We couldn’t wait to show you some of our latest wedding videography so today we’re sharing a Santa Rosa Beach Spring wedding video.  From the moment you see the bride you’ll be breathless. Her dress is like nothing we’ve ever seen before on a bride. So detailed and unique. Truly a statement piece beyond the given beautiful white gown you expect every bride to wear. We can’t wait for you to see it and hope you say yes to the dress! She looked stunning.

In addition to great fashion sense Jordan has a heart of gold and the most contagious smile.  We couldn’t get enough of it and had we’d stayed any longer we would’ve  gone home with sore cheeks. Ryan just adores her and it’s very clear they found a crazy love they want to hold on to just like the sign said at their reception.

We could go on and on about Jordan being such a beautiful bride but it’s time we give the groom a little credit. He is one of few we’ve seen get to not only have a groom’s cake but have a groom’s cake that in no way matched the colors or look of the wedding and instead being he colors of a favorite team. Clearly Jordan loves Ryan just as much as he loves her.

They spent their big day surrounded by friends and family sneaking away to the beach with us for some wedding video footage. The reception was picture perfect and  as the day came to an end Jordan and Ryan left to start their new beginning.

Needless to say May 23rd, 2015 was a good day for Santa Rosa Beach and a great start for Jordan and Ryan.

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