Seaside Wedding Highlights Video | Jennifer & Steven


The weather on March 19th was absolutely perfect. As we packed up our gear that morning and headed out to shoot their wedding video, we were convinced that Jennifer & Steven had ordered it specifically for their special day. Seaside weddings are just beautiful, so a wedding at the Seaside Chapel followed by a reception on Kelly Green in neighboring [...]

Seaside Wedding Highlights Video | Jennifer & Steven2018-02-09T14:22:50-06:00

Joyous Alys Beach Wedding Highlights Film | Katherine & Hunter


If we had to choose one word to describe this day, it would be, without question, "joy." As we scrolled through the footage while creating this wedding highlights film, we didn't spot one insincere smile from anybody and - trust us - that isn't always the case. Everyone was truly happy to be celebrating this milestone [...]

Joyous Alys Beach Wedding Highlights Film | Katherine & Hunter2018-02-09T14:22:51-06:00

Alys Beach Wedding | Heather & Jason


A few weeks ago we shared Heather and Jason's Alys Beach Wedding Video and today we've decided to reveal their wedding photos.  Normally we would show you everything all at once but decided this time we would let their wedding video and wedding photos stand alone. This way you'll see our two different creative perspectives separately. One from [...]

Alys Beach Wedding | Heather & Jason2018-06-14T13:13:19-06:00

Contrast and Color in Alys Beach Wedding Photos | Caroline & Matt


Sometimes you see things and they just speak to you. For some unexplainable reason this experience is a game changer. Well, Caroline and Matt's wedding - and now wedding photos -  were a game changer for us.  Alys Beach is known for its impeccably white walls and Caroline's vision incorporated contrast and color everywhere, which was [...]

Contrast and Color in Alys Beach Wedding Photos | Caroline & Matt2018-06-14T13:16:39-06:00

Alys Beach Wedding Video |Heather & Jason


It's not everyday we get to photograph a wedding in Alys Beach. If you're not familiar with this beach town - famous for its all white walls - then the opening shot in Heather and Jason's wedding video will give you a pretty good look at this stunning beach town on 30A. You'll also get to see how [...]

Alys Beach Wedding Video |Heather & Jason2018-06-14T13:17:05-06:00

Pure7 Photos Featured in EC Magazine


Truth be told we are loving all the buzz from this year's Digital Graffiti. It's been around for almost a decade and is starting to catch on for both locals and visitors lucky enough to be in Alys Beach when it takes place. Per usual Ryan shot a bunch of the event photos and just last week we [...]

Pure7 Photos Featured in EC Magazine2018-02-09T14:22:53-06:00

All You Need is Love | Lindsie + Shane on Alys Beach


Exactly one week ago we were in the thick of fulfilling our sponsorship duties at Digital Graffiti. Alan and Ryan kicked butt shooting the event non-stop for three days. If you missed it, there are a few sneak peaks of this year's event on our Instagram. Despite all the long hours and hard work, we love Digital [...]

All You Need is Love | Lindsie + Shane on Alys Beach2018-02-09T14:22:56-06:00

Digital Graffiti 2014 | Pure7 Studios Proud Sponsor


There is an entire culture of people who consider graffiti an art. After seeing some of the pieces by Banksy or Shepard Fairey and the messages they spread, we can't disagree. Their pieces require artistic talent and much like musicians, painters, photographers and all artists; graffiti artists are inspired by the world around them. We only [...]

Digital Graffiti 2014 | Pure7 Studios Proud Sponsor2018-02-09T14:22:57-06:00

Coalesce Session on Alys Beach |The Lam Family


Last summer Ryan and Alan went out to shoot a Coalesce Session with the Lam family during their vacation in Alys Beach.  This lively family of four was the sweetest treat to work with while our boys shot photos and video footage to create treasured heirlooms the Lam's could cherish. If you're not familiar with our Coalesce Session, that's [...]

Coalesce Session on Alys Beach |The Lam Family2018-02-09T14:22:57-06:00

emily+russ wedding alys beach 10.18.14


Emily first called and spoke to Lindsey in early June, while planning her upcoming Alys Beach wedding to her (amazing) fiance, Russ. I distinctly remember returning to the studio that day, and Lindsey telling me all about Emily and how much she enjoyed talking to her. They had yoga in common, as Russ and Emily [...]

emily+russ wedding alys beach 10.18.142018-06-14T13:47:22-06:00