the resource hub here.

Small Business Grants: In addition to the federal government efforts to aid small businesses, there are other private companies offering grant programs as well.  Facebook recently announced a grant program offering more than $100 million in grants and ad credits to help small businesses. You can join find more details here.

Headspace or Calm: You can find either of these meditation apps on your phone and both options have free options available now to help ease stress.

Audible Stories: Audible Stories offers access to free stories for kids of all ages.  You can instantly stream them on your devices today. Find free access here.

MeetEdgar: MeetEdgar is a social media tool designed to take the guesswork out of your posting schedule and allow you to easily schedule and reshare posts.  We’ve used it to help fill in the gaps between posts to stay in touch through our business social media profiles even when life has been a little busy. You can get an exclusive $10 recurring monthly discount when you sign up for Edgar using our referral link here.

Time Capsule Printable: If you have younger kids, this cute time capsule printable template could be a fun project to pass some time (and save for when their kids/grandkids ask about that one time everyone was quarantined and ran out of toilet paper!): Time Capsule Printable

As we hear of new resources we think you’d benefit from, we’ll add them to this list so you can refer back to them when you need a little more support.

Above all, we hope you all are doing well and please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you with anything.  If you know of other resources we should add, please drop them in the comments below!