We love working on 30A. There are so many pretty beach communities that line the Gulf of Mexico and if you ask us, they are all on 30A. Lately Seaside seems to stand out as a top pick for engagement photos. The more we shoot there, the more we love it so today we’re using Hannah and Sam’s photos to talk about why we love Seaside engagement photos.

First there’s the obvious reason. Seaside has it all! We can choose the beach, the lush green trees that are native to Northwest Florida, or beautiful buildings that make up Seaside to serve as our backdrop.  Having so many different environments to work with gives couples a chance to show a different side of their personality. This is important because not everyone thrives or feels comfortable in the same settings.

Second, different backgrounds means different clothing. Just like certain environments can make you feel more or less comfortable; different colors or outfits do the same thing. You’ll notice in some of the photos Hannah chose to wear a dress. The way a woman feels in a dress is very different than being in a comfy sweater and jeans. The same thing goes for Sam. Bright colors attract different energy. We love Seaside for giving us easy excuses to diversify our engagement photos.

The third reason we love taking engagement photos in Seaside is because we can break up the session and get to know our clients as we move from place to place. Not everyone gets settled and comfortable being in front of the camera right way. Being able to explore Seaside with our couples helps inspire our work and makes each engagement session unique. It also encourages us to escape anywhere that doesn’t feel just right.

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If you love Seaside as much as we do but don’t need engagement photos, contact us to learn more about our family portrait sessions, wedding photography, milestone package, and videography services. We would love to see you in Seaside for a session that makes sense for you.