Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware Pure7 Studios is on social media. In fact, most of you probably found this very blog post on one of our social media platforms. At any rate, we just wanted to take a few minutes and talk about why we love sharing our photography on social media and where you can get social with us. Plus, we’ve recently added a new social aspect to our repertoire that’s just stellar.


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It’s the most obvious place you can find us. If you ‘like’ and follow our facebook page (be sure to hover over the ‘like’ button and select ‘get notifications’ so you won’t miss our posts!), you’re getting the biggest variety of what we share socially. Here we get to introduce all of our new #pure7couples and shout out to previous clients when our photos of them are featured in various wedding magazines or on online. We’re also working hard to keep our photo albums up to date with our most recent work, in addition to posting each of our new blog posts. This is also a great place to interact with us and the wonderful vendors we work with year round.


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Another great place to see pretty much anything we put online. Whether it’s our latest blog post, a shout out to a client, or photos featured in various publications; you’ll be able to see it on Google+ in full force. We recognize not everybody likes the same platform and we’re also too proud of the photos and videos we create for us not to share socially on all platforms possible. If you don’t have currently have a Google+ account, it’s definitely something to look into. Behind Facebook, it has more users than any other social media app.

Twitter & Periscope

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Some like quick and candid interactions. For that, we have Twitter. We use this primarily to share our blog posts. Using only 140 characters, we’re able to be short and concise sharing one great photo from the post to give followers a sneak peak. We definitely recommend pairing Twitter with one or more of our other social sites in order to make sure you don’t miss anything!

You can also now find us on Periscope, which is a new live video-streaming app by Twitter, available on iTunes. Follow is to view a live porthole from time to time for a sneak peek of our photographers in action, and even some family time while out & about in Destin, Rosemary Beach, or 30A!


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Anyone that knows how Pinterest works can see why we love to use it to showcase our wedding and family portrait photography. The BEST part about it is we can easily group and share things on Pinterest that we can’t anywhere else. Here we have a board with tips and tricks to picking colors for family photos.  Putting together quick but helpful bits of information is so easy. It’s also a very visual platform so we can showcase all of our clients and use our photos to inspire other couples, families and photographers to get what they want out of their next professional session. This is a great place for anyone to get inspired.


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I’m sure it’s not shocking to see photographers on a photography app. We love this app because it’s the easiest and most fun way for us to intermix personal photos and happenings with our professional wedding or portrait sessions. When you start to follow us, you’ll see we keep it simple. Just Pure7 photos and videos for your eyes to feast on.


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If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is the newest addition to our social media mayhem. Steller is a storytelling app bringing together visual art, design, and writing. Here, you’ll get to see our photography tell a story with short quotes or thoughts tying everything together. If you love art and stories that are thought provoking and have the ability to stir up emotions – Steller is for you. If you also love art and stories that are whimsical, silly and entertaining – Steller is for you to. We feel at home on Steller and think everyone else can, too.