One of our best-loved wedding video highlight films now has a full-length version! We were absolutely dying to share it with you but had to wait until Mary Grace & Chad saw it first, so we contained ourselves until we got their thumbs-up. You know that feeling you got as a kid on Christmas Eve? That’s seriously how we feel waiting to hear from our clients when we send off a wedding video for approval. Their response was like coming downstairs to find a new Xbox under the tree.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to relive these memories tonight.I absolutely love that our friends and family are the narrators throughout the film. Thank you so much for this gift – the ability to revisit such a beautiful night for years to come!” ~ Mary Grace & Chad Pinkard

There was so much we adored about this wedding video, not the least of which was the breathtaking Rosemary Beach Town Hall. At night. With votives and twinkle lights. The atmosphere was magical and the work of some of the top vendors on the Emerald Coast gave us fantastic sets on which to film scenes of this incredibly special day. The real content, though, came from the people.

At this wedding, it was because of the people that we were able to go beyond producing a montage of the day and actually tell the story of Mary Grace & Chad narrated completely by their friends and family. So we asked Alan, our talented videographer who created this priceless film, how this came together.

“We were able to gather a lot of material at the rehearsal dinner the night before,” Alan explained. “It’s a more relaxed environment, before the best man has too much to drink at the reception or the maid of honor gets nervous and forgets her toast. People spoke about love and marriage, and the couple’s future together rather than telling personal stories of their relationship with one or the other of them.”

Alan went on to describe how those types of toasts make the entire film feel more cohesive, because the focus is on the couple and their new life that everyone has gathered to celebrate instead of reliving glory days from high school or telling college tales that should have gone untold. He said that, in his experience, those types of toasts can make the story feel one-sided. In this case, the entire weekend was clearly dedicated to this beloved young couple and it comes across in every aspect of this film.

We would love to chat with you about your upcoming wedding. If you think your budget can’t swing a wedding video, let’s talk about that. We offer interest-free payments – not because we want you to buy something but because we know first-hand the value of hearing the voices of those you love telling you how much they love you. That’s something that photographs can’t do. We put a price tag on it because we have to charge something but, really, it’s priceless.