When the bride is from New York, the groom is from France, and the festivities are hosted at one of 30A‘s top resorts, macarons from Sucré are an obvious choice to have at this destination WaterColor wedding.


And those delicious treats were just the start of an absolutely gorgeous day with a tasteful, international flair.

Stefanie & Rémi could not have chosen a more perfect weekend for their beautiful WaterColor wedding. Friends and family arrived from France, London, New York, and all across the South to celebrate this joyous occasion. Stefanie truly hit the jackpot with her close friend and roommate, Kiley, who served as her maid of honor. A designer, Kiley was indispensable on Stefanie’s big day as she was practically an expert in all the finishing touches as the girls excitedly prepared to head to the ceremony.

Rémi and his groomsmen were having their own fine time getting ready, with plenty of champagne and laughter as they knotted ties and rounded up jackets and shoes. “Just do it,” one of the groomsmen teased in response to Rémi’s puzzled expression at a request made of him by his bride. “This will not be the last ridiculous thing you’ll be asked to do and you should just do them all and don’t ask.”

So many guests made the day memorable, including Rémi’s mother and brother, both of whom gave heartfelt toasts that were a wonderful tribute to the couple’s love for each other. One of the most special guests, though, probably did not even realize his own significance. Fortunately for Peanut, everyone else did and made sure that Stefanie’s sweet mini-poodle had a front-row seat to his mama’s big day.

Félicitations à Stefanie et Rémi pour leur mariage ! The details of this day were absolutely perfect, and the vendors went above and beyond in creating a magical, unforgettable weekend in WaterColor.

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Planner: Cheryl at WaterColor Inn & Resort

Ceremony Venue: WaterColor Inn & Resort

Reception Venue: The LakeHouse at WaterColor

Florals: Fishers Flowers and Events

Catering: WaterColor Inn & Resort

Cake Artist: Confections on the Coast

Music: B-Boy Productions

Hair & Makeup: Make Me Blush

Photography: Pure7 Studios

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