It is senior year. You have watched your child grow from a bundle of blankets and curious eyes to an incredible young adult in what seems like a blink of an eye. Soon, your baby will graduate, take on the world, and embark on new and exciting adventures. Where did all that time go? Senior year is an emotional time – for both parents and their kids!

For seniors, it is a whirlwind of old friendships, tearful goodbyes, and exciting beginnings. For parents, it is a time of reflection, anticipation, and love as they watch their children spread their wings and soar. Time seems to fly faster in this season of life, and we wish we could prolong these special moments for just a little longer. With big changes on the horizon, there is something precious about documenting this exciting time. What better way to trigger those wonderful memories in the years to come than with picture-perfect senior portraits?

Though high schools may offer class pictures, there is a big difference in the quality and experience of simple class photos and professional senior portraits. While class pictures typically present a posed, rigid, and stiff version of a student, senior portraits capture the unique personality and individual spirit of each senior. With senior portraits, our goal is to help each senior realize their own inner and outer beauty, leaving them feeling confident and true to themselves long after the photo session is over.

In the end, we want every senior and family to leave their photo sessions with wall portraits and an album they can enjoy now, and also pass down to future generations. Class pictures tend to look a bit dated when displayed in the modern-day home, but we challenge that dated look by using modern photography to provide senior portraits that will stand the test of time. Our senior portraits are modern, but not overly edgy or trendy, presenting a classy and timeless appeal.

So what makes Pure7 unique in their mission to provide the best senior portraits?

I can remember my own seniors photos – jacket over the shoulder, leaning against my car. You know the type. Maybe you have seen the photos of the athletic girl with a volleyball tucked under her arm, or the musician standing perfectly posed, instrument in hand. There is nothing bad, broken, or wrong with these photos. It is just not what you will get when working with Pure7.

Unlike other photo studios, Pure7 takes a fashion and model approach to senior portraits. There will be no “1-2-3, cheese”, and you can forget the forced, robotic poses. I strive to portray personality first and foremost. The goal is to represent individual seniors as they will be remembered, capturing their potential at this exact moment in their lives. The resulting portraits are photos that they would happily share in their own homes and with their own families one day.

Pure7 Studios is a family-owned and operated photography studio located on Florida’s Emerald Coast. Contact us for pricing and availability for your senior portraits. Turnaround time for portraits is typically 8-10 weeks after order placement; therefore, we recommend allowing a minimum of three months for the photo session, purchasing appointment, ordering your portraits, and receiving the order.

As important as physical family heirlooms are, we realize that digital images are often wanted and needed to share on social media, use in senior programs and announcements, etc. For these reasons, we also offer digital images from each session, complimentary with a minimum product investment, and are happy to offer interest-free payments to work with most budgets. 

We look forward to meeting you and helping to document this amazing and exciting time!

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